Well, this is it. The final chapter. I really hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it.

~*~Ten Years Later~*~

"Mommy, did that really happen?" I smiled as my daughter asked that question.

"Yes it did. It's how I met Daddy."

"Is that why we aren't allowed past the wall?" my son asked.

"Only until you're old enough to shoot." I replied. Edward had pitched a fit when I told him I would be teaching our children how to use a gun. Even after I told him all the other children had to learn as well.

Edward had spent the last ten years working with Carlisle so he could be a doctor. I had continued going out on raids, and just looking for people...until six years ago, when I got pregnant with our daughter, Vanessa. Two years after that we had our son, Connor.

"It's time for you guys to go to sleep, okay?"

"Yes, Mommy."

I turned the light off in their room and headed back to mine and Edward's. "So, how bad did Jasper freak out?" I asked when I saw him.

"Too much. Honestly, he's been looking after Ness and Connor enough to know that babies aren't that hard. And Alice wants you to come by tomorrow."

"Alright." I said as I got into bed with him. "What's the baby's name?"


"You do realize, the way things are going for us, she'll probably wind up with Connor."

Edward laughed. "Don't tell that to Jasper. He'll go into crazy dad mode."

"I know. I'll ask Alice and see what she says." I yawned. "Goodnight, Edward."

"Goodnight, love."

Okay...I had to end it with a happy fluffy ending. They deserve it.