Jo was heading towards the roof to watch some horror movies. It had been a long and tiring mission Sei had sent her on, and she couldn't picture a better way to relax than by watching moronic fools get their brains eaten by some monster Jo knew she could take care of easily. So, she stopped, surprised, when she found that her rooftop hideaway was already being hidden in.

"Meg?" Her voice carried lowly over the roof to the sea of red hair she could see. The mass turned, and soon Jo found herself staring into the blue eyes that belonged to the girl. "What are you doing? Are you watching a horror movie?" Jo narrowed her eyes in confusion. She knew that Meg hated horror movies. Actually, now that she thought about it, for all the hatred and fear the younger girl had towards them, she had always managed to find a way to sit through them, usually hiding her face in Jo's arm.

"Oh. Jo." She gave a quick smile and turned her head away. Jo, still puzzled by the unusual behavior, walked over to Meg.

"What's…" her voice trailed off as she saw the glimmer of tears in Meg's face. She was crying. Jo processed the thought through her mind. Meg was crying, which meant she was sad. Why was she sad, though? It was either she was sad to see Jo, which didn't seem logical at all, or someone had hurt her and left her on the roof. Option number two decided, Jo very quickly drew out one of her Desert Eagles.

"Jo! Ahh!" Meg screamed ducking down. "What is it?!"

Jo looked down at Meg. "I don't know. You tell me."

"What are you talking about? There's nothing up here except for us…" Once Meg had deduced that there really wasn't a threat, she moved herself to a sitting position and looked up at Jo. Jo, confused as hell, but glad to see she was getting a response and maybe an explanation, squatted down to Meg's level.

"Then why are you crying?" Jo asked her. Meg looked at her, dumbstruck.

"Why am I…crying?" She repeated. Jo, not really sure what to do, rephrased the question.

"Are you sad to see me then?" She asked.

"What?! Jo, could I be sad to see you?" Meg asked, jumping up. Jo sprung back up as well and watched Meg flail her arms about as she talked. She stayed on her guard though, because she didn't want Meg, who she knew was just a little bit klutzy, could easily lose her balance and fall off the roof. And, that, Jo knew, would be a very, very, bad thing.

"Well…"Jo spoke, voicing her thoughts to Meg. "You were crying. And you cry when you're sad. Or when something gets one of us or I'm not in your sight." She paused, thinking. "so, then, either something was attacking, or you were sad to see me. And since nothing was attacking, it must have been me. But now, you said it wasn't me."

"Jo, I do not cry that much." Meg said, but as she looked into Jo's crimson eyes, she knew she was lying and sighed. "Ok, so maybe I cry sometimes. But trust me; I'm not sad to see you. I'm very happy to see you." She smiled, stepping closer to Jo. "Cause now I know you got home safe."

"Of course I'm safe. " Jo said, puzzled. "Why wouldn't I be? I have to protect you." Meg smiled at Jo's words and hugged the now bewildered girl. Two seconds ago, the redhead currently latched onto her body was crying, the reason why she still didn't know, but, she was not going to let go unexcused, and now, here she was, hugging her and smiling.

"Thank you Jo." Meg told her.

"Meg, I still want to know why you were crying." Jo said, and Meg broke the hug and stepped away, putting her head down as if shamed.

"Jo, I'm sorry, but…I borrowed your T.V. Amy shut down the circuitry in the house and well, I wanted to watch a movie, so I came to use your T.V. Is that okay?"

"You're crying because you borrowed my T.V.?"

"No, I was watching a sad movie. That's what made me cry." Jo looked between Meg and the T.V. set. So, it was her T.V. that made Meg cry. She wondered how Meg had even found a sad movie on there or a videotape of one. As far as Jo knew, she was the only one who had any tapes, and her collection was not one full of sad things. Unless sad was watching someone die a horrible painful death. And she didn't get cable or anything on there, nothing except for the basic channels.

"Was it one of my movies?"

"Eww! No! Gross, no way! Those horror movies are disgusting." Meg cried out, wrinkling her nose at the displeasure. Jo came to the conclusion that it was the T.V. It must have been malfunctioning, since it showed something sad. After all, it made Meg cry. And Jo did not like to see Meg cry.

Stepping around Meg, she walked over to the television paused mid-screen on the roof. Meg watched Jo, unsure of her actions, but jumped viciously as Jo pulled out the Desert Eagles and shot the T.V. not once, not twice, but multiple times directly through the screen.

"Jo! What are you?..." She watched helplessly as the box fizzed and sparked before going blank, dark black smoke rising out of it. Jo turned away and came back towards Meg.

"It made you cry." She said simply. Meg gave a small cry and hugged Jo again.

"Oh, Jo, you…that's your T.V." Meg said pointing. Jo turned and looked at it noncommittally.

"You're worth more than a T.V. though…" Jo said, confused. What part of it didn't Meg get, Jo wondered. It was easy enough for her to see. She could always just ask Amy to fix the T.V. and get rid of the things on it that made Meg cry. But, Jo knew, you could not ship Meg off somewhere to fix her.

Meg stepped back and looked at Jo after she heard what she said. "Do you really mean that?" her voice was quiet.

Jo answered without hesitation. "Yes." Then she paused for a moment. "You don't believe me?"

"No, I do, I do. It's just…you're usually not one to say those things."

"Well, it's because Amy can't fix you." Jo told Meg, who then became thoroughly confused. "So…I have to fix the problems that Amy can't."

"You fix me then?" Meg asked, her voice amused. Jo failed to see the humor and the teasing in Meg.

"I take care of you. I don't know about fixing, but I make sure you're okay, right?"

"Yeah, Jo." Meg said smiling, "You make sure I'm okay." She wiped her face and sniffled.

"Wait...Are you crying?" Jo asked, bewildered, though of course she didn't show it.

"Yeah, but I'm not sad." She gave a little chuckle. "Don't go around shooting anymore things. I'm fine."

"Why are you crying if you're not sad?" Jo asked, concerned. "Are you hurt?"

"No, Jo, really, I'm fine." Meg smiled and stared into Jo's smoldering red eyes. "C'mon, I bet Kyohei's cooked us up something for dinner." She started to walk away, pulling Jo after her. She stopped though, turning to finally observe the girl, who was in a sorry sight after getting home from the mission Sei had sent her on.

Jo's clothes were a little bloody if they were anything, and she had forsaken a shower in light of investigating the noises she heard from the roof, which she now knew were the busted T.V. and Meg. Her face was gaunt, and tired, and frankly, to Meg, she looked terrible.

"Jo, you look exhausted." She said, concerned. Jo just blinked at her and shrugged, starting to walk past her to go back downstairs. Meg's words of Kyohei's cooking made her hungry and a good meal sounded good to her. "Was it hard?"

"No." Jo said as she stopped by the stairs. She noticed Meg was still standing there. "Are you coming?"

"Yeah." Meg said, smiling. Jo watched Meg climb down the hatch and followed after her.

So this is where it ends. I actually have written more to this, so if you want to see Meg and Jo get a little closer, then leave a review or message and who knows?? Maybe Jo will finally realize how many more things she'll destroy for Meg

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