Light appeared to flow across the large, slightly disheveled piece of fabric. The beam danced it's way to pairs of eyes. They fluttered open, as graceful and silent as a butterfly. Two faces met, awoken by the light of day. The pairs of eyes belonged to Rukia and Hanataro, who's bodies were intertwined beneath the bed sheets. I know what you are thinking...but...THAT DID NOT HAPPEN!! They were in a state of tranquil passion and love. It was no longer fiery and uncontrollable, but more so a water-like state, flowing with meaning and passion, but calm and peaceful. Their lips touch as a sign of affection, before beginning the day..together.


Water spouted from the shower head as she carefully stepped in, testing to see if it was to her liking. She didn't want that to happen again. When the water was at a comfortable temperature she stepped under the direct spray of the shower. It felt like warm rain. The droplets pelting her soft skin awoke dormant memories from the night before. The feeling she got when she was around him was becoming intoxicating to her. She felt a warm stirring in her loins accompanied by her thoughts of him as she entered the chilling air outside the small shower...


Hanataro switched between pots and pans constantly over the stove. He was throwing in too many spices to count in the boiling water. He had decided to make breakfast for Ruki-chan. He was able to grab a phonebook and call a repairman earlier. He sighed, thinking of what might have happened if they had no food. With the feeling of an earthquake, his stomach ROARED for satisfaction. he chuckled to himself nervously. Hearing footsteps, he slowly turned around to see a poncho clad Rukia biting into an apple with a curious look on her face.

"H-hey Ruki-chan!" He greeted, a blush creeping onto his face. Rukia chuckled at her kawaii little nickname.

"Good morning Hana-chan." She replied, a noticeable grin making itself known on her face. She walked over to him, her hips swaying deliciously. She began to tantalize him as she gave the apple a little lick, a look of sexual desire in her eyes. The truth was, she wanted him, and her hormone levels were RISING! She could see he was nervous. It was in his eyes, but there was something else there too. It was a smaller look of excitement. Her grin became more devilish as she realized she needed to bring out his inner lion. He had it inside, but it was locked away. She grabbed the hem of her poncho and sharply tugged upward.

Let the games begin...