Second Chances


"When the fuck are you going to learn, Bella?! When are you going to get it through that thick fucking skull? I own you, every breath you take belongs to me. You live, because I allow it. Your life is a fucking gift from me. You will learn your place, even if I have to put you in it! Do we understand each other?!"

The slap delivered spilt my lip. I felt the sharp tear, and tasted the coppery taste of blood fill my mouth. I weakly nodded my head, as James let me sink to the floor. I loosely slid down, my body automatically curling in on itself. I wanted to let the pain take over, and slip into unconsciousness, but I don't think I would wake up from it.

My right eye was swollen, causing the tears to flow in odd directions. It hurt to breathe, each breath causing a sharp pain to explode around my broken ribs. The pain was nothing in light of what I had already suffered. My body was mercifully numbing the pain, dimming it from when it started with the initial blows.

"The next time you are told to do something, you will fucking do it, exactly as I say!" James loomed over me, his dirty blond hair framing his furious face. I nodded my head again, feeling the finger marks on my neck stretch and scream in agony.

He glared at me for another moment, then stormed away to the basement, slamming the door behind him, leaving me, frail and crumpled on the floor. I lay there, more dead then alive, and did a mental inventory of my injuries. I needed to go to the E.R. The broken ribs needed to be bandaged, and X-rayed.

I collected my last bit of strength, and slowly pushed myself up off the floor. I couldn't go to the hospital, they knew me there. I was a frequent visitor, and they would look into my injuries. ..I had to find somewhere else to go. Remembering a new free clinic they opened up last month, I limped my way over to the table. Grabbing my keys and purse, I prayed for the strength to make it to the clinic…2009 had really started with a 'bang'. Happy New Year to me.

A/N: This began as a method to deal with my writer's block on my other story, Do You Love Me. I wrote this at two am, a couple of days after New Years. Speaking of which, Happy 2009! Reviews and feedbacks welcome! Thank you. P.s. Please excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes, my proof-reader was busy at the moment.