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The Beginning of Bella and Edward

Chapter 1

"Ugh," I groaned as I rolled over searching for my alarm. I finally found the snooze button and hit it harder than necessary, sending my clock radio crashing to the floor. Cursing under my breath, I sat up with the plan of retrieving it from the floor – my spinning head put an end to that idea. "Damn you Alice!" I yelled, knowing full well that my roommate would be feeling just as bad as I was, if not worse.

I left the clock where it was and stumbled down the hall to the bathroom. I turned on the hot water in the shower and cleaned my teeth while I was waiting for the water to heat up. Another Monday morning with a hangover, I thought to myself. One day I'd learn to say no to Alice, but last night it was just easier to go along with her plan to have "a few quiet drinks" before we went back to work.

After the shower eased some of the knots, I quickly dressed for work and yanked my long brown hair up into a ponytail. Alice still hadn't stirred and it was only just after 7 so I left her to sleep while I got the coffee going. I thought about toast, and then cereal, but my stomach turned at the thought of both so I decided to just go with the coffee – I could always grab something at work. My stomach lurched again at the thought of the food in the hospital cafeteria – if you could call it that.

After a cup of coffee I brushed my teeth again and knocked on Alice's door. "Go away!" she groaned from the other side.

"Can't do that Al – are you two decent?" I asked. There's nothing worse than seeing your two best friends naked in bed together – something that had become an almost weekly occurrence for me since Alice started dating my best friend from high school, Jasper. Getting no answer from either of them, I slowly counted to ten in my head and opened the door.

"I told you to go away!" she whined at me.

"Morning Bella," Jasper mumbled.

"Morning Jazz," I replied. "Come on Al, you gotta get up or you'll be late for work, and we all know how much of a bitch Victoria can be on a Monday," I finished, referring to Alice's boss at Victoria's Secret.

"Can you give me a lift?" she asked. I looked at my watch – it was 7:15 and I had to be at the hospital by 8.

"You've got 20 minutes or I'm going without you," I told her as I headed back to the kitchen.

I heard the shower start a few minutes later and Jasper joined me for coffee. Who would have thought that all these years after high school we'd be working at the same hospital? I thought to myself as I looked at the bags under his eyes. "What?" he asked grumpily.

"Nothing," I replied. "Just thinking how lucky you are to be working nights this week!" Jasper and I both worked in the trauma centre at Seattle's most central hospital. This week I was on days after 10 days of the graveyard shift – nothing like working from 8 at night till 6 in the morning to ruin your social life – not that I really had one of those. I was broken out of my reverie by Alice stomping into the kitchen, looking stunning as usual. "That's so not fair!" I said to her. "You drank as much as I did last night, you're smaller than me so it should affect you more, yet you look perfect as usual and I look like…this," I said, scrunching up my face as I looked down at my jeans and t-shirt. Nothing like a compliment to make Alice feel better.

"Aw Bells, it's ok," she said with a smile as she filled a travel mug with coffee. "You'll change into your scrubs when you get to work and then you won't have to worry – you always look great in those!"

Jasper chuckled and joined in, "Doctor Newton certainly thinks so anyway! The amount of drool that man leaves in his wake when he's looking at you…" Jasper trailed off at the sight of my face.

"If looks could kill, you'd be in the morgue right now Whitlock," I told him, "'Cause this trauma doctor sure as hell wouldn't save you! Come on Alice, I'm going to be late," I said as I headed for the door.

Alice joined me in my car a few minutes later, and we drove in silence until we hit the outskirts of the city proper. "Umm Bella…" she started. Uh oh, I thought. It was always bad when Alice started with umm. "Yes, Alice?" I asked, my tone making it quite clear I was dreading what was to come.

"Well, you know my brother Edward?" she asked. I groaned out loud.

I'd met Alice's family the first summer of college – Alice and I had ended up as roommates and she had invited me to spend the summer with them, knowing I had no family of my own to go home to. I'd agreed to go along and I'd had a ball. Her parents, Carlisle and Esme, made me feel like one of the family, and her middle brother Emmett and his fiancée Rosalie had become two of my closest friends. Carlisle announced at dinner on the last Friday of the summer that Edward would be joining us for the Saturday and Sunday before he headed back to Chicago to take up his new partnership at Yorkie and Cheney. Well, Yorkie, Cheney and Cullen. I'd heard lots from Alice about how wonderful her eldest brother was and I had no reason to disbelieve her. Not only was he a lawyer but he'd spent the last two years working pro bono cases for anyone who approached the office. When Edward arrived on the Saturday morning, I was stunned. He was without a doubt the most gorgeous man I'd ever laid eyes on. Over six feet tall, with messy bronze hair that looked like he just got out of bed, deep emerald green eyes and a killer crooked smile – the man made me stop in my tracks. Until he opened his mouth…

"So, you're Alice's latest charity project?" he asked me after Alice introduced me. His breath smelled of bourbon so I passed his rudeness off as drunkenness. "Edward!" Alice exclaimed. "Don't be rude! Bella is not a charity case! She's my friend, she's worked hard this year and I thought she deserved a break." He gave me a slow once-over, winked, and sauntered away. That was more or less all of the contact I had with "Mr Wonderful" for the rest of the weekend – not exactly what he'd been cracked up to be!

"Hello? Earth to Bella!" I heard Alice teasing me. I realised I was in my spot at the hospital already, with no recollection of driving there.

"Oh Alice, I'm sorry!" I exclaimed. "I totally zoned out there and didn't drop you off!"

"It's ok Bella – I can walk from here," she reassured me. "So, about Edward…" she started again. "He's coming to Seattle this weekend because he has a job interview on Monday – I was hoping it would be ok for him to sleep on our couch?" My mind went into overdrive. Edward, the cocky lawyer who thought I was a charity project the one time I'd met him, was coming to Seattle for a job interview? "Alice," I began, "exactly where is Edward applying for a job?"

She at least had the good grace to blush. "Umm…here?" she replied.

"Where here Alice?" I asked through clenched teeth.

"At the hospital?" she squeaked.

"Argh!" I yelled, banging my head on the steering wheel. I'd met the guy a grand total of once and he'd been an arrogant pig the whole time, and now he was applying for a job in my hospital? I got out of the car and slammed the door, kicked the front tyre and started towards the hospital entrance.

"I'm sorry Bella!" Alice cried. "I meant to tell you last night but I got…distracted…" She trailed off with a cheeky grin on her face.

"Yeah, distracted by a bottle of red wine," I shot back, unable to stop myself from grinning back.

"So Edward can stay?" she asked.

Here we go again, I can't say no to her, I thought. "Ok, he can stay," I said over her squeals. "But if he sets one toe out of line, he's out on his ass."