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Shizune's Fanfiction Adventure

"Shizune! Get me Izumo and Kotetsu! NOW!" Tsunade yelled.

"Yes, Tsunade-sama!" Shizune squeaked before turning on her heel and running out the door. A moment later she heard glass smash and wait for it...wait for it...CRASH! Tsunade's chair hit the ground under the Hokage Tower. Shizune sighed. Well, there goes another window and another chair.

Shizune hurried down the hallway, basically sprinting down the stairs until she came to a halt at the door to the Hokage's personal library. She caught her breath before opening the door, walking in, and letting it fall shut behind her. The room was completely silent except for the hum of the old decrepit computer from the corner of the room.

"Kotetsu? Izumo?" Shizune called. "Whatever it is you did, you're about to pay for it. Tsunade-sama wants to see you now. I suggest you run. The longer you make her wait, the angrier she'll get, and the more she'll hurt you."

"Ah, jeez." Kotetsu groaned, appearing from behind one of the many bookcases in the room. Izumo appeared right behind him. "This is all your fault, you know. I never would have--"

"Oh shut up." Izumo grumbled. He looked at Shizune. "Hey, how did you know we were hiding in here?"

Shizune smiled. "You aren't the only ones who like to hide from Tsunade-sama when she's in a bad mood."

Kotetsu and Izumo both groaned. Shizune moved out from in front of the door, bumping into the desk with the computer on it. She heard them bickering until the door shut itself.

"It's your fault!"

"I would have never gone along with it if you wouldn't have told me to!"

"That's not true!"

Shizune shook her head, hoping, for both their sake and hers, that Tsunade had calmed down at least a little bit. Whatever they did, Tsunade was going to make them sorry.

Shizune glanced breifly at the old computer. Her eyes scanned across the top of the page, and Naruto's name caught her attention. Naruto? FanFiction?

"What is 'FanFiction'?" Shizune spoke her confusion. She sat down slowly in the chair and stared at the computer. She scrolled down, reading the summaries for each story. She clicked on one, called 'After the War' by NarutoTwilightFan4Ever. She skim read through it before her eyes bulged out of her head. "I'm DEAD!? Oh my God! I'm not dead! How does this person even know me?"

She quickly closed that story. Seeing her name in a story horrified her but also interested her. She went up to the Character Selection, scrolling through the names, and being surprised that she recognized most of them. Finally, she came to the S's.

"Oh!" She knew it would be there, and yet it surprised her when she saw her name. She clicked on it and clicked search. She read through the summaries, getting more and more surprised and slightly nauseated. Shizune...and Kabuto? Shizune and Kakashi pairing? Shizune and IRUKA!? Oh God...these people think I'm a slut!

The story labeled 'ShizGen' caught her attention. That couldn't mean...Genma...could it? She felt her cheeks getting hot. She quickly read through the summary. Hmm, lemon? They wrote a story about Genma, me, and...fruit? This website keeps getting stranger and stranger.

She clicked on the story and started reading it. Her face went from it's usual color to pink to red until she jumped back away from the computer shouting "AIEEEEEE!!!!" Lemon did NOT mean the fruit! Yet she couldn't stop reading it, even as she stood there totally disgusted and horrified. She didn't want to stop reading it.

"You okay, Shizune?" A familiar voice came from behind her. "I heard you yell."

Shizune's body went rigid. She turned her head slowly and peered out of the corner of her eye. There, behind her, stood Genma. He took his senbon out of his mouth and stowed it in his back pocket, one eyebrow raised in confusion.

"Shizune...," He said slowly, glancing at the computer screen. "What are you reading?"

"I-I-I-I..." Shizune stuttered...and then her eyes rolled back in her head and she fainted, falling right into Genma's arms.

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