Chapter 7

All the freshman were located in the Stage # 1.

Ino and Hinata were holding hands as they tried to come across familiar faces.

"Hinata! Ino! Over here"

they turned to the direction the voice came from to see the boys. They made their way to them with a big smile on their face.

"How are you guys?" I no asked

"Perfect now that you are here" Sai said and winked at her.

"Get a room" said Naruto annoyed.

"Wow you actually said something smart" Said Sai and laughed with Sasuke joining in.

"So we are not late?" Hinata wondered "I swore we were running late"

"No your fine" Gaara reassured her "I bet they thought some of us would be late that's why they gave us a certain hour you know to give us time to get here before they actually start"

"That makes sense" She agreed

"Hey babe" said Mitsuri with Sakura next to her. They made their way to their partner, and glared at Hinata.

Hinata leaned into Ino's ear and whispered "When did I make so many enemies?" Ino just giggle

"Everyone please take a sit" Principal Tsunade was on the stage with a mike. She waited while they all took a sit "Welcome to the Institution of Music Dance and Arts. We are very happy to have you here. You are all special, we went to a very selective process of picking everyone single one of you. We had a lot of people auditioning through tapes and live auditions. Over two-hundred kids auditioned, only a quarter of that amount was taken in so right now I want you to give yourself a hand" She said joyfully as they cheered loudly. She raised her hand to settle it down "Each of you have a block schedule made for you. It will consist of group sessions and private sessions with your teachers. With all that said please pick up a map on your way out and you will meet guides that will call your name and give you your schedule and will show you around. Lets not waist anymore time and head out"

It took more then a while to go through the whole campus and answer everyone questions. They also got to meet some teachers. They were done at 2:00 PM all very tired.

Hinata and Ino made their way to their new home.

"Wow this place is huge and so beautiful" Said Hinata smiling.

"Oh gosh I know! Its so big my feet hurt. I don't even know how you are not complaining you are wearing wedges"

Hinata shrugged "I don't know Ino, I guess I am just use to it"

They got over to the house to hear the dong Dejavu by: Beyonce play. They went over to the back to see Temari and Ten-Ten dancing. Ino and Hianta could only stared. They move perfectly, at the same time, it was one of the best choreography they have seen and they have seen many. When Ja-Z's part on the song happened Kankuro, Itachi and Lee joined and they also moved perfectly with them. Every step, every count was right were it needs to be. Perfection. That was the only word that could be used to the dance they just have seen. The song came to an end.

"Alright that was great the audition piece it's done. Hopefully the people that want to audition for the crew will keep up" Temari said and laughed. She then took a noticed at the small audience they had. "Oh you guys are back. How did you like the dance"

"Wow" Said Ino.

"yeah wow" said Hinata. "You guys move so perfect together. Itachi and Kankuro I did not know you could move like that"

"Suprised?" said Itachi "I thought I came off as the guy that does it all" he said and laughed

"Itachi go love yourself somewhere else" said Ten-Ten laughing.

"So how was the tour?" asked Lee.

"It was good. Lots of walking, we also got our schedule" said Hinata.

"Yeah and our friend Hinata did not take any singing classes" Ino said annoyed.

"What? But why Hinata? You are one of the best singers. And you help me so much you have great technique" said Ten-Ten

"Hinata if you are not doing singing what are you doing then?" asked lee.

"Well I am doing dancing,ballet, contemporary and hip-hop. I am also doing orchestra not to mention the private sessions I have for each class" Hinata defended herself.

"Ballet, really. Like you need to get better at it. And even if you took it you still have free time you have nine block. Six of them is occupied with your private and group session of dancing. Then you have Orchestra which takes up two blocks one private one group. That's eight blocks you're still missing one. What are you doing in the block?" Ten-Ten demanded for an answer

"Well I will need time to do homework and practice" Said Hinata

"No way" said Lee "Don't give me that. You get enough practice with the sessions and there is no homework the practicing its homework so don't try to trick us"

"Guys I did not get in here for singing, I got in here for dance and cello. I'm not good at it anyways"

"uh huh so that's it" said Ino "you are scared. Hinata you know you have nothing to be afraid off, you can sing circles around anyone"

"Singing its not my thing alright" she said and just walked off to her room.

Ten-Ten sigh "I don't understand why she is so scared of singing" she asked herself.

"Maybe because it's something that just too personal for her" said Itachi.

"What do you mean?" asked Ino.

"Sometimes we have something that is just so us that you are afraid to get it out there because you know people will judge and use them however they want to. Something that identifies you so much they you are scared to put it out there because you feel it wont me your secret, your thing anymore" Itachi finished

"I know I don't know Hinata for long but that sounds a lot like something she would do" Temari comment.

"Yeah" Ino, Ten-ten and Lee said .

"Don't push her to show it. Because that can drive you guys away from her just encourage her and show that it is okay to show your talent to the world"

"Wow Itachi you surprised me who knew you can be so insightful" said Kankuro impressed.

"Like I said I am the guy that does it all. And not only do I do it all, but I so it well" Itachi grin and Temari just pushed him.

"Get over yourself"

"Well I am going to go inside and check on Hinata" Ino went inside.

"Yeah we should all go to our houses" said Temari "Guys good job again"


Gaara sat on the couch with his guitar and played a song he was working on and sang silently.

((A/N: sonng its by crossfade: Colors version and it will only be the chorus not the whole song))

Gaara's song:

Can you feel it crush you

Does it seem to bring the worst in you out

there is not running away from

this things that hold you down

do they sufficate you

because they make you feel like this

of all the colors that you shine

Gaara stopped, trying to figure out what to put next. Then it came to him and wrote it.

"It's good" Said Sasuke from the door way.

"It's not done"

"I know but I like where its going" Sasuke came forward as he sat on the other couch. "need a hand?"

"Nah. I'm tired, we will work on it tomorrow" He stood up and put his guitar away.

"So now that you have found a reason are you going to leave her?"

"Leave who?"

"Mitsuri" he said in a light tone of voice.

"Excuse me?"

"Oh right" Sasuke laughed "Even when you did have a reason you did not leave her, but do you see a bigger reason now Gaara?"

"Sasuke what are you talking about? Have you gone mad?" Gaara stared as Sasuke in disbelieve.

"Hinata, thats who I am talking about. She is just another reason to leave Mitsuri, and of course because she cheated on you with-"

"Sasuke shut up!" Gaara growled. He took a deep breath to calm himself down "Where are you going with this?"

"Are you or are you not going to leave Mitsuri for Hinata?"

"Why should it matter to you what I plan on doing or not?"

"Well" Sasuke stood up "Just want to know who my competition is?"

"There is no competition" Gaara said as he went over to the doorway ready to walk out.

"And what do you mean by that?" Sasuke asked making his way to him not ready to finish the conversation "Do you mean that you are no interested so she is mine or do you mean that you are interested and you believe that there is no competition between you and I because you are a better choice?"

"Guess you will find out soon enough" and with that he left to his room. Leaving the phrase linger in Sasuke's head.

Sasuke smirked "Guess we will"

End of Chapter 7