The cry echoed throughout the wastelands of the Labyrinth, reaching into the very farthest corners of the Goblin Castle. The Goblin King sat rigidly on his throne; one leg draped over one arm, his hands clenched into hard fists at his sides. His multi-colored eyes flinched when he heard the cry again, that cry so full of despondence, so full of misery.

So, she had cast him aside, and now, when it was fitting for her, she called him again. What did she think he was? A dog? Trained to obey the voice of his master? No! He was a king, and he would not be commanded by the voice of a child! Especially not some insignificant human girl that had been so…so…stubborn!

"Goblin King!"

In rather a childlike gesture, Jareth put his hands to his ears, trying to drown out the sound, but his attempts failed. For, while his ears might not have been able to hear, his heart did. He saw her again, that lovely girl, with fair skin and dark, soft hair. He remembered what it was like to hold her in his arms, if but for a few moments in a dream. And while he had tried to gauge out the memories, he could never diminish his love for her.


Jareth stood up from the throne, swiftly and gracefully rising, his arms folded across his chest.

So she wanted to see him, did she? Fine then! But he wouldn't at all love, and he would be the most terrifying thing she had ever seen!

He snapped his fingers, and instantly, the king was dressed in his finest, his most intimidating. He wore copper armor on his chest, and a cape and breeches that were dark as midnight. His boots nearly blended in with the fabric of his trousers, and his medallion shone radiantly against his armor. His eyes darkened, his hair became wilder, and he looked every inch the irritated, vexed Goblin King.

With a flick of his wrist, a crystal appeared in his hand, and Jareth lowered his face to it, letting the brilliant light from the crystal illuminate his brown and blue eyes. Then, in a flash of glitter, he was gone.

Like a time long since gone, there was a flash of lightning as the king arrived in the human world, and a magnificent gust of wind blew against two large glass doors, making them fly open violently. Rain poured into the large bedroom, and thunder crashed viciously as Jareth appeared in a flurry of glitter. His sharp eyes glanced down to see a girl, the girl, kneeling on the ground, her arms wrapped around her chest as her body quivered from sobs.

"Well," was all Jareth said, and the girl started and turned her head.

It took quite a bit of effort for Jareth to control himself. The girl was no longer a girl. She was a young woman, eighteen, almost nineteen, surpassing in beauty from when he had last seen her. Her face had matured significantly, as had her body. Tears were flowing from her precious hazel eyes, smudging her makeup and dripping down her cheeks.

"You came," she whispered. "I didn't think you would."

"What could possess you to call for me?" Jareth scowled, back in his king façade, as he began to circle her, his cape whipping about him. "Am I a pawn, that you call for me and I am supposed to come?"

"I…I needed you," Sarah whispered.

"Whatever for? Have you another brother to dispose of?"

"No," Sarah whispered. "My parents died two years ago. Since then, I've been caring for Toby as well as I can. But I'm tired. I'm worn out. I can't keep doing it alone. I need your help."

"So now I'm your brother's caretaker?"

"No. I just need you to be a friend. I never forgot you," Sarah whispered, standing up and walking over to him.

He took a step back as she scrutinized his face.

"I wasn't ready, when last we met, to accept your offer. I was just a girl, afraid of what you were promising me. But I've had to grow up so much in the past two years, and while I had hoped for your help, yes, I had also hoped for your friendship."

"I offered you so much more than that," Jareth sneered.

"And I know you'd never offer it again."

"If I offered it, would you take it?"

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked uncertainly, glancing away from him.

"Were we to go back in time, right now, and I offered you that same gift, would you take it?"

His eyes matched hers, and she studied his face carefully.

He was really being sincere about this; he really wanted to know.

"Yes," she whispered. "I fell in love with you, Goblin King. You were fascinating to me when I was fifteen, and over the years, I've had enough time to see what you really did for me, the lessons you taught, and I fell in love with you. I don't think anyone else would suit me better. I always was strange in this world anyway," she smiled gently.

"Say your right words, Sarah," Jareth whispered, putting his hands on her shoulders and gazing into her heart.

Never had the King of the Goblins asked her this question. But immediately, Sarah knew what those words were.

"I love you, Jareth."

Instantly, a crystal appeared in his gloved hand, and, eyes imploring, he held it out to her. With only the slightest hesitation, because of uncertainty as to what the crystal would actually do, Sarah put her hand out and took the crystal. It exploded into a thousand particles of glittering light, and Sarah shielded her eyes as the room was illuminated with color. When she had the courage to open her eyes again, and all was still, she looked to see Jareth standing before her, nearly glowing.

He was no longer the hardened king she had once met. He was dressed in simple clothes, brown breeches, a white open poet shirt, his medallion, and a pair of black boots. His eyes were soft and gentle, and he put out his hand and took one of hers in it. A ring appeared, with a diamond in the shape of Jareth's pendant, in Jareth's palm, and he slipped the ring delicately onto Sarah's ring finger.

"The whole Labyrinth is witness to this," he breathed, moving so that his face was inches away from hers. "I, Jareth, King of the Goblins, hereby take you to be my lawfully wedded wife, as is testified by the entire Underground. Do you take me to be your husband?"

"Yes. I do," Sarah nodded, and Jareth smiled, a radiant, whole-hearted smile.


Sarah glanced down at the exquisite ring, her thoughts far away. When she had called for the Goblin King, she had known what she was asking. And she had wanted this. Ever since the first adventure had ended, she had wanted the Goblin King's love, and she had wanted to return that love. Somehow, the amazing man before her had captured her heart, and while she had defied and beaten him, she never won. He had risen as the conqueror, for Jareth had obtained the greater prize, the girl's love.

Jareth stepped forward, cupping Sarah's face tenderly in his hands, and then dipped his head and brought his lips to meet hers.

Sarah had never been kissed. The only kisses she had given away were to her family and Hoggle. But this, the touch of the Goblin King, was enough to sweep her blissfully off her feet. His touch was soft and lingering, but it increased in passion as the room swirled around them.

Sarah could distinctly feel magic in the air, warm, electric shocks, and she opened her eyes, still holding Jareth, to see that they were overlooking the Labyrinth, the great sun setting in the west.

"Jareth…Jareth what about Toby?"

"The boy is safe for the night," Jareth whispered, kissing the area behind her ear and then kissing her chin.

She didn't ask any more questions. Instead, she absorbed herself entirely in him, in his love for her. She let herself drown, kissing him with a passion she had never known existed and letting him return her longing.

Morning arrived, and Sarah snuggled up closer in her pillows, her body warm in the blankets. She could feel the sunlight drifting over her face, and a small smile appeared on her lips, a smile of contentment and security.

She opened her eyes slowly, taking her time as she turned so that she was lying on her back. She then sat up and turned her head, and to her surprise, Jareth wasn't there.

She wasn't in the Labyrinth. Jareth was nowhere to be seen.

Blinking, confused, Sarah gazed about her, immediately recognizing that she was in her room. There was no trace of the Goblin King's appearance. The glass doors were closed, and there wasn't the tiniest farthing of glitter anywhere to be seen. The sun was brilliant outside, raindrops glistened on the trees, and everything was peaceful and still.

A child's voice called Sarah's name, and she stood up, puzzled and saddened as she made her way towards Toby's room.

Had nothing happened the previous night? Had she just dreamed the Goblin King's appearance? Had she really married him, or had that all been just a wishful thought?

"I'm coming, Toby," Sarah whispered, her eyes downcast.

It had all been a dream. All of it. It was, once again, Jareth coming to her in vision form to mock her.

But as she stepped into Toby's room, a stray beam of sunlight glanced across her left hand, making the room erupt into bright, radiant colors. Sarah looked down.

The ring was still there.