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Stevie breathed in short raspy gasps and she fought to keep her eyes open. She gasped, gritted her teeth and shut her eyes tightly as a shock went up her arm.

She opened her eyes back up to find Baird with his hand to his ear. He asked, "Um, hello? Marcus? Where the fuck are you guys?!" She strained to hear the answer: "We're almost there; we can see the compound now."

"Well about fucking time!" Baird growled and shut his radio off. He then looked at the sky before turning his attention back to Stevie, who had once again shut her eyes in pain.

He quickly went back to her side and made sure the wrapping around her wound was tight. Although the cloth was red with blood, he was relieved to find that it had stopped bleeding.

"So," she murmured, causing Baird to look up. "Are Marcus and Dom here yet?" Her voice was raspy, but at least she could talk. "Almost, the bastards say they can see the compound, but you can never know with them.

A small smile graced her lips. "The 'bastards'?" Baird just shrugged and sat beside her, fiddling with something on his arm. It was silent for a minute or two.

"Hey," Baird finally broke the silence, although he did not look at her. "I've been wondering for a while: what the hell is a kid like you doing in the army?"

Stevie gave a small laugh, although it came out as a cough. "A kid like me? I can't really answer that." He looked at her confused, "So you don't know why your in the army?"

She gave a rough sigh and shrugged, "Not really, I guess its because I wanted to do something, to help the human race, not just be a," she searched for the word, "a nuisance."

He snorted. "You can help the human race by being a mother. That's the main reason why women can't fight in the army; they're child-bearers." Stevie sat up a bit more and closed her eyes.

"I had a hysterectomy." She said calmly. "What?" Baird just stared at her, still confused. "It's when you have this type of disease so you need to get your, like, I don't know, the thing in a girl's private part removed, you know the thing that lets you have babies. So even if I was to have sex with a guy I could not become pregnant," she finished.

Baird shifted uncomfortably before continuing, "Well, that strikes down being a child-bearer, but non-the-less you're still a kid." She glared at him. "I'm going to be eighteen in like two months."

"Oh well," he crossed his arms, "excuse me!" She scoffed and looked away from him, "Not excused." He just snorted again.

" 'Going' was the key word there, I just don't understand why the hell the Chairman would allow a kid join the army."

"Well, that's one thing we have in common," She looked back at him and smiled, "Neither do I." Baird stared at her blankly, not knowing what to say, he just shook his head.

"Baird, this is Marcus, come in." Baird quickly reached up to his ear, "Baird here."

"Where the hell are you guys!!!" Baird cringed at his voice, "Jeez, calm down, and your answer, in some, weird, little, disgusting hut, why?" His radio crackled and this time Dom's voice came through.

"Sorry about that, man, he's in a pissy mood." Baird sighed and rubbed his temples, "When the hell are you guys going to get here?" They heard a small chuckle from his radio.

"We already are, dumbass." Baird immediately stood up and went to the door. He cautiously peered out of it, "All I see is a Locust body's everywhere."

"No shit, while you two were in where ever the hell you are we had to handle the Locust!" Baird just scoffed at Dom. "I think Marcus's oh-so-nice personality is started to rub off on you, man. Still, where are you guys, seriously."

He heard a snort from the other side, "Look up." Baird sighed and complied. Sitting on top of the Gate were Marcus, Dom, and Cole. Cole and Dom waved at him while Marcus just shook his head.

"I don' know man, all I see up there is a couple of assholes, oh wait-" Marcus's voice cut him off, "It is so important to your job that you do not finish that sentence."

Baird just snorted, "Yes, sir, Mr. Asshole, sir." Baird's eye slightly widen as Marcus raised his lancer and fired a couple shots. They missed him, of course, but Baird jumped back into the hut anyway.

He could hear Dom and Cole's laughter from outside and just growled, turning his radio off.

Baird crouched beside Stevie. "Okay, sleeping beauty, time to rise and shine."

Stevie just rolled her eyes and attempted to stand up. Luckily, she had a rock to lean on.

"Oh, come on," Baird grumbled. "It hit your arm, not your leg." She glared at him. "Doesn't mean I don't feel immense pain." He cleared his throat and scooped her up into his arms bridal style. "Happy now?"

She quickly looked away as a light blush appeared on her face, although Baird took no notice. When he started walking she winced at the pressure on her wound.

"Sorry." She just let out a breath and shut her eyes, not bothering to answer. A few moments later without opening her eyes she said, "Baird." He looked down at her. "Yeah?"

"I'm sorry." He just snorted, "What the hell for?" She finally opened her eyes and looked up at the dark night sky, "For being a nuisance."

He just shook his head at her. "You need some self-confidence."

"I mean it." She kept looking up, her mind elsewhere. "I joined the army to not be a nuisance, but I guess I'm doing just that."

She let out a small cough and shut her eyes. "Put me down." Baird stopped walking and stared at her. "Now look, I'm not goi-"

"It's okay Baird, please put me down." He looked at her for a couple more seconds and then, reluctently, set her down gently on the pavement.

Stevie winced a bit but didn't complain. She gave Baird a small smile and began to stand. As she rose she felt a slight wave of pain go through her arm but ignored it and stood up completely.

She coughed a bit and slowly started to walk toward the Junker. Silently, Baird walked beside her. Marcus, Dom, and Cole waited for them in front of the Junker.

As they approached Cole walked up to Baird and whispered, "Man, that just ain't right, letting her walk on her own." Baird glared at him, "She told me to set her down. What was I gonna do? Say no? Besides, it's not like she injured her leg."

Cole just shook his head at him and walked back to the Junker to help Stevie get in.

Baird cursed under his breath and followed.


The large vehicle rolled downed the rocky path bouncing every now and then. Dom was in the drivers seat while Marcus was in the passenger's.

Cole sat behind him, and Baird behind Dom. Stevie was asleep in the back lying down with her head behind Baird's seat and her legs behind Cole's.

The Junker was eerily silent except for the occasional grunt from someone hitting their head on the ceiling. Baird sighed and looked at his window, 'Hasn't this been a fun day.'

He sighed once more, closed his eyes, and rested his head on the seat. 'At least nothing else can go wrong.' At that moment a loud clucking sound came from the back making Stevie jump out of her sleep. All at once they stopped moving.

Baird growled, "Of fucking course!" He stood up and went to the front, "Umm, hello dipshit, we're not moving?" Dom looked at him. "Umm, hello smartass, I'm not a mechanic!"

He shook his head at the Latino, reached over, and pressed a light blue button. A rumbling sound could be heard from the front as it started to open up making a large doorway.

Marcus looked at Stevie. "Will you be okay?" She just scowled at him and stood up, leaning on the chair.

"My arm is hurt, not my leg; can you not comprehend that?" He just growled at her and turned away, so Stevie took the opportunity to stick her tongue out at the back of his head.

Marcus and Dom walked out followed by the rest, Stevie holding her arm and Baird and Cole holding up the rear. As they walked away from the Junker, Stevie sighed, "Why is it that every squad I'm on has no mechanic."

"Yo, Baird's a mechanic, baby!" Cole chimed in cheerfully. She blinked at the ex-thrashball player. "Really?" She then looked at Baird with the hint of admiration in her eyes.

"Does that mean he can fix it?" Dom asked looking back at them. "Man, Baird can fix anything! He just needs the right parts!" Cole replied enthusiastically. Baird just grunted.

"We don't have parts, so stop chatting and walk faster." Marcus growled not even bothering to look at them. Stevie just scowled at him.

"Well, look everyone, it's Mr. Sunshine from Happy Town!" He growled again: "Don't start." Stevie was about to retort but decided against it. Getting Marcus Fenix angry at you when you had a hurt arm wasn't exactly the best idea in the world.

They walked on in silence for a about ten minutes until reaching a what seemed to be a huge factory-like building. Stevie gave a sigh of relief, "Finally."

Baird just scoffed at her, "It wasn't that far." Making a stupid face, Stevie scoffed back, "It wasn't that far; I'm a smartass. Durrrr!"

Dom and Cole immediately broke out into laughter while Marcus smirked despite himself. Stevie let out a high-pitched giggle.

"Ahahahahehoha." Baird pretended to laugh making Stevie, Dom, and Cole laugh all the more.

Aaaarrrhhhhh!!! Everyone abruptly stopped as they heard an ear-piercing scream.

"What was that?" Stevie asked no one in particular while looking around. "Your mother." She glared at the blond who put his hands up in surrender. "Hey, look, you started it."

She shook her head at him and keep scanning the the area. Something light ran past her vision. "We've got wretches!" Everyone made sure their guns were loaded.

Aaaaaarrrhhh! What looked like to be a glowing wretch jumped down from where he was hidden on the building and started to run toward Stevie.

She brought up her Lancer, aimed, and fired. The wretch's head seemed to explode in a million pieces while the rest of its body fell limp on the ground.

She walked up to it and smirked triumphantly holding her lancer up with her good arm and putting one foot on it. "As Baird says," She puffed out her chest and tried to look stronger, "Ahahahahehoha!" She frowned, "I think."

Her eyes widened as two arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her away from the wretch. She closed her eyes tightly as she heard a small Boom! And fell to the ground.

She opened her eyes to find that the wretch had actually exploded into a million pieces. "Dumbass," She looked at the source of the voice to find Baird standing up and brushing himself off.

"You now owe me twice." He then smirked and outstretched his hand. Stevie looked at it for a moment and then placed her own hand on his. He easily pulled her up into a standing position.

They looked over to see Cole shooting another wretch. When it died, it also blew up. "Well, that's just great, exploding wretches!" Baird growled as he took out another one with his Lancer.

They fell back with Marcus, Dom and Cole as more wretches came. Stevie, despite her arm, was doing quite well taking them out, usually getting them in the head.

About ten more were coming their way when Stevie growled, "Fuck it!" She then got out a frag grenade, aimed, and threw right in-between all the wretches.

All of Delta Squad closed their eyes as a light bright came from the crowd of wretches. Stevie breathed a sigh of relief.

"I am seriously getting tired of all the detours we're taking." She looked up. "But at least we're at the factory!"

Baird shook his head and walked in front of her. "Then, let's actually go in before we take anymore 'detours'." Stevie smirked at him.


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