Disclaimer: We do not own Super Smash Bros. or anything related to it. We are only borrowing it for our amusement and the amusement of those who read this fic.

Title: Innocent

Warnings: Weirdness, slight cursing (maybe), yaoi (nothing overly sexual, though)

Pairings: Meta Knight x Marth

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Humor

Summary: No one knew that Marth had a jealous side…

Notes: Our first fic that we wrote together! Sure, I'm the one who actually writes it, but Lord Tsuru made the idea up. Kudos to you, Honey! Anyway, this is just a silly little thing. Yes, this is yaoi. That means MALE X MALE ROMANCE! Don't like it? Don't bother to read the fic. If the idea of Meta Knight x Marth offends you in some way, then don't read it. OK? OK! Oh, and this fic also pokes a little fun at the Meta Knight x Jigglypuff pairing. We're not trying to offend anyone who writes or reads those stories--some of them are kind of cute. So please don't get offended! So, enjoy!


He was so beautiful. Since he had met the graceful prince, Meta Knight hadn't been able to keep his eyes off of him. Watching him battle was like watching a dance. His cape, which should have made him seem heroic and impressive, only added to the feeling that one was watching him move under water. He didn't run across a battlefield; he glided.

His beauty only enhanced the illusion that he was floating. Gentle yet intense, his eyes gave his opponents the impression that he wasn't really focusing on the battle. He always looked like his mind was elsewhere. His stare was hypnotic… At least to Meta Knight. He felt that he could spend hours just staring at him.

However, he said nothing of this to Marth. Occasionally he would ask to spar with him, but he tried not to pay too much noticeable attention to him. It grew more difficult each day, though. Sometimes he imagined what he would say to him, but he always tried to forget such thoughts.

Meta Knight was contemplating this as he walked down the corridor one day. He walked into the dining hall, and found that most of the other fighters were there. A very good thing about the Super Smash Tournament was the free food, and it was certainly a big attraction. He hobbled over to the table and sat next to Marth.

"Good morning, My Lord," he said. Marth smiled down at him shyly--he was so modest, Meta Knight thought.

"Please, don't call me that," Marth said in his wonderfully soft voice, "It's just Marth… How are you today, Sir Meta Knight?"

"Well," he replied. Marth's words were like honey to him, and as soft as goose down. As Marth turned back to his meal, and as Meta Knight reached for a piece of toast, Princess Peach burst into the room.

"Guess what, everyone!" she announced, sitting at the head of the table, "I was on the internet, and I found out that we're so popular people have been writing stories about us!" Everyone else muttered in either excited tones or creeped out voices, with Snake saying something about the computer being meant only to communicate with the Colonel. "There are so many different stories!" Peach giggled, "A lot of them are about you, Meta Knight!"

Meta Knight glanced up at her. "Really…" he murmured, turning his attention back to his breakfast. He was completely uninterested.

"Heehee! There are a lot about you and Jigglypuff!" she giggled again, and Meta Knight dropped his toast. "Isn't that cute?!" Peach squealed, "Oh, and guess what? There are a lot about me and you, Samus!"

As Samus blushed and huffed, Meta Knight steamed in anger. What a thing to say! He, a high-ranking knight, and that animal?! Not a chance. Suddenly it occurred to him; what would Marth think about that? He glanced up at the prince, who didn't seem bothered at all. He saw that Meta Knight was looking at him, and gave him a friendly yet shy smile. With that, Meta Knight felt reassured. There was no harm done.

How wrong he was.

The very next day, a cry could be heard echoing around the castle: "JIGGALEEEEPUUUUUUUUUF!" Most of the fighters were scattered around the castle, but they all began scrambling around trying to find out what the Pokemon was screaming about. It was nowhere to be found, though. Peach, Zelda, and the Pokemon trainer searched the courtyard, where the noise had come from, but no one could find her.

The strange disappearance was the main topic at dinner that evening. "What if those 'subspace' guys are behind this?" Lucas asked worriedly, "Wh- what if they come for every one of us?"

"I doubt it," Zelda said reassuringly, "Maybe she was just chased off by Charizard again."

"Nah," the Pokemon trainer said, "Charizard was with me when it happened."

"Well, something bad must have happened!" Lucas cried, hiding behind Ness.

"Don't worry about it," Samus said, "Mario and Link are out looking right now. I'm sure they'll find her."

She was absolutely right. Soon after that, Mario and Link came into the dining hall with a very upset Jigglypuff. "You'll never believe where we found her!" Link announced as Peach picked up Jigglypuff and cuddled her.

"She was-a in the bottom of-a the fountain!" Mario said, sitting down amid gasps of horror, "She was in-a a poke' ball, tied to a cement-a block."

"Who would do such a horrible thing?!" Peach cried as Jigglypuff's eyes got teary.

"I don't know…" Link said, "She didn't see who attacked her."

"…She says that someone kicked her from behind and threw the poke' ball at her…" Lucario said.

"How can we find out who it was?" Toon Link asked.

"I dunno…" Snake mused, "If SOMEONE had gone along with my idea to install security cameras around here, then maybe we'd be able to find out."

Peach pretended not to hear him. "Well, there's no use worrying about it if we can't find out who it was. Maybe it was just a prank?"

"Yeah, maybe," Ness said, "I mean, she wasn't hurt."

"Is that a confession, kid?" Snake eyed him warily.

"Huh? Who, me? I wouldn't do something like that!" Ness protested, "It's gotta be someone bad, like Bowser or Wario."

"Yeah, right!" Bowser huffed, "Since when did I ever pay any attention to that overgrown balloon?"

"And if I did it," Wario said, "I'd definitely brag about it! That was brilliant, sinking the poke' ball! Heheheh!"

"So the question is this," Samus stood up and circled the table slowly, "Who was where when it happened? I was with Zelda and Link in the library, so the three of us are out. We already know that Red was with Charizard."

"And Squirtle and Ivysaur," the Pokemon trainer said, "We were all training."

"OK, so let's go down the list. Mario, where were you?"

"He was with me," Peach giggled, "I was giving him a lecture on cholesterol."

"And I was meditating beneath the waterfall. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong were there as well," said Lucario.

"Me and Meta Knight were sparring," Ike said.

"Kirby, Pikachu, and Yoshi were with me…" Lucas muttered, "We were playing with Ness."

"And don't look at me!" Bowser said, "I was fighting with Ganondork over there."

"You need not mention that you were losing…" Ganondorf snorted.

"We were swimming," Nana said, "Olimar and Pit were there, too."

"Falco, Wolf and I were playing poker," Fox shrugged.

"I was in my room…" Luigi said.

"OK. So that just leaves Wario, Mr. Game and Watch, Toon Link, Marth, and Snake. I saw Mr. Game and Watch watching TV, so that rules him out."

"Toon Link was sneaking into the kitchen," Popo said, earning a glare from Toon Link, "Me and Nana saw him."

"I was filing my report for the week," Snake said, "You can check the info on my computer."

"So, that just-a leaves Marth and-a Wario," Mario said, glaring at his nemesis, "And I would-a believe it was-a Wario."

"Yeah," Samus agreed, "Marth's a good guy; why would he do something like that to Jigglypuff?"

"Thank you for your vote of confidence," Marth said softly, "As a matter of fact, I was taking a bath…"

"Then it's settled. What were YOU doing, Wario?" Peach asked.

"Aa, what's it to ya?" Wario laughed, "Maybe I did it, maybe I didn't. Either way, it was a really great prank!"

That settled it. Link and Ike carted Wario off to the castle dungeon while everyone else breathed a sigh of relief; it wouldn't happen to any of them. As dinner finished up, Marth rose to walk back to his room and was joined by Meta Knight.

"I am glad I was not wrongly accused," Marth said as they entered the courtyard, "In my native country, there were too many people who were eager to have me imprisoned…"

"I don't see why that would be so," Meta Knight said, "You are a good person."

"Thank you, Sir Meta Knight…" Marth smiled down at him demurely.

As they walked to their respective rooms, Meta Knight's heart was light. How could anyone accuse Marth of something sinister? He was so gentle, so refined… As he thought of all of Marth's endearing qualities, Marth was thinking something very different. Soon, Snake would head off for a midnight swim. When that happened, Marth would go to the 'computer' and see just who else he had to worry about…


Well? I know, it's just a short little thing, but it feels good to write again--even if it's just a stupid story like this! And who knows, maybe I'll continue this story if I get enough good reviews!