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Accidentally In Love


Carlisle Cullen

100 Years later

Bella sat staring at her wedding rings in the sun, her engagement ring sparkled brightly in the sun as her own skin sparkled to match. We had been married almost ninety – seven years now and I was even more in love with her now than I was when I had gotten down on one knee at her twenty – second birthday. I still couldn't believe that Bella and I have come this far.

We were now living in the northern most portion of Maine near the coast where it was cloudy and rainy the majority of the time, but it was nothing like Forks though and we were already planning our return there in about a decade. Edward had not yet returned to the coven but Alice was still insistent that he would, though at this point we were doubtful that her insistence had anything to do with her visions. Esme tried to explain to her that maybe he settled himself down into another coven, but that just made her upset and at that point Jasper had to step in.

I walked across the living room and sat down on the couch beside her, where she hopped into my lap. We always enjoyed the mornings when Emmett, Jasper, Alice, and Rosalie went to school, but as today was sunny they remained home, and they were off doing their own thing today. Esme and her new mate Augustus had graciously led a hunting trip that Alice and Jasper went along with and Rosalie and Emmett were off doing whatever they pleased, which I had feeling, included the cove down by the shore that was much too treacherous for humans to get to.

I leaned down and caught her lips between mine, and she rather enthusiastically kissed me back. I repositioned us so that she was lying on the couch as I hovered above her. I lowered my body slowly only to touch my lips to hers as the hunting party burst back into the house. Jasper immediately turned away and Alice was beaming as she was jumping up and down.

"Well, no need to ask if we were interrupting anything," Augustus said with a little chuckle, his temperament was much like Emmett's.

"Yeah," I said as Bella and I got to our feet and she wrapped her arms around my middle in a hug as I let my arms wrap around her as she stood a little to my left, "Alice, what's up?"

"Edward's coming back Edward's coming home!" Alice said happily, and loud enough so that I felt no need to send for Emmett and Rosalie down at the cove.

"Really?" said Bella and I gave her a quick and gentle squeeze.

"Are you sure, love?" Jasper said, this wouldn't be the first time Alice thought that Edward was returning and we all knew it.

All Augustus knew about Esme and my estranged 'son' was from the stories and the pictures that Esme insisted on hanging up of all the 'kids'. Augustus was an addition to the coven as of about twenty years after Bella was turned. Augustus was a Greek sailor that we came across while in Greece, whose boat tipped and he was smashed into the rocks of the high cliffs, repetitively. Esme was the one who found him and she had rescued him from the water, and performed CPR several times to keep him alive until she brought him, a bloody mess to me, where she begged me to change him. It was the least I could do for Esme and my heart tugged for the poor young sailor, so I did. Now Augustus was a part of the family, and an important one, he brought with him an intense understanding of his surroundings. This came in handy when we switched cultures, he helped us fit in.

"Of course I am sure, Jazz," said Alice closing her eyes, "He'll be here in ten minutes. For goodness sake Carlisle, step away from Bella we don't want to scare him off again."

"He'll know we're married anyways," I said and Alice rolled her eyes as Emmett's booming laugh reached our ears shortly before he and Rosalie walked through the back door that opened to the boardwalk.

"So Eddy's comin' home? Finally?" Emmett asked and Alice hushed him.

"He can hear you, Emmett," said Alice as a familiar looking bronze haired boy walked through the front door, and Alice ran to him, "Edward!"

The whole family watched as Edward smiled slightly and peeled Alice off of himself and she reattached to Jasper's arm. She had missed Edward so much it had been horrible on Jasper. He had been dealing with Alice's feelings for a while and he had actually taken a small vacation from the family since Edward's departure. Edward's leaving had put a huge strain on their marriage and only such a slight one on my and Bella's relationship I felt guilty. It was after all, no matter how many times they tried to convince us otherwise, our fault.

Edward looked straight over to Bella and myself, and we took Alice's advise and settled for just holding each other's hand. Edwards eyes flashed a little as he zeroed in on Bella's wedding and engagement rings and I saw fire in his eyes a little before everyone else noticed.

"So, you must be Edward then," said Augustus as he was the third to notice after Bella, "I'm Augustus, Esme's husband."

"You remarried?" Edward said politely, and yanking his eyes off of my own bride to look at Esme.

"I did," Esme replied kindly as Edward gave her a hug.

"That's brilliant, because I have too," He said to all of our surprise.

"Really?" I asked relaxing a bit as Bella gave my hand a quick squeeze, which I returned with a slightly harder one, it was nice not to have to worry about her being too fragile.

"Yes," said Edward, and the anger from before seemed to have evaporated, "I just came to say a proper good bye to you all before we head off to Volterra."

"Volterra?" said Esme, and I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was concerned, "Why..?"

"I've married Jane," Edward said quickly and we all looked at one each other quickly exchanging looks of sincere fright, "She's really not that bad…"

"Edward," said Alice, "She's no vegetarian you realize that don't you?"

"So I am to condemn her for a simple bad habit?" said Edward and the rest of us went silent, it didn't matter he knew what we were thinking.

Emmett, Esme, and Jasper all opened their mouths to speak as Edward made his way for the door but I shook my head and they closed them. I had broken Edward, I knew that, and now we just had to let him go. I knew that eventually Edward would break out of his trance and see the light once more, that was what Edward did when he had left my side centuries ago, and I just had a feeling that history was just going to have to repeat itself. No amount of sorry would be able to fix things this time.