Hanataro whipped his neck around in a way that it might have gotten stuck like that...you know....if he wasn't asleep. His suddenly black surroundings brightened with the appearance of the owner of that mysterious and yet...oh so familiar, velvety voice. the voice that flowed like silk and tasted like chocolate... He could almost taste her words on his tongue. He actually then began to notice rukia. She seemed as radiant as always, and there was a scent about her...She smelled of cinnamon, with a touch of vanilla. Oh.. how he loved that smell...He could just never resist it!

She was also wearing something that sparked his interest. It was a short, white, strapless dress that stopped just apove her knees. It appeared to hug every curve and detail of her slender body. His face became red with nervousness.

"Do you have a fever?" she asked. "You look so...hot..." she said seductively while licking her lips in a VERY suggestive manner. "Maybe i have to cool you down", or maybe i can heat you up". "It depends how you want it..." . In an instant, she was next to him, pressing up to him. Hanataro could feel the heat radiating off her. He would have ran long ago, but shock had trapped him there like a statue. He could feel her breath on his neck, but then she did something VERY surprising. She gave his lips...one...little....taste...


They next day of school was horrendous for hanataro. He almost had to avoid rukia as the steamy images were embedded into his head. Unfortunately she had chosen to sit next to him at lunch that day. He almost passed out at what she brought with her lunch...a cinnamon vanilla taiyaki filled with chocolate!

"Hanataro?" Rukia asked, concern present in her voice.

"Yes Rukia-san?"

"Whats going on? You seem so tense today." she asked with a hint of suspicion.

"N-n-nothing at all Rukia-san!" he replied nervously.

"You really are a terrible liar Hana. Oh, and call me Rukia" she added.

"Okay...Rukia..." He blushed a little at the informal addressment.

Surprisingly, Rukia didn't pry any more after that and began to eat her taiyaki. It looked so delicious, if only he could have a little taste..."preferably from her lips" he thought. For some time now he had become more and more interested in her. His interest eventually planted a seed of love in his head, which began to grow and blossom each day while he began to notice more about her. he noticed the way she ate, drank, walked, smiled, etc. He loved watching her. Everything she did was beautiful and amazed him. She was his goddess. He couldn't stop thinking about her, but could never tell. He just was too afraid to.

As Rukia finished the last of her taiyaki some of her chocolate was left at the tip of her soft lips. Unfortunately she had used all of her napkins earlier, during an incident with the bathroom sink. "I hope they stopped the flooding" she thought while licking her lips seductively unaware of Hanataro's reaction. He could swear that his nose bled a bit as he blushed furiously. He was once again reminded about the images in his recent "moist dreams".

"It's official" Hanataro thought. "God is mocking me."