I've had this general idea wrote up for a little while now, but why I'm sick and can't do a bloody thing I thought I'd get it wrote up properly. I don't thinks it's going to make a very long story but you never know...

Summary: Takes place after Sealview. Olivia is still attending therapy and trying to get closure on what happened to her when she was working undercover. Slowly it seems to be working but when a case hits home, it all starts coming back to her. Rape crisis counsellors are being attacked and their patients notes stolen, why, because a certain someone is trying to find Olivia.

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Chapter 1

It was a quiet room in a small building held for small events for the public. It was the perfect place to hold rape crisis counseling meetings. It was cozy and not the slightest bit intimidating.

Judy Clarkson had been counseling rape victims for going on 6 years. She loved her job. She loved being able to help the victims get their lives back and get the control back. She loved being the one to let them know they had a voice and loved helping them find and use it.

"Okay group, thank you all for coming. Thank you all for sharing. Remember, stay strong, stay focused, stay safe." she said as the group all joined hands, most of the joining in with her final words.

The group all let go of each others hands. Some began putting their coats on, others hugged each other supportively and some, newer members, just left. It took about ten minutes for the room to empty.

With everyone gone, Judy went around neatening up the place. With that done, she walked over to a small table in the corner of the room where her laptop bag was. She fixed a pile of papers together neatly before sliding them into one of the side pockets on her bag.

She smiled when she heard the creaking door being pushed open behind her. "One of you always forgets something." she smiled, she really didn't mind. Sometimes one of the women would come back for a little one on one chat with her.

She had expected someone to say something so when she got no reply she turned around, little confused. "Can I help you?" she asked the person standing in front of her. She couldn't help but feel a little nervous.

They never replied. She guessed it was a man from his height and his build. He was wearing a big black leather jacket, jeans, black leather gloves and a blue baseball cap. He still didn't say anything as he moved towards her.

Before she head time to move he had her cornered. She tried to scream but he quickly slapped his hand over her mouth and wrapped his other arm around her petite body. He purposely pushed her flat against the wall before gripping her face in his hands and slamming her head back into the wall. As she fell forward against his body she was out cold.

He grabbed hold of her shirt and dropped her to the floor, before dropping himself down on top of her.

- - - - - - -

Olivia and Elliot walked over to the officers who stood protectively behind the crime scene tape. They both flashed their badges and one of the officers held the tape up for them to duck under. It was late and dark and the street was lit up by police cars, CSU vans, a Coroner's office van and an ambulance.

They both walked into the small building that was now littered with CSU's. Straight away they spotted familiar faces.

"What we got?" Olivia asked Melinda who walked up to them.

"First of all, your Jane Doe isn't a Jane Doe. In fact she isn't even dead. Whoever called this in made a mistake."

"Captain said it was an anonymous tip." Elliot informed her.

"Think our perp called it in, maybe he gets off on the attention he causes from this."

"You're vics through here." Melinda told them as she led the way. They both followed along, taking the lead when they saw a woman, obviously their vic, who had been loaded onto a stretcher by two medics.

Olivia got her badge out and showed it to her as she introduced herself, "I'm Detective Benson, this is my partner Detective Stabler." she said softly.

"I'm Judy, Judy Clarkson." she said.

Olivia immediately noticed the black eye and bust lip she had. "Can you tell us what happened?" she asked her.

"My meeting had just finished. I was clearing up, putting my papers away when this guy just walked in and attacked me." Judy said tearfully.

"Did you get a good look at him?" Elliot asked.

"I didn't see his face, he had a baseball cap on…a…a blue baseball cap. He had a big black leather jacket on and matching gloves, and jeans. He was quite tall, like you." Judy said looking at Elliot, "He was big built. He completely overpowered me. He knocked me out and when I woke up…h…he was gone and my trousers had been pulled off, my panties were torn. He'd raped me." she said beginning to cry.

"Okay, look were gonna do everything we can to find this guy, okay?" Olivia said encouragingly. "I'm gonna ride along with you to the hospital if that's alright with you?"

Judy just nodded and tried to smile, thankful for their help and support.

"First, can you tell us what meeting you were attending here?" Elliot asked, ready to write it down.

"I'm a rape crisis counselor." she said, laughing at the irony. She suddenly looked around at the table where her laptop bag had been. "My bag, it had my computer in it. He must have taken it. It has everything on it. All my patients' files, their names and their addresses." she said worriedly.

"Okay, don't worry. Were gonna take all their names from you and our officers are gonna check on them all." Elliot said.

Judy smiled at him before the medics pushed the stretcher out, taking her to the ambulance. Elliot and Olivia lingered behind for a moment.

"You think our perp's looking for someone in counseling?" Olivia asked.

"We could have a spiteful ex con. They could be looking for the one who helped put them away." Elliot said.

They both looked at each other before they walked out after the medics.

They had no idea how right their theory was and they had no idea who it was that their perp was looking for…but they would soon…


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