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Sadistic lover

Chapter 1: Onushi Club

"A club?" Yuki asked. "Ya it should be fun what do you say?" Choko and Amaya were two of Yuki's newest friends, they were once hunters, but left because they were board. Choko is zero's girlfriend, and Amaya is Ichiru's girlfriend. Yuki thought that both couples were a good match, and she just happened to be the match maker that brought them together. But if there was one thing that she had to agree with is that she has been getting in a lot more danger then the usual, and thats because her four friends drag her into it. "I don't think thats a good idea, I mean.... clubs have alcohol and violent people and...... were not even old enough to get in!" Yuki said, she had a bad feeling about it. "relax yuki Choko made us phony IDs so we wont have a problem getting in" zero told her "and the violence part only happens in movies, plus we'll avoid the alcohol" Ichiru added. "so come with us it will be a lot of fun, I heard it's the best club ever!" Amaya grabbed Yuki's arm to drag her out of her seat. "Don't worry if anyone tries to hit on you I'll punch his lights out" Choko said and punched her fist into her hand as a demonstration.

Yuki thought about it, and her gut told her no, but if she could not enjoy the same fun her friends are into then what kind of a friend would she be, I mean I can't expect them to sit around doing nothing yuki told herself. "Alright, but not to late" she gave in. "yes! Trust us yuki you will love it!" both Choko and Amaya were pulling yuki while zero and Ichiru followed behind them. Yuki could not get the uneasy feeling that she did something wrong, and that she was going to regret going to this club. "What club are we going too?" yuki asked hoping the name will sound safer then what she feels right now. "Onushi (master), it's an awesome club" Choko answered and yuki felt worse.

Meanwhile at the moon dorm

"Kaname-sama, It's time to go" Ichijou and Aidou were standing by the door, of Kaname's room. "yes I know" Kaname button up his jacket and walked out of the room. "Kaname-sama!" Ruka greeted him, she wore a short tight red skirt, and black blouse. Beside her Kain wore slacks, and a gray shirt with white strips. "were ready to go" Shiki and Rima were both matched with the black and blue they wore.

The group walked out of the dorm and to the car. "Oh Kaname-sama, we new members that have been causing some trouble, they still have a strong thirst for human blood and have been luring human to Onushi" Kaname opened the car door "I'll deal with them when we arrive" he said he started to climb in when Ichijou said "Are you sure, what if the get hostile?" Kaname stared at Ichijou as if he asked an unintelligent question. "Oh right I guess it wont be much of a problem" Ichijou laughed when he realized that his worry was for nothing. Kaname Kuran is one of the most powerful pure bloods in the world, it would be stupid to challenge him. Kaname and the rest of the group got into the car, and drove on.

Onushi Club

"Kaname-sama can I get your jacket?", "Kaname-sama can get you something to drink". Two cocktail waitresses asked. Ruka glared at there giggling smiles as one took Kaname's jacket and the other took his order. "they should consider themselves lucky, to have Kaname-sama be kind to them" Ruka growled. "Wrinkles" Kain mumbled while taking her coat. She glared at his retreating back, then glared at Aidou who was staring at the seat beside Kaname, both Ruka and Aidou ran to get the seat, but Ichijou sat down first. "Kaname-sama are you enjoying yourself?" Ichijou ignored the death looks coming from Ruka and Aidou. Kaname sighed and got up, "the music is to loud, I think I'll take a nap in lounge". "Are you still not feeling well?" Ichijou knows that Kaname has been lonely lately, he hasn't had time to see yuki, and thats the only person he wants to see. "No I'm not feeling so good at all" Kaname walked into the soundproof room, and lied down on the long black leather couch.

"Everywhere is safe as long as Kaname-sama is there"

Yuki's sweet innocent voice continued to play in his mind. But she's not a little girl anymore, she's a beautiful young women, she's grown up to be a temptress women, she has curves, long legs, lushes lips. Lately his body has been hostile to his heart, Kaname fears that if he was to see her he might not be able to hold back the desired feelings that have been torturing him everyday lately. He would never forgive himself if he were to turn into an animal, a monster in Yuki's eyes. "No I mustn't see her, not till I can control this craving" he told himself. "I wonder, if she misses me, maybe she wants to see me" He put his arm over his eyes and sighed, "My dearest girl"

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