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Epilogue: Paths illuminated by the Moon.

The streets were crowded with humans; a festival was in full swing. The moonlight gave enough illumination that the golden streetlamps were merely anesthetic. The soft lights underscored the joyous voices below. On St. Marcus Day, the plaza was packed-soft and sweaty bodies close together. At night the adults donned fangs and capes, cavorting with all the strength their kind had; adorably human.

Humans are so fun to watch; I had forgotten most of my memories of when I was human, so any opportunity to watch them was very enticing. Blood rushing through them assured their mortality and that I was meant to take it. My willingness to do this had become something more recent. At first I was disturbed by my desires, before I learned they were natural. My lust was, and is still quite insatiable; I'm learning not to take what isn't mine, which is the important thing. I know the rules-those are very important.

I'm proud to be a guard of the Volturri. I serve my Lords properly, and my place is well deserved. I'm learning more and more about my abilities, and I'm told I'm very strong. Good-its nice to know that I am a match for the others. Powerful, swift, and dare I say beautiful. Gleaming pearl skin, thick hair, and luscious ruby red eyes. Tight physique, lithe muscles are hidden beneath the surface. I've become shapely-I can kick through anything I desire. There are no boundaries for me, and I live without regret. I will fight against whatever I wish. If there were no struggles I would be bored.

I enjoy the thrash of my prey against my body-I hold them close to me, their breath feverish against my skin. I enjoy feeling any kind of heat. At first, I couldn't take them and I'd run from them. As soon I bit into my first one, I couldn't believe what I had been denying myself. Even as the years have passed, I still can't believe I wanted to deny myself that.

I can still remember all the ones I have taken. Each spurt of blood is so wonderful, the droplets gleam like gemstones; I can see the tiny patterns in the miniature globes, their intricacy is a sight to behold. I am so thankful for my perfect vision; we are truly magnificent creatures. Each bite into such tender flesh is like biting into a thick piece of fruit. The hot, sweet nectar- I often enjoy letting it spill out of my mouth, and slide down my neck and between my breasts. It is the most pleasurable experience I have ever felt.

I am no longer afraid of what I am-I relish in my gifts. I am unfettered because of them. I now have all the time in the world to enjoy them with those who mean the most to me. Now I'll join in the festivities with my brothers and sister. If you don't mind, I must be off-My hunger has been kindled, and I must hunt.


It was on fragrant nights like this that Jacob would be reminiscing. Years had passed since Bella had left. He had begged Sam to let him search for her, and in turn, the Alpha bonds had slipped from him. He was now leader of the pack. Or at least of one of them. He had taken Quil, Embry, Seth, and Leah. Yes his was smaller, but he was not willing to fight Sam to the death. He was leader, but in finding that he became aware of his duties.

Now, he knew what responsibility was-it was why he refused post in the first place. However, now he knew what it really meant. He couldn't just go running off to do what he pleased. His duty dictated he remain with his pack. He never felt more frustrated-he couldn't follow Bella; to give her help, support. After all, he did love her.

At first, he couldn't get it out of his mind-he burned always and the pain never lessoned. He began to understand why Leah was the way she was, and he even began to see similarities between her and Bella. By no means was Leah a replacement-but he felt a new level of depth to her that he had never noticed before. It was buried beneath layers of hurt and betrayal. To be betrayed by the ones you love; he now understood how the two women felt. How awful that felt, how awful they were treated. Jacob wondered how someone wouldn't turn out the way Leah did.

Jacob knew that there were many mistakes on his part, but Leah understood, and being close to her lessoned the regret. In his mind, regrets did not help matters, particularly within his position. He was moving on-he could no longer dwell on the past. It was selfish and unhealthy. His time was better spent on others; he felt as though he was coming to a better understanding of himself and the world around him.

Now, this took months, even years, he reflected with a wry smile. Leah sure had her head screwed on straight. Particularly since she had started to mellow out. She really kept him in line in the early times when Bella had just left. His second in command was a very take charge woman-he hadn't quite realized how strong she had become. Of course he had to thank her for being around so often. Others in the pack had noted how the two had changed-becoming capable adults, and Jacob's blooming leadership.

They all still kept wolf form. Just in case.

Jacob looked up at the moon, its gentle rays illuminating all that he saw-his home. The people waiting for him, and as he turned around to go back inside, he wished Bella happiness. Wherever she might be.


The moon's rays shone brightly on his back. His red hair looking like pale fire beneath the night sky. At the moment, he was looking forwards at the congealed massive concrete roads. It was one of the interstate highways; for now he wasn't sure which direction to head in. He knew where his family was, so at the moment he felt no apprehension at their non-presence. He would return soon enough.

His golden eyes looked down at the details of the freeway-the streetlamps burning bright, the cars rushing past, and the rest stops still being occupied. Wondering idly where these others were going, it made him reflect further, and drawing a parallel with his own journey. He smiled, oddly at ease; he had plenty of time. The breeze blew through his hair-he knew which direction to take now.

He glanced over his shoulder for a brief moment, and then he set off.


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