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Sadistic Lover

Chapter 3: pain turns to pleasure

"Kaname-sama, If you don't mind me saying but couldn't you be a little merciful?" Ichijou could still see the poor mans face as Kaname tore him apart. Kaname was at the sink washing off the thick blood on his hands. "I don't feel it's enough" Kaname chuckled. He thought of so many other things he would have done to the man, but Yuki's scared face hunted him, he needed to comfort her, to be the kind vampire she admired, because he had never hurt anyone like he did tonight. Kaname grabbed a towel and dried his hands, he throw it in the waste basket and walked out the door. Ichijou shook his head and followed.

"yuki" Kaname whispered to the shaking girl. She turned around, her eyes were still red and swollen. "Kaname!" she leaped into his arms pushing them both to the ground, yuki sobbed and clutched his shirt. "shh it's okay I wont let anything hurt you" Kaname rubbed her back gently holding her, he nodded for everyone to leave. When the room was empty Kaname pulled her closer, "Yuki, my dearest yuki" he berried his head into her shoulder holding back his tears. "Kaname?" yuki could feel his warm tears on her shoulders. "I won't...." Kaname breathed in and pulled back, he held yuki to his chest. Yuki tried to look up but he wouldn't let her. "Kaname-sama let me kiss you" he froze and loosen his grip enough to allow yuki to move. She reached up and brushed her lips against his. The kiss started off genital and innocent but soon progressed to a deeper more passionate kiss. Yuki gasped trying to catch her breath, "Kaname-sama!" yuki fell backward as Kaname climbed over top of her, he kissed her ferociously rubbing his hands down her spine and leg, "yuki" he whispered. Yuki arched her back up bringing him closer, she wrapped her legs around him, and felt the heat of his passion. He slowly started to peel her cloths off, then his own. 'I have to have her, I can't hold back anymore' he pulled her close, wrapping his body around her, the heat, joy and pleaser burned them both as the moved, "Kaname! Won't someone see us" Yuki's breath was hot and rough, Kaname traced his tongue along the inside of her thigh, she groaned. "I doubt we'll be having any interruptions my love, unless you wish to be interrupted?" Kaname looked at her questionably. "ah just take me now!" yuki pulled him closer, she kissed him impatiently. "I want you please" yuki groaned as he pulled away, "beg" he whispered to her, the grin on his face was mischievous and cocky "beg, or I wont bring you to the satisfaction you desire" he whispered in her ear, she gasped as she felt his tongue trace her ear, "ah Kaname please", he moved lower massaging her breast as he sucked on her neck. "hmmm more yuki, I won't to hear more" he demanded. Kaname moved his body across hers, his own body aching to take her but most of all to hear her scream in pure pleaser. "do you want me to have you yuki, or would you like to stop" he grinned her expression showed annoyance and hot need. "Ahhhh" yuki ached her body up brushing against his arousal. Kaname moaned, he didn't expect her to act on her own, and she did just that, wrapping her legs around him she lifted herself on to his hard on, she started to move agonizingly slow at first but soon started going faster, her voice high and loud as she moved on him, rocking back and forth she moved harder and faster, the pain faded quickly and she started to feel a urning to go faster, a pules in her head pounding "Yuki!" Kaname moaned as the young girl bounced on him, he pulled her closer, her arms wrapped around him as he brought them back to the floor, there bodies close as they both moved together in a ball. "Ah! Oh Kaname! Kaname! Yes, ah yes!" yuki screamed her nails digging into his back as the thrusts got harder and hotter. "Oh god Kaname! Yes Ah, ah, ah" yuki felt it coming, as well as Kaname as the pleasure grew more intense, both started screaming and moaning as they thrust over the edge a hot white light flooded there minds. Kaname collapsed beside her, yuki breathed in as much as possible when Kaname got up to put his black slacks back on, he pulled out a blanket from the closet and pulled it over them as he held her close. Yuki's breathing slowly steaded until she fell into a deep sleep.

Kaname could feel something on top of him, he remembers watching yuki sleep, then himself sleeping. But what was on him, he could feel the person moving on him gently, shots of pleasure ran through as the person rocked against him. He started to breath faster as the person moved deeper, he could hear his fly unzip and then a greater pleasure ran through him as he felt his hard on being driven into a warm heated core. His eyes shot open as he grabbed onto the waist of this person, Yuki's face was hot and sleepy, he saw her head fly back as hit the right spot, he could feel it run through his body and moaned as she continued to ride him. "uh yuki you naughty girl, getting me while I'm asleep" he guided her waist gently. Yuki looked down at him a smiled "beg" she whispered "beg me to stop" her voice was innocent yet her words sexy. Without warning yuki pounded on top of him, they both screamed and moaned at the same time. She moved her hips in circles, rocking and bouncing on him like a wild women, her lust torn heat burned her insides as she felt him move with her. Yuki's hands rubbed his hot chest as she rode him, "ah yuki faster" she started going slower, her body to tired to continue, Kaname pushed them against the wall on his knees he started to fuck her up the wall. Yuki couldn't feel her legs as the pleasure buildup, her body tingled with sensation, her limp muscles could feel the hot body that rubbed against her. She felt it the white pleasure, Kaname rode out there organism and fell onto her soft body that lay against the wall. She wrapped her arms around his neck raking her hands through his locks of hair. 'yes this women, this woman is the one I love, the one I hold dear, her painful pleasure burns me, her gentle touch sooths me. My women, my lover.'

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