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Chapter 12

Olivia walked into the squad room feeling new and fresh. Weeks had passed since her attack and she was happy to be fit and back at work again, the paperwork that had piled up was evidence of her having been off. She sat down behind her desk and immediately began tackling the huge pile of paperwork.

"Glad you're back?" Munch asked sarcastically.

Olivia laughed, "Beats sitting at home or cleaning my apartment…again."

Munch laughed and sat down at his own desk, Fin then sat down at his.

"I think sometimes I would much rather be at home than be here doing paperwork and dealing with the scum we have to." Fin said.

Olivia had to agree with that to some extent, but she was also really happy to be back and to have her life back to normal, however normal her life could be classed as. She had to look up when she heard the lift doors open and the sound of her partners footsteps approaching.

Some may think it odd that she recognised the sound of her partners footsteps but she knew it was just from having spent so many late nights alone with him in the squad room trying to solve what seemed like impossible cases and putting up with him pacing back and forth.

She had to smile when she saw the way he suddenly began smiling like a fool upon seeing her sat behind her desk.

"What no coffee?" he asked her.

"It's my first day back, give me a break." she replied.

"In that case I'll make you one." he said walking straight over to the coffee machine.

She smiled and carried on with her paperwork. Seconds later Eliot leant over her shoulder and placed her drink down in front of her. The way he leant over her meant that his face was now right by her ear.

"It's really great to have you back partner." he said to her, squeezing her shoulder gently before returning to his desk.


It was about half way through a very boring shift that they all decided they were going to go to out for a drink after the shift to celebrate Olivia's return to work. It had taken them five minutes after the shift had ended to leave and get to the pub.

They were all now enjoying a drink, except Cragen who was drinking juice. They were all talking but the conversation soon shifted to one of Munch's government conspiracies which he, Fin and Cragen then began discussing.

"So, how's your first day been?" Elliot asked Olivia.

"A little boring if I'm honest." she said with a smile.

"Well I'm sorry we had no perps to chase down." Elliot replied laughing slightly, joking.

"Shut-it Stabler." she said, playfully hitting his arm. "So you miss me whilst o was away?" she asked him, taking a swig from her bottle of beer, waiting for his answer.

"The place is never the same without you. You're the only partner for me." he told her honestly.

She smiled at him for a moment, "Likewise partner," she said holding her beer bottle out to him. He smiled and tapped his own beer bottle against hers.

"Let me in on that toast." Fin said stepping forward and holding his bottle out too.

"Yeah, I'll join in on that too." Munch said adding his drink to the mix.

Cragen held his glass out and placed it against everyone else's. "To a full team." he toasted.

"To a full team." They all repeated in unison, clanking their glasses together.

The End.

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