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Chapter 4: Confessions

It was now or never. Marth had trailed Snake all week, trying to get him alone. He had followed him down the halls, in the dining room, in the training room… Every time he approached the man, though, someone else interrupted them. Usually it was Meta Knight. While Marth had no desire to send the knight away, he made things a bit more difficult. It almost seemed as if Meta Knight was following Snake, as well.

Finally, though, they were alone. Meta Knight was off teaching Kirby how to better his sword attacks, and there was no one else in the area. Marth approached Snake in a non-threatening way, glancing up at him with half-lidded eyes in order to appear as shy as possible.

"Snake, I was wondering if you would spar with me…" Marth said, bowing his head respectfully.

"Is that what you want?" Snake crossed his arms, "You've been dogging me all week."

"I do apologize," Marth said in as pathetic a tone he could muster, "You see, I have a bit of a problem. Though I am well-trained in the way of the sword, I am lacking in other skills. Particularly speed and stealth. Because you are the most nimble of us, I had hoped that you would instruct me."

"I see… Well, I guess it couldn't hurt. It's not like we're really trying to kill each other or anything."

Snake led Marth to the training room, which had been deserted all day. There had been a tournament yesterday, and today was a time for rest and recuperation. Marth walked to the computer panel and began pressing buttons.

"Oh, dear…" he said, "It seems that there are no stages challenging enough. None of these would do at all…"

"So make a new one," Snake shrugged, "I'm in no hurry."

"Very well. Would you enter the simulator?"


"I will build a stage around your instruction. As I build, you can test it out to see if the obstacles are conductive to training methods that would help me."

"Uh… OK," Snake shrugged again and walked to the simulator. Marth pressed a button, inserting a single block onto the blank stage, and Snake disappeared. He appeared again on the block, and stood there patiently as Marth began to build.

First he made a basic platform around where Snake stood. He built other platforms, each one level higher than the other, and added some spikes and blocks of ice. "Stand still, please," Marth said over the microphone, "I just have to finish building the basic structure, and then you can test it."

Snake stood there, tapping his foot, when suddenly blocks began to appear on either side of him. He wondered what Marth was doing, and then he got his answer. Before he could react at all, the gap between the block columns closed. He was trapped in the small box-like space.

"Hey, what gives?!" he shouted, looking wildly around his prison. Over the microphone, Marth's amplified voice echoed menacingly.

"I'm sorry, Snake. I must do this to ensure that you do not continue to jeopardize my intentions."

"What?! What are you talking about?"

Marth appeared on the stage, and walked to Snake's prison. Though he couldn't see anything, Snake could hear the soft tapping of the prince's boots on the stones. "Allow me to explain," Marth's voice lost none of its softness, "I must keep you here to ensure that you will not stand in my way. I must reach my goal, and then I will release you."

"I don't understand…" Snake glared at the stone wall around him, "Why are you doing this? And just what the hell is your goal?"

"I must get rid of your computer. Or rather, you will get rid of it."

"What? Why? What's this all about, Marth?!"

"Fanfics, Snake. Fanfics. You see, I cannot have people constantly insisting that I or Meta Knight are in other relationships. I have strong feelings for him…" the prince's sigh was barely audible, "These fanfics that people are reading… they may put ideas into his head. I cannot allow that. And so, your computer must die."

Snake was silent, so Marth continued his explanation, "I have sent word to my sister in Altea, and soon she will send me a magical gem that will allow me to control your actions and thoughts. I will have you destroy your computer, and then erase all knowledge of this event from your mind. Once I have finished with you, you will have no idea what happened, and you will not remember ever speaking to me a few minutes ago."

"But isn't that a bit… I dunno… stupid?" Snake crossed his arms, "I mean, why go to all that trouble just because of what some fans post on the internet?"

"Obviously, you have never been in love…" outside the block, Marth was looking down at the floor, "You do not know what it feels like to want someone so badly, any threat seems like a great one. I cannot afford to lose… we are so different, and that poses a problem already…"

"Uh… actually…"

"But I will not let anything stand in my way," Marth said coldly, "Perhaps I am not as cruel as my father, or as strong, but I am just as determined."

"Whatever…" Snake sighed. He was getting tired of this little monologue. "Look," he said with as little irritation in his voice as possible, "Why don't you just let me go, and I'll put a block on those fanfics sites, OK?"

"Tempting…" Marth said, "But no, I will not run that risk."

"What risk? All I have to do is push a few buttons, and the parental controls will take over! It's not like it's anything that I'd refuse to do. Why would I?"

"Enough," Marth said, "Bargaining will get you nowhere. You will conform to my plan!"

"Oh, brother…"

Just as Marth was about to zap himself out of the arena, another fighter entered the field. Marth gasped as Meta Knight landed on one of the platforms, his golden eyes piercing him with an intense gaze.

The puffball knight spread his cape and flew down to Marth's level, landing on top of the block that contained Snake. Marth looked down at the floor, unable to meet his gaze. Finally, Meta Knight said, "I heard everything…"

Marth kept his eyes lowered, shame spreading through him as he realized that he'd been caught red-handed. There was nothing he could say to explain this away. Closing his eyes, he expected to be reprimanded… until he felt a glove brush against his cheek. He opened his eyes and looked up at Meta Knight, who was caressing his face with one hand. Sapphire met yellow, and suddenly a tear flowed down Marth's face.

"To think that it was you all along…" Meta Knight withdrew his hand and reached up to his mask. Marth gasped when the metal was removed, revealing the face that he had longed to see. White eyes softened as they gazed upon Marth's face. "I must say, My Prince, that I feel the same way as you…"

"Oh, Sir Knight…" Marth smiled softly as more tears began to flow, and then his eyes widened in surprise when Meta Knight stretched his arms towards him. With both hands barely touching his back, Meta Knight pulled Marth in for a kiss that made the prince weak with the many emotions it brought.

Some time later, Kirby wandered into the computer room. He stopped when he saw that someone was in the stage builder. Curious, he went up to the screen and saw a most peculiar sight. Meta Knight and Marth were lying on the highest platform together, looking at the endless sky as they lay in each others' arms. On the bottom level, Snake was trapped in a square of bricks.

"Oh, Meta Knight…" a soft voice came over the intercom, making Kirby jump in alarm, "If only we could be together always…"

"But we shall, My Prince," Kirby tilted his head in confusion when he heard Meta Knight's voice, "I shall accompany you to Altea. Or perhaps you would come with me to Popstar?"

"Uh… Guys? What about me?" a third voice shouted. Kirby saw that it was Snake.

"That would be wonderful…"

"Then we shall."

"Guys! Hey! I'm still down here!"

"Oh, it is already late…"

"Shall I accompany you to your room, Prince?" this was said with a bit of a mischievous tone.

"I'd like that."

"Let's go."

A second later, Meta Knight and Marth appeared in the room. Kirby watched, still confused, as they walked out of the room. Marth was giggling like a little boy at something Meta Knight had said. Kirby hadn't quiet caught it… something about "consuming their relationship" or something like that. He liked the sound of that. Consume was one of his favorite words!

"Hey! Where'd you go?!" Snake's shout alerted Kirby that he was still in the stage.

"Poyo?" he asked the microphone.

"Kirby? Is that you?" Snake asked.

"Poyo!" Kirby smiled. Snake could hear him over the microphone! Grinning happily, Kirby grabbed the mike and cleared his throat.

"Kirby! Get me out of here!" Snake pleaded, "I'll give you cookies if you do! Just get me out of here!"

But the concert had already started. Taking a deep breath, Kirby began to belt out his favorite song. Snake plugged his ears as the high-pitched voice echoed around him, louder than the normal announcer's voice. With a groan, he pulled out his box and hid in it. He had a feeling that it was going to be a long wait…


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Oh, and for those of you who don't watch "Hoshi no Kaabii" or it's English dub "Kirby: Right Back At Ya!", the end was a reference to Mike Kirby. Type it in at You Tube, and you'll probably find the clip. He's just so damn cute!