H.J. Potter-Diggory

Three hours later both were showered and dressed, but made a point of not showering together, knowing they would become very distracted if they showered together. They were soon ready to go after taking the first dose of the potion required for them to get pregnant, which did not have much going for it as far as taste went.

They shrunk their belongings and placed them in their bags, making sure they had left nothing behind and placed them on their shoulders. They even took extra care of making sure everywhere was tidy and no mess left behind for Albus to discover. That was surely no way to thank the Headmaster for his generous loaning of his beautiful cabin with its even more beautiful view.

Harry grabs hold of the brass key and says to Cedric, "How about we wait outside for whoever is picking us up?" He adds gesturing to the open front door, "It's still nice out and I would like to take in the view one last time." Cedric smiles gently and nods, "Sure, we can do that." Harry returns the smile before he looks around the cabin one last time taking it all in. Once satisfied he takes hold of the hand offered by his husband and allows him to lead him out of the front door.

Once outside Harry closes the door behind him and locks it before he places the key in the pocket of his black jeans. He turned to see his husband was gesturing towards the lake with his hand as he asks, "Do you fancy sitting by the lake until whoever turns up?" Harry nods and replied, "Yeah we can do that, let's go."

Cedric takes hold of his hand again and leads him over to the lake. He sits down first after he removed his bag from his shoulders and placed it down on the ground nearby. He pulls Harry down after Harry removes his own bag, placing it on the ground beside Cedrics.

Harry sits down between Cedric's legs and leans up against his husband's chest facing away from him, while Cedric places his arms around his waist. He rests his chin on top of his husband's head of eternally messy hair. Harry lets out a content sigh as he places his hands over the pair resting upon his stomach, giving them a brief squeeze before settling.

It hardly seems like they had been sitting long, enjoying each other's company, along with the view, peace and quiet, when suddenly the silence is broken by two loud cracks one after the other. Harry and Cedric turn their heads to see whom Albus had sent to came to collect them, knowing no one except for those keyed into the wards could apparate onto the grounds of the property.

Harry grins when he sees that it is his godfather, but seconds' later raises a brow as he notes the second person with him is none other than Severus Snape. Both of them he notes are dressed in their best dress robes. Harry figures that if his godfather and Snape were already dressed for the celebration tonight, he and Cedric would not have much time to get ready once they reach Grimmauld Place.

Cedric having noticed the other wizard with Sirius also raises a brow and thinks to his husband, 'Professor Snape? Well, that I did not expect I figured with Sirius coming, Remus would have been who come with him.' He pauses before adding, 'Then again, Professor Snape will be marrying your Godfather come Christmas, so I suppose they are trying to get you used to the idea of seeing them together'

Harry nods and moves his hands from his husband's before squeezing his arm in a gesture that told his husband he wanted to stand. Cedric removes his arms and stands up after his husband. They both pickup their bags and place them back onto their shoulders before Cedric takes Harry's hand and leads him over to the waiting pair near the front door of the cabin.

Sirius beams at the approaching pair and asks they come to a stop in front of him and Severus, "Do you have everything and ready to go?" Harry nods and replies, "We're ready, have been for the past hour actually" Cedric adds, "We were actually waiting for whoever was coming to collect us." Sirius nods and tells them, "Good, we need to get going, you'll only have half an hour to get ready for this evenings party and reception once we reach headquarters."

Severus adds speaking for the first time, "I must insist that you do not drink any alcohol this even due to the potion you took this morning being in your systems. The pregnancy potion will not react well to being mixed with any alcohol." Harry and Cedric nod in understanding, knowing full well that his reasoning was more than valid.

Sirius reaches into his pocket and taking out a solid gold round pocket watch, which he flips the lid open and scans the face of the timepiece. He nods and tells them, "Alright, gather around the portkey it is due to activate in forty seconds." Severus pulls out a rolled up copy of that days Daily Prophet and holds it out in front of him, placing it in the centre of the group so they can gather around in a circle.

Sirius knowing how his godson hates practically all forms of wizarding travel is the first to place his fingertip on the newspaper, which the others follow his example. He tells Harry before he begins mentally counting down from ten to zero, "Brace yourself Harry, the portkey will activate in ten seconds." He quickly adds before portkey activates, "I know I don't need to remind you to keep your finger on the portkey until we arrive, but I will anyhow."

As soon as he finishes speaking, they all instantaneously feel a tugging sensation behind their navel, followed by the sensation of seeming like you are being sucked through a narrow tube. That Harry noted wearily was what apparating and travel by portkey had in common, neither held much appeal for him, if any at all.

Within second's they arrived inside the large entrance hall of 12 Grimmauld Place and Harry lets go of the newspaper. He quickly removes his bag from his shoulder, letting it drop to the floor at his feet, before bending at the waist and placing his hands on his kneecaps. The other three are watching and snort as he bows is head low, breathing in and out heavily as he grounds out from between gritted teeth, "Bloody stupid rotten portkey! It bloody well feels like my stomach is about to escape through my mouth."

Cedric winces as he places a hand upon his husband's back and gently rubs it in a soothing circular motion. He sighs as he says, "Every time without honest fail Harry, even after Six, almost seven years, which you have been in the wizarding world, yet you still physically rebel against our means of travel that isn't flight on a broomstick."

Sirius grimaces before he lets out a brief and sympathetic chuckle, patting his godson on the shoulder as he tells him, "Don't worry you'll get used to it, say in another decade or so." Severus snorts as he adds, "And if you don't after seventeen years, I honestly doubt you ever will." Cedric also adds, "Unfortunately he's right, if you are not going to deal after a seventeen years Love, then you never will."

Harry straightens up and glowers as he grumbles in Cedric and Sirius's direction, "Says the two damn purebloods, raised to know of no other means of travel that was not flooing, apparation, portkeys, or even flight on a broomstick." Becoming even more irritable his eyes flash like emerald fire in defensive anger at their teasing of him over something that was second nature to them.

Cedric cringes in guilt as he is hit with his husband's emotions and thoughts. He knows this to be another example of Harry not being told of his magical heritage or growing up in the wizarding world as is his absolute right as a half-blood wizard. He knew his husband was left feeling bitter and resentful, and by Merlin did he have every honest right to feel as such.

He feels even shittier as his husband adds, "Some of us did not have the option or the luxury given to us to grow up in the wizarding world, which was more than their damn right. They never learnt the proper customs, or using wizarding travel so often it eventually becomes second nature to them." He concludes, "When I think of all I have seen and done since I turned eleven, and compare it with what I had for the first eleven years in the Muggle world, I assure you I feel deeply deprived."

Cedric and Sirius sober and shake their heads, not being able to deny that he has a point. They are purebloods that have not truly known or had to travel by anything besides the means of floo, portkey, apparation, or even a broomstick. The only times they could ever recall having to travel by anything resembling Muggle means was when they would travel to the train station at kings cross to get the Hogwarts Express to Hogwarts.

Then there was the fact they had been raised and grown up knowing of their magical heritages, never there being a time that they did not know that they are a wizard. Sirius grits his teeth and shoots his fiancée a pained look, knowing that Harry being raised as a Muggle without knowledge of magic was a grievous mistake on Albus's part. Sirius Knew that Harry would have not grown up arrogant with his fame, he had far too much of his mother in him to let that happen, Lily hadn't had a single arrogant bone in her body.

Severus unknowingly was agreeing with Sirius, Harry should have grown up in the wizarding world. The Weasley family could have taken him in and raised him as one of their own. The Potter's had been rich enough, that the Weasley's could have been given a weekly or even a monthly allowance to keep Harry in food and clothing and any other such necessities he may have need.

Severus watches as Harry turns his gaze upon him and says, "And the wizard who also knew of the existence of all kinds of magic his whole life. And of course Merlin knows how often you use a portkey or apparate at short notice as a spy." He grumbles irritably, almost in disgust, as he asks, "Is there actually anything that does rattle your nerves, professor?"

Severus smirks, deciding to lighten the mood and not give too much of a snarky reply, it was after all understandable that he would be bitter and resentful, how could he honestly not be on some level. He replies in a drawling silky tone of voice, "Perhaps, not that I would ever dream of divulging such information to you, no use giving up whatever edge I have, now is there." He would not, that was honestly truth, even though he knew on some level that Harry would not use the information against him maliciously. Still he was not going to give it up willing if he could help it.

Sirius and Cedric cannot help but snort and turn to face away from Harry, who looks caught between amusement and making a very rude hand gesture at the older wizard. Cedric having such access to Harry's mind knows exactly which hand gesture his husband has in mind to. "Don't do it love, trust me, don't do it" Cedric's drawls playfully to his husband, who shoots him a shrewd glance in return. He says, "I'm going to go and get ready for the party and reception."

Cedric watches his husband pick up his bag and place it on his shoulder as he makes his way towards the staircase. Cedric is caught between laughter and being cautious of his husband's intentions later on when they were finally alone together. He shrugs, figuring he would deal with it when the time came, but in the meantime, he needed to follow his husband to get ready for their wedding reception and Harry's birthday party.

Sirius calls out to them as they make their way up the long and winding staircase, "You've got twenty minutes to get ready before I come upstairs to get you to bring you downstairs so we can floo to Hogwarts for the party and reception." Cedric calls out over his shoulder seeing as Harry was too caught up in his stewing mood to answer, "Fine, we'll be ready.

Cedric made a mental note to do something about his husband's sour mood before they reach Hogwarts, knowing his husband would feel absolute shit later on if his mood somehow managed to ruin the party and reception that Ginny and Molly Weasley most likely spent countless hours preparing for and setting up.

Meanwhile downstairs just as the young couple disappear out of sight, Albus clears his throat, making his presence known from his hiding place in a corner that no one had noticed, no one except Severus that is. Sirius startles and whips out his wand and turns to face the direction the noise had come from and points his wand. When he sees that it is only Albus, he lowers his wand and shoots the elder wizard a less then pleasant glance for being such a sneaky and nosy old bastard.

Severus on the otherhand had known the old codger had been there the whole time, yet he had not stopped Harry from airing out his bitterness and resentment. The old coot needed to hear what his supposed actions for the boy's best interest and the greater good had accomplished. There was absolutely no way, no way whatsoever that Albus's ideas concerning Harry's better interests matched these days with Harry's own, perhaps not since fifth year after learning of the prophecy.

Sure Harry still respects Albus somewhat, but his trust was not hundred percent, not as it was when he was younger. He trusts the man to watch his back, but not to tell him the complete absolute truth, but only half-truths, which Harry absolutely hated. The fact Harry knew since fifth year, if not perhaps longer than that, Albus had kept important information from him for years made him more than slightly jaded.

Harry's opinion on trust in regards to the relationship he had once shared with the aged Headmaster was not hundred percent as it was once. Trust to Harry meant a whole lot when you consider his life for the first eleven years, the fame and attention, which he now dealt with practically on a daily basis just unfortunately added to that. So nowadays, if there were an issue the first one Harry would go to would not be Albus, but more like Sirius or even Ginny.

Hermione in Harry's opinion placed far too much trust in the headmaster or authority figures to do what was best for Harry's likening. Then there is Ron, but he always pretty much sided with Hermione, especially now that she is his wife. If Harry was in trouble or danger and Hermione believed that the only way to solve the issue is to tell the Headmaster or professor McGonagall, Ron would of course be right alongside her.

Sirius frowns as he asks, "How long have you been there and what did you hear exactly?" Before Albus could reply Severus said, "He's been here the whole time and heard everything." Albus sighs and tells them, "I was waiting for your arrival, knowing when the portkey was due to activate and bring Harry and Cedric here." He adds after a brief pause, "I was hoping to help escort the guests of honour to their celebration."

Sirius sighs loudly and says, "You heard all of that, which means you now know Harry is bitter and resentful. The kid has issues with wizarding travel that is not on a broomstick, an issue that would have not be there if he had been brought up in the wizarding world as was his right." Sirius looks beyond irritable as he shoots Albus a less than impressed glance.

He adds after taking a deep breath, "You could have sent him to the Weasley's, they would have never allowed Harry's fame to go to his head, besides he is a lot like Lily, who I imagine did not have a arrogant bone in her entire body, which in my opinion was able to perfectly balance James out." He concludes, "Besides, you've met Arthur and Molly Weasley, if he had even tried anything resembling arrogance then Molly would have put him right in his place before he could really act up."

Severus snorts as he says in a bland drawl, "In less your Fred and George Weasley, naturally." Sirius snorts and nods in complete agreement, yes in less of course you were the Weasley twins. Their fear of their mother was not what it once was, at least not what it should be for someone such as the fierce and formidable woman that is Molly Weasley.

Severus adds, "I have to agree with Sirius on this point Albus, I believe the boy would have been better suited, not to forget to mention better cared for, if he had been given the chance to be brought up properly by Molly and Arthur Weasley." He concludes after pausing and says in a firm no nonsense tone, "Money would have not been an issue; Potter was rich, richer than even the Malfoy's and Black's. A weekly or even a monthly allowance could have easily enough been provided to keep the boy."

Albus protests as he replies, "But it was what was best for Harry, I really did not want him to be brought up constantly in the public eye, what kind of life would have that been for the boy?" He pauses before adding, "Yes, I shall admit if I had known what his relatives were like and were capable of doing to a child, then yes I would have chosen elsewhere. However, it still would have been in the Muggle world. I truly believe Harry deserved to grow up not having to deal with the whole of the wizarding world knowing who he is.

He concludes, "The only regrets, which I have, are that the normal life that I wanted for him growing up end up severely tainted with abuse. I unknowingly chose poorly when I placed and left him on the Dursley's doorstep, when in fact when I think back I should have left him with Arabella Figg. At least that way with her being a squib someone from the order could have always been on hand to monitor how he was coming along."

Sirius rants, "Sure I prefer Arabella over the Dursleys any day, which means he could have known about the wizarding world and Hogwarts and that he is a wizard. You could have placed glamour charms on him to change his appearance when he entered the wizarding world, could have taught him that he needed to use a different name when there until he went to Hogwarts and could be without any glamour's."

Severus sighs and adds, "Lily would have wanted that for her son, James Potter to would have wanted it as well, I didn't need to know him all that well to know that. The boy could have least gotten a feel for the world he rightfully belongs before going to Hogwarts. If you had then he would have not been so in the dark about his heritage, nor would he most likely have an issue with wizarding travel that is not a broomstick."

Albus replies, "Possible, or perhaps not, we shall never know now. What has happened has happened and we cannot change it no matter how much we want to. If it was possible for Harry to do his life over again I would only change the fact the Dursleys would have not by any means been placed in charge of his wellbeing."

Meanwhile upstairs in their bedroom Harry and Cedric were getting ready for that evenings celebration, while Cedric tried to sooth his husband's sour mood with some success. He had gone with the option of warning him, that if he did not lose the sour mood until later, then all of the hard work put into tonight by Ginny and Mrs. Weasley would be all for nothing, especially if the birthday boy and one of the grooms was in a prissy mood.

Harry had shot his husband a look for his usage of the term prissy, but all the same had gotten dressed without much grumbling. He and Cedric both knew that he would torture Cedric when it came time for them to make love as soon as they had finished taking the last of the pregnancy potion. Cedric could not help but look forward to it if it was anything like what he and Harry had done that morning, but with less teasing to piss him off, no use in both of them being in a pissy mood.

He had dressed in form-fitting black dress pants, which clung attractively his hips and backside. He also wore black dress shoes, polished to a perfect shine, which he presumed Molly Weasley had a spelled that way. He also wore a shirt in a pale spring green, which was a shade lighter then the tie and wizarding robes he wore. The colour brought out his eyes beautifully, especially since Harry had chosen not to wear his glasses that evening, but instead the wizarding contacts that Sirius had gotten for him.

Cedric on the otherhand wore black dress pants and dress shoes, shoes polished to a perfect shine. Someone had chosen a shirt that was a shade of warm blue, which was a shade lighter then the tie and wizarding robes that he wore, which highlighted his grey-blue eyes beautifully. He presumed it must have been his mother, or perhaps even Ginny Weasley, but it did not matter who had, only that they had chosen very well.

Five minutes after dressing and trying to tame Harry's hair and of course failing, Harry places the brass key to the cabin in a concealed pocket in his robes. Sirius then called up to them, "Come along you two it is time to floo to Hogwarts or you are going to be late for your own party for Merlin sake." He adds, "Plus I don't need Ginny or Molly Weasley on my case, or even the recently new Mrs. Granger-Weasley for that matter."

Harry and Cedric came down the stairs and instantly see that Albus had joined Sirius and Severus. He claps his hands together as he says warmly, "Ah excellent, it is our guests of honour." He adds, "Happy birthday Harry and congratulations on finally coming of age." He concludes, "I thought I might come along and help escort you to Hogwarts. So shall we all depart for Hogwarts and to your celebration?"

Harry and Cedric nod and Harry replies, "Thank you, and yes I guess we should get going before we're late." Harry reaches into his robes and removes the key before handing it back to the Headmaster. Harry says, "Thanks for letting us loan your cabin for our honeymoon." Cedric nodded and added, "Yes, it had an amazing view, plus Harry became somewhat attached to the kitchen."

Albus chuckles and replies, "You're both very welcome and if Harry would like I could suggests some spells and decorating charms, which I used when decorating the cabin." Harry beams and replies, "That would be great, seeing as Cedric has promised I could decorate and have the kitchen anyway I want when we get our own place as I use the kitchen more than he does or ever will."

Harry then takes hold of Cedric's hand as they are led to the fireplace in the main entrance hallway. Albus goes first stepping into the flames and calling out as he throws some floo powder down, turning the flames emerald green, "Hogwarts, Headmasters office."

They watch as he disappears before Sirius gestures for Harry to go next, who scowls as he grabs some of the powder and calls out as he throws it down into the flames, making them flare and turn emerald green once again, "Hogwarts, Headmasters office." He disappears and stumbles out of the fireplace in Albus's office moments later, landing face first onto the floor.

He inwardly scowls as he hears the amused chuckles of the Headmaster and stands just in time for the flames in the fireplace to flare and turn emerald green once more. His husband appears and steps out gracefully into the office, causing Harry to scowl at the sight of his husband's graceful ability to travel by floo.

Cedric takes out his wand and casts a cleaning charm on both himself and his husband, just as Sirius comes through the fireplace, followed moments later by Severus. Cedric inwardly cringes as he replaces his wand in his robes and finally he sees the scowl his husband was eyeing him with, knowing exactly the reason for it as well. Cedric could not help the fact that he had been travelling by floo and portkey since he could remember.

Harry's sour mood was improved when there came a knock on the door and Albus told whoever was on the other side of the door to enter. Much to Harry's delight it was to discover Hermione and Ron, who had returned two days previously from their own honeymoon. Ginny was with them and walks in first, giving Harry a hug as she asks, "So, how was your honeymoon, amazing I would wager seeing as whom you shared it with?" She winks playfully in Cedric's direction, the wizard in question chuckling and playfully rolling his eyes in return.

Hermione and Ron stood near the open door clearly stunned as they saw one of the last people they had honestly expected to see standing beside Harry. Ginny had known of course and had taken great pleasure in keeping Harry's new mystery husbands identity a secret from the ever-curious Hermione and her brother.

Harry exchanges a knowing smirk with both Cedric and Ginny as they took in the stunned faces of Hermione and Ron. Harry's smirk widens as he said, "Yeah, you should've seen my reaction when I first realised it was Cedric who I was going to marry and complete the same bonding ritual that you two did a week after school let out for the summer."

Ron splutters, while Hermione suddenly beams and quickly made her way over to Harry and grabs him in a big and tight embrace. He chuckles as she squeezes him harder to her and exclaims, "Cedric Diggory, oh wow, who'd of thought it?" She pulls away from their embrace as she adds asking, "So are you Harry Diggory now?"

Harry chuckles shaking his head as he replies, "No of course not, I would not have ever allowed that, not anymore then you allowed yourself to give up Granger." He adds at her knowing look, "Actually it's Potter-Diggory now, I mean seriously, did you honestly think you were the only one who refused to not keep their last name as well as taking on their husband's?"

Hermione let out a small laugh and replies, "Yes, that's what I figured, we were raised as Muggles, and Muggle women are known at times to hyphen their name with their husband's." She adds, "I can understand why you insisted on keeping Potter, you are in fact the last Potter and will need an heir to carry on the Potter line, just as much as Cedric will also need an heir to carry on the Diggory line."

Cedric comments, "It was either me or Malfoy and considering what you know the ritual to consist of, both you and I know there was no way in hell I was going to or could let Harry marry that twitchy and bouncing ferret." Ginny and Ron snickered appreciatively at his twitchy and bouncing ferret comment, while Harry snorts and Hermione looks caught between amusement and disapproval at his words, especially in front of professors Dumbledore and Snape.

Cedric adds, "As for I and Harry each needing an heir to carry on our last names, you'd be right. I figured Harry would get the first born male and I'd take the second." Harry looks thoughtful before nodding and saying, "Sure, our first born son will be the Potter heir and our second born son will be the Diggory heir." He concludes, "A set of male twins would be very handy for that purpose actually."

Hermione beams once more and asks, "I presume you have a wedding ring Harry, let's see it?" Harry chuckles as he lifts his left hand for Hermione and Ron to see his wedding band. Hermione takes his hand, examines the band, and smiles as she said, "Platinum with a Gryffindor red ruby, beautiful." Harry laughs as she tells his friends, "Actually Sirius said something similar to that." The wizard in question chuckles and nods in agreement.

Ron said after his wife had finished examining Harry's wedding band, "Sorry mate that we could not be at your wedding and bonding ceremony and you at mine and mione's." Harry waves him off and replies, "Don't worry about it, you two were officially married and bonded whilst I was still at the Dursley's."

He adds after a pause and reveals, "As for mine and Cedric's wedding and bonding ceremony, well, we had that right after you two went off on your honeymoon, the same night actually. When your reception was over and you left I was escorted to headquarters and was married inside of Sirius's office."

Hermione asks, "Who were your witnesses? We had Mr. And Mrs, Weasley along with Ginny and the rest of the Weasley siblings and their spouses and fiancées. Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall were present to with my parents." Harry replied, "Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Cedric's parents, along with professors Dumbledore and McGonagall."

Hermione adds, "I noticed you are not having another ceremony, but just a reception and birthday party instead." Harry replies, "Well, you know me, Mione, I never was one for the lime light and a huge fuss being made. I do not need nor want another ceremony nor does Cedric. We are married and don't feel that we need to retake our wedding vows again, once was enough for us."

Cedric adds, "We have complied with the ministry's law requirements and that as far as I and Harry are concerned it is more than enough." He continues after a brief pause and says, "We agreed to combine a birthday party for Harry's seventeenth with a wedding reception for me and him at Ginny's suggestion, just as long as she planned it herself."

He concludes, "All me and Harry cared about was getting away together on our honeymoon just the two of use finally getting to know the other properly with no interruptions or anyone else trying to stick their nose in and shove their opinions down our throats. We appreciated and enjoyed our time spent alone at Albus's cabin, trust me we made some amazing memories whilst there."

Hermione and Ron nod in understanding, before Ron rubs his hands together and asks Harry, "So mate, you ready to taste your first glass of firewhisky?" Harry replies, "Ready yes, will I, no? I can't Ron I'll have to wait until next year to try firewhisky as will Cedric before he can drink alcohol again." Ron frowns as he asks, "Why are you not drinking, it is your seventeenth birthday." He adds, "Cedric has been of age for a few years now so why can't he drink either?"

Harry and Cedric glanced over at Albus, who nods. Harry clears his throat and replies, "Because Cedric and me took a potion this morning and will for the next six days. The potion does not react well to alcohol, not in the least." Hermione asks around a frown, "What potion, Harry?" Cedric answers instead because his husband was shifting around and looking uncomfortable. "A potion, which will enable us to become pregnant without having to ask a surrogate to have the children for us, meaning the children would be biologically both of ours."

Ginny gasps as does Hermione, who asks, "But why so soon and why did the both of you take it?" Harry replies, "Because the Headmaster believes it to be for the best that I get pregnant this year during my last year at Hogwarts." Cedric adds, "As for why I took the potion to, well that's because Harry goaded me and claimed he would not take the potion alone nor endure labour on his own."

He pauses to scowl playfully at his husband as he notices his smirk and the knowing glint in his husband's eyes. He said, "So we evoked a lover's oath, which means instead of swearing on our magic or life we swore instead on our marriage vows. The deal is that whoever moans the most and has the shortest labour has to be the one to carry the next Potter-Diggory offspring and if they don't comply then they will have slighted their spouse and will owe them a debut."

Hermione and Ginny looked incredulous, while Ron snorts and rolls his eyes and comments, "Ha, trust you Harry to end up doing something like this." Hermione shook her head as she asks, "When will you expect to be pregnant?" Harry replies, "Around October or November at the latest."

Albus clears his throat as he says, "I think it time we head down to the great hall." He adds, "Everyone is inside and waiting for the guests of honour to arrive so we can get the celebrations started." Harry nods and says, "Oaky, besides I am looking forward to seeing what the decorations look like and what the wedding and birthday cakes are going to look like." Cedric adds, "I have no doubt everyone outdid themselves when getting everything ready."

Ginny replies, "Oh yeah, we outdid ourselves alright, you can trust us on that." She adds, "Your colour scheme and flower arrangements look stunning if I do say so myself." She adds, "Mom really went all out with food, drinks and cakes, yet stayed within the limits you both set, plus I never allowed her to get carried away as you both asked."

Albus adds as he walks towards his office door, opening it and leading everyone out and down the revolving staircase. "I have arranged for a certain surprise for you both, which you shall see as soon as we arrive." Little did Harry and Cedric know is that Albus had arranged for the Weird Sisters to play at the party/reception.

Albus had mentioned it was the seventeenth birthday party of Harry Potter, well as the wedding reception of Harry and his new spouse Cedric Diggory, who was a Triwizard champion alongside Harry Potter. Naturally, after hearing this, the group immediately jumped at the chance to play a gig at the famous Harry Potter's seventeenth birthday, even the wedding reception of the two Hogwarts Triwizard champions.

They had offered to do the gig free of charge, Albus in return had offered them all the food and drink they could manage and the chance to celebrate with both of Harry and Cedric. The group had been awed at the thought of getting to see the boy who lived and the two Triwizard champions up close. It was honestly too good to be true, seriously how many musical groups could honestly boast having done the same?

As they walked down the corridor to the Great hall Harry finally notes what his three friends are wearing. Ginny is dressed in a spring green one-shoulder floor length La Radiant evening dress made of taffeta that had a floor length layered skirt. The shoulder strap was embroidery flowers and leaves that went over the shoulder and covered one side of the bodice. The bodice had pleats and was a sweetheart neckline. It was backless and buttoned up at her waist. Harry noted there was a metallic sheen in a paler shade of spring green, which reflected off the material as she moved when the light hit it just right.

He noted as she walked that he could see the shoes she had paired with the dress. They were Ivory coloured satin court shoes with three-inch heels, with a jewel trim buckle fastening strap across the front. They went with the dress perfectly, complimenting the style and colour of the dress beautifully.

She had her hair pinned up in a French twist with a few curled strands framing her face, while on top of her head was an ivory coloured full, soft and billowy fascinator in vanilla ivory with ivory white feathers, on a fabric-covered headband. Harry thought she looked stunning, Cedric clearly agreed with him, thinking the colour did wonders for her red hair making it stand out vibrantly.

Finally, he took in the matching earrings and necklace she wore and presumed Neville had given them to her. The stones were Peridot green accented with a flattering constellation of white diamonds. The necklace was made of white gold and had a trio of stones that sparkle at the centre. The necklace measured at 15.5 inches in length, with a 2-inch extender and lobster claw clasp, matching the earrings, which were 1 inch long.

Hermione on the otherhand was dressed in warm blue coloured glamorous full-length chiffon gown with one shoulder strap with intricate gathering on the chest and an embellished waistband and had a second layer over the top of the skirt and it zipped up at her lower back.

The dress paired with Ivory coloured Caparros Ashton sling back high heels that features a softly pleated criss-cross upper with open toe styling, anchored by a dainty rhinestone accent and a softly elasticized sling back. They looked perfect paired with the style and colour of the dress, which Harry could tell Ron more than agreed with if the way his eyes practically followed her every move was anything to go by.

She had tamed her hair and placed it in a bun at the back of her head in a similar fashion she wore for the Yule ball back in fourth year. On her head, she wore an Ivory coloured fascinator that had three beautiful large roses with a spray of coque feathers, on a tear shaped sinnamay base attached to a band.

Her jewellery was beautiful consisting of light blue sapphires that were simple, dainty, and subtle. The necklace and earrings set are embedded with a chain of sapphires and white diamonds and a centre marquise cut light blue sapphire. The white gold necklace was 16 inches in length by 1/8 inches wide, with 3-inch extender with a lobster claw clasp. The earrings matched the necklace and were ¾ inches long.

Harry wondered if Hermione's parents or another of her family members had given it to her, seeing as he could not see such a set coming from Ron. However, Harry and Cedric did agree as they eyed the lovely looking witch walking in front of them that she looked stunning.

Finally, Ron was dressed similarly to Harry and Cedric, but wore the same warm blue as Hermione, matching with her perfectly. Harry wondered if Neville had decided to match with his girlfriend tonight and would be wearing the same shade of spring green.

Now Harry thought about it he noted that Sirius was dressed in the warm blue, while Severus wore the spring green. It was in a slightly darker shade then Cedric had chosen for their wedding colours, but neither minded, it was just a novelty to see Severus Snape wearing anything besides his custom black.

Soon they reached the great hall and Ginny said, "You two wait here and I'll go and tell everyone you've arrived." Harry and Cedric nodded and Hermione and Ron followed her into the great hall, along with Sirius and Severus. Albus nodded to the pair and said before he followed the others, "You will approve of the transformation which the great hall as under gone thanks to your friends and families."

Harry and Cedric nodded and exchanged a glance with the other and waited for their cue to enter. Less than a minute later just as the Weasley twins each took a large wooden door and pulled the doors open at the same time, the first opening bars of Happy Birthday was heard being played by the Weird Sisters. Everyone cheered and clapped as they sang Harry a happy birthday. Cedric was grinning at his blushing husband as he joined in singing with everyone else.

Harry and Cedric stepped completely inside of the Great hall and the twins closed the doors behind them. The pair stunned to see that The Weird Sisters were present and playing. Cedric figured only his husband would be lucky enough to have a famous band singing happy birthday to him personally.

As soon as everyone had finished cheering and clapping, Harry clears his throat and chuckles as he says, "Okay I was honestly not expecting to have The Weird Sisters here and singing happy birthday to me." He nodded to the group on the small stage and said, "Thanks for that, this will surely be the birthday I'll always remember."

The group chuckled and the lead singer replied, "You're welcome, but seriously did you really think we'd pass up on this kind of opportunity, to give you Harry Potter an autograph signed by the whole group? You're famous in your own right, and naturally you'll receive the best and not anything less on your seventeenth birthday when you have a Headmaster the likes of yours?"

Harry and Cedric turned to face the Headmaster, who chuckled and said, "Naturally you only turn seventeen once Harry, plus you have given and sacrificed so much for our world, meaning it is only right that something is returned to you no matter how small, and you deserve to have only the best on today of all days my boy." He concluded, "Plus Miss Weasley mentioned you are a fan of the group's music."

Everyone could see how beyond touched Harry was by such a gesture and sentiment on the Headmaster's part. Harry shot the Headmaster and warm and fonder look then he had perhaps given to the Headmaster since fifth year. He replied in a heartfelt tone, "Thank you professor this honestly means a lot to me and I won't honestly forget such a gesture." Albus caught onto this immediately and quickly swallows the lump of emotion that appeared in his throat, knowing he done something right by the boy for the first time in such a long time.

After a slightly lingering silence Mrs. Weasley cleared her throat and asked, "Shall we show Harry and Cedric the cakes and let them see the decorations and flowers they chose?" Harry and Cedric finally noticed how the Great Hall had been decorated using their chosen colour scheme and flower choices. Both beamed appreciatively and Cedric chuckled and said to Harry, "You were right love when you suggested not using our house colours."

Harry returned the chuckle and replied, "True, I mean it's even more stunning than I had imagined when we first discussed what we wanted." He turned to Ginny and said, "You and everyone really went beyond mine and I suspect Cedric's expectations, so thank you." Cedric nodded and added, "Yes, thank you, and Harry is right this is truly beyond anything I could have imagined or possibly wanted."

Ginny grinned and gave a mock bow before saying, "Your both totally welcome." She added gesturing to the two banners pinned and draped side by side and said, "So how do you like the banners, I told Dean what I wanted and he designed them the muggle way then used magic to make it move?"

Harry and Cedric eyed the first banner, which was Gryffindor red and said happy seventeenth birthday Harry in large and fancy curled script that flashed brightly in Gryffindor gold. He had drawn six perfect looking versions of a golden snitch and the golden snitches gleamed as they flew around the banner, their wings beating in a fast blur.

Harry beamed and said to Dean, "Thanks mate that really looks incredible." Cedric nodded and added, "He's right Thomas, and you really did an amazing job." Dean smirked and replied, "Your welcome Harry, you to Diggory." He added, "I had a lot of fun creating and designing that, maybe more than I did with the banner for your wedding reception. I had to use a more formal and less bright approach with that, plus Ginny said it had to be in certain colours and not our house colours."

Harry and Cedric looked at the reception banner and nodded in approval as they took in the fact the banner was made of an ivory colour, while the edge was a pale apple mist, and there was beautiful and detailed drawings of spring green and warm blue coloured calla lilies and roses in full bloom. In the centre of the banner was the beautiful and large elegant writing which Dean had used both warm blue and spring green that said, Congratulations Harry and Cedric.

Next Mrs. Weasley directed them over to a medium sized rectangular table, which had a long ivory coloured cloth draped over the surface. In the centre of the table sat two separate cakes. One rested on a golden coloured circular cake stand, and was Gryffindor red with golden ribbon tied around the circular shaped cake, while a life-like and sized golden snitch is on the top of the cake right in the centre and the wings would occasionally move as real snitches did. Written in gold beautifully and carefully in front of the snitch was the words Happy Birthday Harry.

Next was the wedding cake, which was a single square shaped tier and slightly larger than the birthday cake, which rested upon a square shaped golden coloured cake stand. It was made of smooth white chocolate fondant with a thick strawberry moose filling. There was a warm blue thin ribbon that crisscrossed around the cake, and Mrs. Weasley had used blue sugar roses and placed them in a draped effect in one corner of the cake.

Also placed on the table is a large and tall golden-coloured four tier round shaped cake stand, where arranged neatly was beautifully decorated pastries and sweets made by Mrs. Weasley. On the free space on either side of the cakes and four-tier cake stand was a large beautifully arranged floral arrangement that consisted of several dark and light blue roses and pure white calla lilies inside of a large and tall crystal vases, which had a ivory and apple mist coloured ribbon tied around the centre of the vases.

Next Harry and Cedric took in the eight circular tables arranged around one corner of the great hall, leaving a large space for dancing and mingling. Six of the tables were large enough to seat eight guests, while another table was set up with only five chairs, which Harry assumed Ginny had reserved for the Weird Sisters. Cedric noted a smaller and intimate table was set up a little further away from the others and had seats for two, which he knew was for him and Harry.

The tables Ginny had draped with silk ivory coloured tablecloths, while the chairs had ivory coloured covers and spring green ribbons tied around the back of the chairs in a bow. There is warm blue coloured napkins shaped into a fancy rose shape that Harry knew must have been done with the aid of magic.

There was apple mist coloured name cards, which had their names on printed in a warm blue colour that were square shaped. Each of the guests had one assigned to them, which would allow them easily to find where Ginny had seated them. Ginny had not just randomly placed anyone just anywhere, no she had chosen very carefully not wanting anyone to be uncomfortable.

Finally, placed in the centre of each table was a crystal vase with pale and dark blue roses and white calla lilies that had warm blue and spring green ribbons tied around the centre of the vase. The centre pieces were stunning and arranged just right that it did not look over the top nor horribly gaudy.

Albus clapped his hands and said, "If everyone would please be seated dinner will be served using the same ordering method that was used at the Yule Ball. Your name will be on a seating card and your menus will appear once you have you found where Miss Weasley has placed you. You will be given a choice of four different meals to choose from."

As everyone made their way over to the tables, Harry noted the usual large white floating candles that floated high above in the enchanted ceiling that evening were replaced with a mixture of warm blue, spring green, ivory and apple mist coloured candles. All candles were lit, and looking beyond stunning, especially when Albus dimmed the lights in the great hall with a flick of his wrist.

After dinner desert followed soon afterwards, and immediately proved that Molly Weasley knew exactly what she was doing. Not only did the deserts look stunning, but also tasted as equally stunning and simply melted inside of your mouth in the most amazing way. It was all made even more amazing by the difference choice of drink provided, which complimented both the dinner and deserts.

After everyone had finished eating the Weird Sister took to the stage once more and began to play one of their recent hits. Everyone made their way to the dance floor and proceeded to dance to the slow ballad the leader singer sang flawlessly. Cedric held Harry close as Harry rested his head on Cedric's chest as they swayed to the music, sighing as he feels Cedric place a gentle kiss on his hair.

After the song had finished, Molly lit seventeen candles on the birthday cake and everyone sang happy birthday to Harry again, before he blew out all of the candles and everyone clapped and cheered. Harry grins bashfully at the attention and lowers his eyes to his hands, fiddling with his wedding band nervously.

After a fast-paced song, there is laughter and a few tears shed as a select view gave speeches, before Harry and Cedric dance their first dance as spouses. All in all the night was a success, as was the all of the gifts Harry and Cedric received. Everyone went home with a piece of cake from each of the two cakes, Harry receiving the biggest piece from the birthday cake, whilst he and Cedric had the larger pieces from the wedding cake.

As they lie in bed that night snuggled up in each other's arms both could not help but think the night could not have gone better, nor could they honestly asked for more. It had been amazing and was evident much love and care had gone into the preparations. Harry and Cedric made a mental note to get both Ginny and Mrs. Weasley extra special Christmas gifts that year.