Reflections of a Killer

Once upon a time, there was a rather powerful arms dealer, quite well know as The Frog. The Frog croaked all that stood before him. All except an NCIS director, named Jenny Shepard, who was not taken in by the charm of this enchanting Frog.

Jenny Shepard organized a lengthy undercover mission. The first failed attempt at croaking The Frog, involved a mission in Quebec, where Officer Ziva David was in position to take him out. The second failed attempt was when an undercover Agent Tony DiNozzo, managed to become face-to-face with The Frog. Even if the perfect opportunity presented itself---was Agent DiNozzo ever truly capable of "assassinated" anyone? A car bomb, assuming he was the target after all, failed to croak the Frog. With two armed agents standing before the Frog in the Shepard's study, the last croak of the Frog was near, but it still did not happen in that moment. The Frog hopped away. I saw it all!

The lengths that Jenny Shepard went to bring down the Frog, really took its toll and left a croak on this agency. A mole was now in NCIS's camp. The number of threats inside and outside of the agency was increasing. With Shepard's deadly illness and consuming focus on hunting the Frog, it was clear that Jenny Shepard was leading NCIS towards a path of certain destruction. To save Jenny Shepard and NCIS from its own path of self-destruction, the Frog needed to be croaked. Any type of action that would protect the most important, long-term operation the CIA has ever conducted would have CIA Agent Trent Kort's support, as well. In fact, in the end, Mr. Kort even had the Frog murder sanctioned, to finally put an end to the pursuit.

It was best for everyone, now that the Frog had croaked. Jenny Shepard could live out her final days. Agent DiNozzo was set free of the burden that Shepard unfairly placed upon him. While the rest of the team had become free to live happily ever after from the Frog curse.

It had to be done.

I made it look like suicide.

I hid the murder weapon.

I covered all my tracks.

And, I will continue to cover all of my tracks.

The FBI does not have anything solid,

even with Fornell presenting that file to Agent Gibbs.

What some photos will solve an unsolvable murder?

And, that one piece of paper delivered by Trent Kort that linked me to the murder. . .

which I tucked neatly into my personal file,

while I was in Shepard's office during Fornell's investigation,

has now been shredded!

Distraction is the key.

Time to split up Agent Gibbs' team.

This agency has a new leader and a new purpose to extinguish all viable threats.

Now, it is time to show them all, who really is the BOSS.

And, I will continue to do what is necessary, as the new acting director of NCIS.

Just wanted to try something new! :)

As always, thank you for reading and for your feedback.