Peeps story

Ever since we got back from our family trip to New York City to visit relatives, there had been a series of odd events all happening to me. First, after two years of begging to become a vegetarian and five years of actually being one, I started having uncontrollable cravings for meat. They weren't only random cravings either, they became more frequent until I was eating practically all day(okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but that's what it felt like to me). I would eventually be full but it wouldn't take long before I was hungry again. And the really weird thing about that is I got skinnier instead of gaining weight.

And then there was the night vision, I gradually better at night until I could see perfectly with even the slightest amount of light(like reading fine-print by starlight). But the better I could see in the dark the more sensitive my eyes became to light, especially sunlight. I stayed in my room most of the time, shielding myself from the light outside and from the rest of the house. I only came out of my room at night when most of the lights were off, and if I had to come out before that I would wear sunglasses. Some days though, it was still too bright.

As the eating meat and the night vision and loathing of light got worse, I started noticing other things. There were certain textures and smells and tastes and apparently incredibly small details that I had never noticed before. Things, it seamed, that no one else ever noticed, sometimes not even when I pointed them out. I could smell the salt in someone's tears, smell the paint on the walls, the mold between the pages of old books, the rotting wood of an old house. I could see the uneven paint jobs, the thinnest layers of dust, and sometimes even individual grains of dirt. I could also see really far.

I could hear the scurrying feet of a rat under the house(and smell it too)my parents whispering in their bedroom at night, my brother typing away on his computer in his room, stray dogs sniffing around outside. There were so many other things, too many to name. I didn't understand it, none of this was happening to anyone else in my family, why only me? Was there something wrong with me?

I also started listening to my favorite music less and less(I used to listen to it everyday more than once)until I couldn't listen to it anymore, I despised it. I despised my parents and brother as well, and this wasn't just a normal kind of teenage defiance thing either. This was pure, unjustified, hate. I couldn't look at their faces, couldn't hear their voices because it made my eyes sting and my ears ring. I had a sudden loathing of everything I used to love(and that is NOT an exaggeration). Math, science, reading, books, music, drawing, dancing, singing, biking, all of those thing: hated them.

Before all this I hadn't really liked the sun all that much, but only because it made things hot and I really didn't like heat, but now I hated the sun. That didn't really bother like everything else did though. One good thing was that I could still tolerate rain. It made my nostrils sting a bit, but that was fine since it still soothed me as before.

After all of this, you'd think it couldn't get much worse bu tit did. My family didn't think much of my superhuman senses– except maybe that it was a bit odd– but the meat-eating and sudden hatred of my favorite things definitely disturbed them a bit. To be honest it wasn't much fun for me either. Especially when I started having uncontrollable urges to bite people. Most of the time I stayed in my room– which had changed drastically, gotten darker and gothier than it already was before all this, but one of the times that I decided to hang out in the rest of the house I actually did bite someone. It was then I decided to stay in my room until this freaky stage of mine passed.

Flash– back: I was sitting in the living room watching that TV show Family Guy, which I didn't really like– but that was the only reason I could watch it– my brother got home from somewhere(was it school?)I really didn't know what the date was(or the time for that matter)and his girlfriend was with him. I guess he heard the TV on because I heard him say "I guess my creepy little sister has decided to come out of her room again."

I just rolled my eyes but he was still behind me so he didn't see. I heard him walk into the kitchen, his girlfriend was still a couple of feet behind me– I could smell her perfume...and her delicious flesh and muscle, hear her heart beating nervously in her chest, pumping her blood faster through her veins creating the most heavenly and enticing scent I'd smelled since my last day outside.

"Ummm," she began uncertainly "why's it so dark in here?"

"Because Emily there..." my brother started to reply but I cut him off.

"Because the lights are off." I said dryly.

"Sorry about her Kate, she's just a bit off lately." My brother(who's name is Josh by the way)said without bothering to lower his voice. I smirked though, he didn't know half of what I was going through.

"Oh." was Kate's ingenious response.

They walked around the sofa and sat down on one of the other two sofas in the living room. They didn't want to sit too close to me, I made them nervous. Especially Kate and I knew it and would use it to my advantage.

"I'm Kate." she said, looking at me uncertainly.

"I'm Emily." I said, smiling widely to show off my awesome sharp and pointy teeth, running my tongue across them. She gasped and Josh froze with a Dorrito halfway to his mouth. I smirked and turned my attention back to the TV. Somewhat recovered they did too, but kept throwing nervous glances in my direction.

When the show ended I sighed dramatically(sarcastically)and stomped around the corner and up the stairs with thoughts of Kate's alluring scent thick in my nostrils. I waited at the top of the stairs for about 15 minutes when I heard my brother get up to go to the bathroom. I snuck back down the stairs, moving quickly yet quietly, like a cat hunting a mouse. Peaking around the corner I saw that no one was there. Then I heard the refrigerator open. I smiled and licked my lips in anticipation.

I reached the doorway just as Kate turned around, facing me. She gasped and dropped the piece of bread she was holding.

"Oh,...ummm,...Emily, you scared me." She said. As she reached down to pick up the fallen bread I took my sunglasses off. When she straitened and saw my huge, intense, and hungry eyes she dropped the bread again. I was staring directly at her. I stepped forward, she stepped back. I stepped forward again and she stepped back, running into the counter. I stepped closer and she glanced to the side and saw a knife. She reached for it but I was faster, I grabbed her wrist and brought it up to my face, breathing in the delicious scent my eyes lolled back in ecstacy. My mouth opened slightly and I brought her wrist closer, but right then the shock wore off and she started struggling and yelling. I grabbed her upper arm and pulled myself closer to her so she couldn't run. I clapped my free hand over her mouth so she couldn't scream. My other hand released her arm to move her hair away from her neck. My fingers clutched her hair so she couldn't move and pulled her head back, fully exposing the sensitive flesh of her neck and the rushing blood in her veins beneath it. Just as my teeth began to sink into her flesh I felt a pair of annoyingly strong hands grab my upper arms and I was yanked back. I hissed and growled, trying to break free but couldn't.

"What the hell Emily?!" Josh exclaimed. "What's wrong with you?!"

I kept growling and struggling. There was a soft thud and I figured it was Kate falling. Delicious Kate. I thought, and struggled harder, wanting more of that sweat flesh. Josh just held onto me tighter.

"Damn it Emily, what the hell did you do to her!?" He yelled in my ear, and dragged me into the living room, away from Delicious Kate. Damn football players. I thought. Holding me with one arm, he yanked the bathroom door open and shoved me in. Josh slammed the door shut and I flung myself at it. I heard something heavy bang into it, probably a chair. I shrieked and flung myself at it again, clawing at it with steel hard fiingernails.

"LET ME OUT!!!" I screamed, and I would have kept screaming it if I hadn't felt something move inside me, like my insides were writhing. It heart too much, my ears were ringing just like sometimes when I hear my family's voices. With horror I realized that I hated the sound of my own voice, and with this realization I stepped back and turned but I caught my reflection in the mirror and shrunk away from it, shielding my eyes. I fell to the floor in shock, trying to get the image of the foreign girl's face out of my head. She was beautiful, but she wasn't me, she couldn't be, I didn't know her, yet I hated her. Her long dark hair, tangled and greasy from not being washed, reminded me of my hair, it was my hair. Her pale skin stretched taut over her sharp bones looked like a creepier version of my face, was a creepier version of my face. Her huge eyes with unusually large pupils were the exact same shade of stormy gray as mine, those eyes were my eyes, just bigger and more intense. My face used to have a sort of soft darkness, but now it had a kind of twisted, frightening beauty.

End Flashback:

Ever since that day I have been locked in my room, still craving Delicious Kate's flesh. I could still hear my family's voices though, and smell their fear every time they hurried past my door. After a while my brother decided to move into the guest bedroom downstairs so he wouldn't have to be so close to my room, wouldn't have to be so close to me. He was terrified of me, more than our parents were. They didn't know I wouldn't hurt them, it would be too painful to even look at them, let alone taste their familiar flesh and blood, the same blood that used to run through me. I didn't think I was even human anymore.

It was obvious they were avoiding me, they didn't want me here yet they didn't want to push off on some one else to deal with me. But I didn't want to be here either, all the familiar sounds and smells were making my head spin. When no one was home I tried to open my door to leave but it wouldn't open, they had locked me in. I ran to the window in a panic but that wouldn't open either. They had really locked me in, they didn't want me escaping. I was dangerous, I had bitten somebody. I ran around my room trying to find some way out, screaming and crying the whole time. When no escape route became clear to me I ran to my closet and curled up in a corner, as small and hidden as I could get. I stayed there, sobbing and wailing, until someone came home and shoves some fresh meet into my room. I stayed in my closet, shaking, silent tears rolling down my cheeks, for a few minutes until my hunger got the better of me.

After eating greedily, I decided I would just bust the window open. I would do it right away. I didn't stop to think about the fact that everyone would hear me and call the police, my brain had become too animalistic and unlogical for that. But luckily it wasn't too unlogical to decide to wait until everyone was asleep. So I waited and waited until I was sure it was somewhat safe to make a loud noise and walked over to the opposing window. Once it was before me I froze, unsure. What if I got caught? But no, I was too fast for that, I'd be halfway across town before the police got hear, and I would be able to hide in the sewers so they couldn't find me. Someone coughed downstairs and I jumped. It was time, I had to leave now or I would go crazy(well, crazier than I already was anyway).

So I stepped forward, raised my hand, and thrust my palm at the window which shattered loudly. I flinched at the noise, and heard my family's startled exclamations. I quickly pulled out most of the remaining shards still clinging to the window frame. Without looking for a way to climb down I jumped out the window and fell headfirst towards the ground, but I landed on my feet. I heard three sets of feet stomping up the stairs to my room and ran to the fence and vaulted over, landing in my neighbor's yard. As I ran to the other side a dog started barking from inside their house and I sped up, trying not to draw too much attention to the direction I was heading. I kept up like this for a while, running through yards and back streets and alleys until I saw a sewer opening big enough for me to fit through. I crawled into the sewer and changed direction to confuse the police if they were close on my trail. During the day I stayed in the sewers or stayed in abandoned buildings and warehouses, avoiding light and police. At night I hunted. My prey was usually a homeless person or some random late night stroller.

After almost two months of running the police finally found my trail. It took them another two weeks to actually track me down. I had been hiding in an old abandoned parking structure in a room probably once used for storage. It was the middle of the night and I had been out hunting for food which had turned out to be a homeless person that didn't quite taste as good as that rich and snobbish looking woman I had devoured the night before. I had just gotten inside the structure when the police cars swarmed around the building. A bunch of officers got out of their cars and ran inside after me. I ran as fast as I could to the top of the structure, jumping from platform to platform. Once I had gotten to the top I took a running jump to the next building over, just barely making it. From there I jumped to the next building, then the next, then the next, the police cars following me the entire way. I was standing atop a large apartment building when I reached the point where the buildings were to far apart for me to jump to the next.

After a second's thought I grabbed onto the gutter and swung myself over the edge, landing in font of a window. I smashed the window and climbed through. I heard shouts of "What was that?" and "What the hell?" as I ran through the apartment, trying to find the front door. A man, probably in his early forties switched a light on, blinding me. I let out an ear splitting shriek, cowering under my hands, falling to the floor. I forced my eyes to open even though the light was burning them and stood up. A woman hand appeared behind the man, peeking around is shoulder. A girl about my age was peeking out of her room. They were all staring at me in shock. I saw a door behind the woman and the man, without a thought I hurled myself at them, knocking them over. I tried to scramble past but someone grabbed hold of my ankle. I howled and reached back with my hand, fingers curled into claws. My steel– hard fingernails dug into the flesh of the hand holding me there. The person yelled and let go. I scrambled to the door and thrust my palm into it, it shattered in a showered of splintered wood.

I dashed out and looked around, I could hear perfectly the muffled voices of confused and angry people waking up and wondering what was going on. I ran down the hallway in search of stairs as tenants angrily and sleepily opened their doors I don't know what they were expecting but I sure wasn't it. They gasped as they took in my appearance: a disheveled teenager wearing ripped and stained clothing, sickly thin and wiry muscled, pale waxy skin stretched across my bones, the skin around my eyes pulled back in a predatory face– lift, my crazed eyes and twisted beauty. I was covered in dirt and blood, it had dried into my hair and was dripping down my chin and throat from my most recent meal.

Everyone jumped out of the way as I charged down the hallway toward the stairs. I banged the door open, shooting through, and froze. I was met by a long line of FBI agents, guns in hand, pointed straight at me. I turned and dashed back into the hallway. I heard agents shouting commands to each other but didn't understand any of it and kept running. I was almost to the corner when something struck me in the middle of the back. Adrenaline was rushing through my system too fast to let me feel anything before I blacked out.