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H.J. Potter-Diggory

Sixteen soon to be seventeen year-old Harry James Potter silently seethed as he took a sip from his bottle of Butterbeer as he sat thinking of the reason he was sitting in the Weasley's backyard, that being due to fact he was at the wedding reception of his two best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Jean Granger-Weasley.

He glanced upwards as the youngest and only female Weasley child sat down beside him. She was dressed in a stunning dress made of lilac silk, which fit and moulded to her curves in all of the right places. Puberty had been kind to Ginny as far as her body was concerned. Her hair was pinned half up and half down in array of beautiful fiery red glossy ringlets down her back.

She was stunning a fact not lost on Harry, who figured she would have end up being his wife and the mother of his children in another reality, a reality where he was straight and was actually in love with her and did not just love her fiercely as a friend a one true confidant that truly got how he ticked. She was Hermione's maid of honour, whilst Harry was Ron's best man. There was honestly never any doubt as to who would end up being the best man and maid of honour, best man in particular.

She smiled at him sympathetically, knowing currently how deeply immersed in total brood-mode he was as she liked to call Harry's dark moods. He seemed to experience such moods more often than not ever since fourth year, not that she could honestly blame him when you took into consideration that they were now at war.

She had never been so grateful to be a pureblood and not a muggleborn that Hermione is nor a half-blood like Harry, otherwise she knew full well it would be her getting married within another year. Nevertheless as it were she luckily was not eligible for the new marriage law recently enforced by Fudge (The pompous wanker).

Unfortunately, Harry and Hermione had been eligible which was why Hermione was currently sharing her first dance with Ron as his wife. She was lucky that Ron being a pureblood wizard, who had recently turned of age had been eligible to apply for Hermione's hand in marriage at the ministry before someone else (namely Malfoy) had gotten their hands on her.

Harry on the otherhand was going to have a more bothersome and complex time considering he had to be married on or before his seventeenth birthday, which was just over a week away, ten days away to be more precise. On top of that she could not ask for his hand in marriage due to three reasons, one being she was not of age until the following year having will not turned sixteen for another two weeks. Two she no longer saw him like that, nor wanted his hand in marriage if she had any say in the matter. And finally, three, she was sporting the entirely wrong outer and inner packaging, breasts for example. Yes, Harry James Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, was gay.

Ginny patted Harry affectionately on the hand nearest to her as she said, "I realise I saying don't worry about it too much is going to sound like a crock of patronising Hippogriff shit, however, Harry your gonna end up sending yourself shit batty crazy if you continue to brood like this." She continued after a pause, saying, "I know I cannot even begin to imagine or describe your current situation, though I know for certain neither Sirius, Remus, nor professor Dumbledore will allow any Death Eaters or someone who means you any harm to seek your hand in marriage."

Harry replied flatly, "I already know this, know that professor Dumbledore already has one order member in mind, claims the guy has offered to marry me in order to keep me safe from the likes of Malfoy trying to snag me to turn me over to Voldemort." He added after a brief pause, "Sirius knows as does the rest of the order, only they won't tell me who it is only that I know him already, I went to school with him and he apparently is only a couple of years older than me."

Ginny looked thoughtful as she asked, "How many order members are there that are under the age of twenty one and gay?" Harry replied, "I know for a fact Fred and George are both bi-sexual though they said they tend to sway more towards witches." He grimaced as he concluded, "But that would just be plain wrong and weird, would be like marrying one of the brothers I never had, sweet Merlin that's a really nauseating notion. I know Sirius and Remus are always telling me that Potter's always went for red heads, but that concerning anyone of your brothers is just ridiculous and beyond insane."

Ginny could not help but start laughing between coughs, causing Harry to eye her in exasperated amusement. He exclaimed, "It isn't funny Gin, sweet Merlin, I seriously do hope your brothers had the sense to not act all noble and offer to marry me out of loyalty and to keep it in the family, honouree member or not." Ginny giggled behind her hand before saying, "Don't worry Harry, yeah, the twins can be serious pranksters, but I honestly think they have the ability deep, deep down to act their age in a situation as serious and life altering as this. I think we can maybe trust the twins to do the right thing, which is to find a wife of their own each and start giving mum several grandbabies to coddle."

Harry smirked nodding, knowing he could always rely on Ginny to put the situation into perspective and make the situation all seem less bleak. She was like the confidant and voice of reason he never had growing up. She is one of his dearest and much loved friends is the one who he had discovered the charms and advantages of being close to back in his fifth year. He loved her dearly for her insight, insight that neither Ron nor Hermione could match in Ginny.

Harry squeezed her hand in gratitude and said, "Thanks I needed that." He concluded, "As for the other member I know of is Cedric Diggory." Ginny nodded and said, "I seriously think you'd be more suited to Cedric Diggory, however, it is not my opinion you need to go on. It also depends of course which one of them has stepped in to take on the role."

Harry replied turning to face her and grimaced, "I know, trust me I know. Tonight once Ron and Hermione leave to go on their honeymoon I will have to floo from here to the order headquarters where I will meet my husband to be before signing and sealing the official blood document." He let a tiered and weary sigh escape passed barely parted lips as he paused before concluding, "I don't have much choice, in less I fancy getting up close and personal with someone who wishes me harm and only wants to exploit me for my so called status."

Ginny sighed sympathetically as she gently squeezed Harry's arm before she stood to go to find her boyfriend of four months, Neville Longbottom. Harry watched her go, smiling slightly as saw her give Neville a brief and warm kiss as they came within reaching distance of each other. He did not begrudge any happiness she could have with Neville.

Sighing wearily he switched his gaze to Ron and Hermione who were still dancing, both lost in each other in their own little world and bubble of love. Secretly he envied Hermione, envied her because at least she was married to someone she knew and loved, who she knew loved her in return. Harry on the otherhand had no idea who he was going to have to marry. On the otherhand he did know without a shadow of a doubt he was not going to marry Draco Malfoy, knowing he would be in the murderous and psychotic grasp of and facing the end of Voldemort's wand well before the wedding night had even begun.

Later on as the reception came to an end Harry exchanged words with Ginny and Neville as Ron and Hermione left for their honeymoon. Neville patted Harry on the back sympathetically as he saw Sirius gesturing for him to come over to him. Neville told him, "Good luck Harry, you are going to be fine, although it may not feel like it now you will be eventually. It has to as if anyone deserves any kind of happiness at a time like this then it is you Harry."

Harry nodded silently even if he could not quite bring himself to believe what Neville had said to him. He let out a deep and weary sigh for the umpteenth time that evening as Neville and Ginny moved on to talk to her parents. He reluctantly made his way over to his godfather, who stood waiting with Remus and professors Dumbledore and McGonagall.

Sirius patted his godson on the back as he reached them and said, "Alright Harry let's go, the wizard who has agreed to marry you will be waiting at headquarters for us to arrive. I have a feeling you are going to approve of our choice." Harry glowered darkly asking, "I think I'll be the judge of that if you don't mind. And why won't anyone tell me who he is I have every right to know who as it is me who is going to have to marry him, not any of you, me?"

Sirius sighed, replying, "Sorry Harry, but we all think it best if you wait until we get to headquarters." Harry scoffed as he replied angrily, "What do you mean best until we get to headquarters, best for bloody who exactly?" He ranted irritably, "I mean come on give me a break, it's not as if I am going to go and do a runner. I know that this guy is my only option in less I want to end up as Malfoy or Voldemort's sex slave. Hell, even better yet the bitch of my cell mate in Azkaban, thank you very much."

The others all except for Albus coughed and spluttered at hearing this. Albus merely let out a tiered sigh looking grave. The usual bright and playful twinkle in his blue eyes had dimmed in sadness and anger, thinking how the law Fudge had passed truly angered him, but unfortunately he for once was powerless to stop it.

Harry had no choice, nor did any of those other muggleborn and half-blood witches and wizards. If you were between the age of seventeen and forty, unmarried, muggleborn or a half-blood then you had no choice but to marry, either that or have your wand snapped and serve a sentence in Azkaban.

Albus was unwilling as were Sirius and Remus to allow Harry to serve a prison sentence in Azkaban of all places, especially due to something as degrading and unfair as a marriage law. Sirius due to hands on experience would never in a billion and one year's wish such a hellish nightmare and experience upon his beloved godson.

Albus and Minerva led Harry and the others to the Burrow's fireplace. Albus lit the fire before grabbing a hand-full of floo powder and threw it into the flames, turning them bright emerald green. He stepped into the flames and called out, "Number 12 Grimmauld Place." The others all followed suit, Harry a sight more reluctantly.

Once they arrived at Grimmauld Place Tonks greeted them, smiling at Harry in sympathy. She told him, "Don't worry Harry you're going to like him and you know him rather quite well actually." Harry frowned and asked, "It's not one of the Weasley twins is it, because that would be just plain weird and wrong they're two of the brothers I never had?"

Harry turned when he heard an amused voice commenting, "Not likely, I am no Weasley nor do I have a twin either." Harry blushed brightly as he turned to see Cedric Diggory standing alongside his parents, Amos and Lara Diggory. It had been close to a year since he had last spoken to Cedric at any great length, except to say a brief hello in passing in Diagon ally.

Harry spluttered, "You actually agreed to this or did they persuade you to?" His nose wrinkled in distaste looking as if he had swallowed something sour or smelt something particularly putrid. He commented coolly, "As much as I have no desire to become neither Malfoy nor Voldemort's sex slave I have the same lack of tolerance about marrying someone who is only doing this because they are feeling sorry for me. That's bullshit; I don't need your fucking pity Diggory."

He added even more coolly, "If I have to marry you then I'd rather marry you based on the fact you're doing so to prevent Malfoy from getting his hands on me, not because you pity me. I hate pity; no actually I loathe it, so if you are going to marry me, then least do it without any fucking pity getting in the way as I do not need anyone's stinking pity."

Cedric scowled, replying just as coolly, "There is no pity on my part Potter, I am marrying you to save your skin and save you the trouble of having your wand snapped and becoming a permanent or semi-permanent resident at Azkaban after you tell Fudge to go and screw himself. " He silently thought to himself, not feeling very inclined to add the fact he had fancied Harry since the first task. Harry did not need to know this. He knew Harry did not feel the same that he was only glad and grateful to be avoiding the worst marriage imaginable in history, who could honestly blame him.

Albus cleared his throat and said, "As interesting as your conversation is I must insist the ceremony is conducted and the blood document is immediately sealed. Once you have both sealed and made the document official you shall be legally wed to each other and the contract will be binding and unbreakable."

Sirius asked, "Alright, shall we get started then? The sooner you get this over and done with the sooner you can start planning a second ceremony, which all of your friends can attend." He added, "It will only be for formality and show, just like the one Ron and Hermione had today was as they had their blood contract ceremony a week after school had let out for the summer."

Remus asked, "Do either one of you plan on changing your name?"Harry replied, "I'm not getting rid of Potter, I'll hyphen it if I have to, but my name is Potter and will always be that." He added, "I'm willing to change it to Potter-Diggory and only that, or else I'm just keeping it as Potter."

Amos informed him in a reasonable tone, "Actually Harry, it is custom for the younger spouse to change his or her name if in a same sex relationship. Most tend to hyphen their last name with their spouses." Harry nodded, replying, "Fine then, its settled let's get on with it, I've no choice but to marry even though I am not yet ready."

Harry truly got a good look at what Cedric was wearing for the first time noting he was dressed similarly to Harry, but wearing dark grey instead of black. His tie was dark periwinkle blue and his shirt was pure white. Harry's shirt was also pure white, but his tie was the deepest purple, almost black. He looked gorgeous Harry noted appreciatively.

Cedric and the others saw how Harry was eyeing him, causing Cedric to stifle a smug and knowing smirk, although he too was eyeing his soon to be spouse in a similar fashion. He had really grownup Cedric happily noted, thought he was beautiful, that the cut of the suit he was wearing displayed an incredible body from all of those hours of Quidditch.

Sirius and Remus shared a knowing grin with Tonks and Amos, while Lara and Minerva flushed and Albus stifled a chuckle. They could sense the attraction for the other coming off them in waves. Remus on the otherhand could smell the hormone levels, which had just increased dramatically between Harry and Cedric. He thought in amusement, 'Well, at least they're attracted to each other physically that's always a good start I suppose'

Cedric decided to break the ice between him and Harry in order to make the process go more smoothly and hopefully less awkwardly. He knew the situation would turn beyond awkward if he did not act before they went through with the ceremony and bonding. He explained to Harry, "I never attended the actual wedding ceremony, only attended the reception for the last couple of hours. The reason you did not see me there was because I gave Ron and Hermione my best wishes before the ceremony. "

He added, "Plus Albus asked me not to allow you to see me until now, I have no idea why, not being allowed to see the bride before the wedding does not apply to us, and something tells me you'd be no more appreciative of that title then I would."

Harry smirked at the last part, although the smirk vanished as soon as his thoughts started to stray towards his fourth year during the Triwizard tournament. He had never been so glad to receive visions of what Voldemort was up to before the actual event took place. He thought of the fact the one and only time when a vision of Voldemort was an actual blessing in disguise was due to the fact the vision in question was what had enabled him to prevent Cedric from ending up dead before his seventh year, courtesy of one traitorous rat, Peter Pettigrew.

Cedric had done what Harry had demanded he do at the last minute, which was he managing to dive out of the way and take hold of the cup and disappear just as the sickly and daunting green glow of the killing curse would have hit him, ending his chances of fulfilling the rest of his Hogwarts years and getting to be headboy and graduating at the top of his class.

Cedric walked up to him and asked, "What are you thinking about, Potter?" Harry replied, "Fourth year, Triwizard tournament, graveyard, killing curse, your almost brush with your maker, pick one." Cedric grimaced before replying, "Right, sorry I asked." Harry shook his head and told him, "I could never regret telling you to go and grab that cup, had I not and you hadn't been quick enough, I without a doubt would now be sealing this blood document with Draco Malfoy and not you."

Cedric nodded and replied, "As much as I hated and felt like a coward for leaving you behind in that graveyard, in a way, I'm glad I did. If I had not I would be dead and would have never had the chance to be headboy and graduate from Hogwarts." He shrugged smirking slightly as he added, "Nor would have I been around to save your skin and hind from the worst possible marriage in history."

He added at Harry's raised brow and the slight smirk that curled one corner of the younger wizard's mouth, "Nor would have I realised I did not have any actual romantic interest in Cho or any other females either for that matter. I would have ended up in a marriage to Cho and have felt trapped as if in hell, which in turn would have eventually led me to resenting her for something that was beyond her control nor any fault of her own."

Cedric concluded, "Actually Cho was the only one I have told about this, besides my parents that is of course. She was more than a little amused by the fact that the two guys she kissed in Hogwarts were in fact going to marry each other. But she did say that she figured if there was a pairing she was going to support it would be us." Harry let out a small laugh at this.

Sirius winced and said in an incredulous tone, "Great Merlin, talk about giving the poor woman a complex." Remus chuckled and added, "Yes, she most likely thinks she is cursed and that every other man she kisses from now on will end up marrying each other, poor woman." Everyone laughed at this, even Albus and Minerva could not help but chuckle either.

Lara said, "I knew my Cedric wasn't interested in girls before he started Hogwarts, more so when he finally hit puberty. He never shown any interest in girls when boys who are at that age would start noticing the opposite sex as attractive, my Cedric never did. But I also knew I had to let him discover it on his own terms as no one but he could decide that for him."

Amos added in a bright and happy tone, "Gay or straight, it doesn't matter to me, I just guess I am just going to have a son in-law instead of a daughter in-law, but as long as I and Lara get some grandchildren at some point then as far as I'm concerned all is well."

Harry and Cedric blushed brightly at this, which caused Sirius and Tonks to smirk deviously and waggle their eyebrows in a suggestive fashion, causing Cedric to blush even harder and brighter and for Harry to cover his cheeks and moan completely mortified.

Cedric exclaimed, "Oh honestly dad we're not even married yet and already your mentioning the great big and daunting 'G' word. Look first thing first, we marry and then we talk about the potion I know we are going to need. But then of course we have two years before we are expected to conceive to complete the ministry's requirements, something which I still don't know a lot about yet."

Harry who was still blushing nodded in agreement and said, "I agree, although I still cannot wrap my head around how wizards can have children even with the aid of a potion. You'll have to excuse the fact I was raised in the muggle world to believe child baring was in fact a woman's job."

Sirius exchanged a nervous glance with the others, knowing that Harry would be getting pregnant a sight sooner than either he or Cedric wanted or expected. He knew it was in everyone's best interest that the young pair was wed before informed of exactly how soon their impending parenthood in fact was. Sirius inwardly sighed before commenting reassuringly, "Don't worry about that just yet, Severus will take care of and explain that to you when he arrives here after the ceremony. He is also going to be teaching you and Cedric how to brew the potion in question."

Harry nodded in relief, but he was still feeling unsure of the concept of him or Cedric being able to become pregnant and have children the natural way or what was consider natural in the wizarding world that is. Plus he had seen the nervous glance everyone else except for Cedric had exchanged and wondered what that was all about, wondered exactly what he was or wasn't being kept in the dark over this time. He finally wondered exactly how pissed he was going to be and at whom this time.

He still did not know all of the rules this law consisted of, only the fact blood magic was involved and that there were no loopholes to fall back on. He finally wondered how much Cedric knew of the rules and of course why he was willing to marry Harry.