Has anyone ever watched Pirates of the Caribbean? Did anyone ever notice that the character Elizabeth Swan has the same last name as me? Did anyone ever think long enough that it might actually be a real life story? Of course not, because things like that just don't exist.

No? Well I'd like to invite all skeptics to take a look at my family tree. Elizabeth Swan, living like a queen until she found her life intertwined with the lives of demons of the sea and the pirates that were still fighting to control them. She crossed swords with the best of them…and lived. She became the Pirate King, ordering the Brethren Court to fight along side her instead of run. Deemed a pretty tough chick by a good amount of people.

Diana Swan, lived in a cabin on the calm and quiet country side until she was one day accused of being a witch. She fought off angry crowds for months, hiding out with the worst and finding her fair share of scum. Screamed at a demon or two, never really being unnerved as she should by them- as most would be. It was a family trait really, not to be afraid. Though no one knew why until much later. She died fighting against and angry mob, the picture of fury and power but not quite a witch. Like a heroine glowing the fire of the dawn, her sword slashing, her eyes burning. Yes, because the world was burning in her eyes- becoming something she'd never seen before. She'd broken the spell of her quiet life but didn't live for barely a second before it was all extinguished.

Violet Swan, the fist of the Swan women to ever discover (or fully understand) that we were a pureblood family of vampire hunters. Portrayed in beautiful paintings over the centuries as an avenging angel, striking against the demons that lurked almost unseen in the shadows. The very woman so many novels had taken into view, trying to decode her life. Just a type of woman who was more of a mythical goddess than anything. Like a real life Athena that no one really thought as real.

Yes, you see, vampire hunters are a race all their own. They have to be in order to survive against the strongest and most powerful vampires. Each with several of their own specialties. Over the years they evolved, becoming much like vampires themselves…almost. Inhumanly beautiful, immortal, fast and strong. They only differences were that they didn't drink blood and they didn't kill innocent people. Distinct with their violet colored eyes and hauntingly beautiful presence.

Me? Well I'm Isabella Swan, and yes, I am about to make my own mark on the Swan family. I'm about the to be the best vampire hunter there ever was. You could say I want to find a place among the toughest of the Swan women- the ones who were written down in history and never forgotten. Even if I'm only remembered as a fictional character like Elizabeth or a mythical goddess like Violet, I know what good I've done- and all I can ask for is to be remembered.

I'll make everyone remember the name Swan; I'll make vampires quiver with the very mention of my name but make every hunter smile as they think about the mysterious girl of a legend.

To think about it though, I never really thought about it all until it happened. Until I really was a legend. And then it was too late to turn back…

Lillian Hartford Academy was already coming into view.


A big thanks for Enchanting Phoenix who gave me the idea for this story to add onto an already building concept. Hi and keep up the good work! I know, another story! But I had to work off some creative steam. So let the story begin!