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Chapter 1 : Why Me?

Three high school students stood in the middle of what appeared the end of lunch time, as students began to take leave for their next class. The three were gathered, because it seemed that one of the boys wanted to resolve an issue with the other two members involved. That is until, it began to escalated to a fight. Among the three, two began to argue, while the third one was nervously shifting her feet, keeping her mouth absolutely shut.

It was so embarrassing, she couldn't help but want to sneak away from the two. And to think it all started on a simple theater project that Kakashi-sensei had given them. Now, it blow up into this love tryst, which she had no idea how it started, for Pete's sake she was just nice to them. Though, she couldn't very well deny her feelings she developed for them. She sighed as she pulled her uniform pleated gray skirt down just a bit until…. She caught the last words of one of her partners.

Hyuga whose it gonna be me or HIM." the last word emphasized was filled with venom and hatred, as onyx eyes demanded. Eyeing the girl before him he boldly brushed his body against hers, making her body grow warm.

"Ano..I….I…" a young girl with long indigo-black hair stuttered as her pearly-white eyes flickered back and forth between two warm, hard, hot male bodies.

" Yes Hinata, please do tell the Uchiha that he has been misinformed on about where he stands with you." aqua eyes slowly narrowed towards her other male captor.

"Ano…I….I…" she repeated nervously, timidly, quietly. Though it was picked up by a certain raven.

"STOP SAYING THAT." he muttered angrily , while his dark eyes flashed towards her visage, before once again engaging in his staring contest with his other male rival. This made her even more nervous, that she began to fidget and sweat.

"Hai…" she obeyed. Her voice, but a whisper.

"STOP MOVING." the red headed male added, his tone sounding a little harsh, making Hinata wince and go ridged.

Noticing her small body language change angered the Raven beyond words.

"Shut the fuck up! You have no right talking to her like that teme." he spat, coming quite close to beating up the other suitor.

" You do not own her asshole." anger blazing within the aqua eyes.

"What If I do." he retorted smirking with his indifference face, brushing an arm down Hinata's side stopping at her waist where he coiled his hand around the small of her back, making Hinata whimper.

This now angered the crimson-red head boy and he, as well lightly rubbed himself against Hinata's back, earning a small moan.

"Hinata has yet to say so." he gritted through clenched teeth, wrapping an arm around the petite girls waist. Sasuke seemed unfazed by the possessive threat and performance of the other man.

Hinata closed her eyes, making a face of defeat. These boys will be the death of me, I have to escape here or I will in time be unable to…she silently cried to herself. Okasan, what did I do to deserve this she inwardly groan, sulking. As she continued to hear the constant bickering between them.

It was then she felt a rough hand grab her right wrist with enough force, to pull her down.

"Sasuke." she whispered, eyes widen, glistening, taken aback as he tighten his hold.

"Uchiha." Gaara growled grabbing Hinata's other wrist. "You are treading down dangerous ground."

Okaasan Hinata sulked now I am really in a tug a war, she sighed.

"She doesn't belong to YOU!" Gaara seethed. Tightening his hold on Hinata herself.

"And like hell she does to YOU!" Sasuke hissed.

Both boys growled, which sounded animalistic to Hinata. Ignoring the pale girl, as the continued to pull her back and forth.

"LET GO!" Sasuke threatened as he placed a little more force in pulling Hinata towards him.

"NO!" Gaara snarled, equally doing the same.

The Hyuga Heiress tuned out both men and began to go in a trance like state ignoring both as they continue to pull her back and forth like a rag doll. Before it could get anymore uglier, Hinata prayed to Kami for a savior, which came by the form of a clumsy, cheerful, hyperactive, but cute shinobi in orange pants and a black muscle shirt, who at the moment was heading towards P.E. class.

"Sauske-teme, Gaara-san, what are you doing to Hinata-chan?" blue eyes questioned showing a faint of curiosity. It appeared from afar the two boys were making a sandwich out of the indigo-haired girl.

"Are ya'll playing a game?" he questioned.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP AND BUT OUT DOPE THIS IS BETWEEN ME AND HIM!" Sasuke motioned to the red head with a tattoo of love on his forehead.

Garra for once agreed with the Uchiha and nodded.

"HEY" Naruto cried angrily, rushing to the two boys, He soften his voice and called out to the Hyuga.

"Hinata-chan, Hinata-chan, Are you okay?"

"SHE"S FINE!" both boys responded glaring at Naruto then back at each other. If daggers could come out of their eyes both boys would either be dead or really badly wounded. Hinata on the other hand didn't seem to have heard him.

"Shut up ASSHOLES, Hinata-chan daijoubuka?" he repeated again, loudly over the growling and the glaring and the pulling of a possession.

This time around hearing the cheerful voice besides the constant bickering ones, Hinata lifted her head, she didn't hear him before. There in front of her eyes stood Naruto with the cutest face of concern for her….for her… she thought before letting a squeak of surprise.

"NA…RU….TO…KUN." she gasped and that was enough to let out a chain reaction. Starting from head to toe Hinata Hyuga blushed, before fainting in the arms of her two captors, leaving two boys clutching a lifeless body at the moment.

"Thanks a lot FUCKER." Sasuke chide finally pushing Gaara away making him land with a "Umph" and taking the young girl in his arms.

"TEME where are you taking her!" Naruto yelled rushing towards him, but it was to no avail Sasuke Uchiha was faster.

"UCHIHA , do not think about taking her." Gaara growled, "Or I will…."

Smirking while facing Gaara and ignoring Naruto's request, he replied to his fellow classmates, "Or you will what?"

Crimsom dark eyes meet angry aqua ones.

SASUKE-TEME WHERE ARE YOU TAKING HER!" Naruto repeated again clenching his fists.

"That's for me to know and for you too find out." still eyeing Gaara knowing his answer was for Naruto. It was then he turned away, waving goodbye from behind and in a flash he disappeared.

Leaving a dumbfounded Naruto, stomping, yelling, and cursing…. and a very upset Gaara.


Hinata awoke to what smelled like antiseptics and alcohol.

"Where am I?" she muttered, groggily rubbing her eyes. She then took in her surroundings and identified the place to be the nurses office. Yawning she stretched on the bed arching her back. Oh, what a day… how did I end up here…no biggie as long as I am away from those two, she thought.

"Don't move." a low voice counteracted, which she immediately recognized making her freeze in an instant.

"Look at me." it commanded.

"HAI!" she squeaked, turning towards the voice, bowing her head down, being very submissive to a very angry Sasuke.

"Sasu,…" she coyly smiled. Damn how was she going to get out of this one, she had no choice but to use her feminine assets. Slowly peering up to the boy while sitting up right, she "accidently" opened the button to her white uniform shirt exposing a little skin, while her skirt rode a little high on the bed. "Sasu-chan gomen, what happened I don't remember." she feigned amnesia, placing a hand on her forehead for effect.

Although, enjoying the little show she put on, he sighed in annoyance letting her know he wasn't falling for it.

"Don't Sasu.. me. Why did you blush when you saw Naruto" He hissed moving his seat closer to the bed.

"Ano…Ano.." he seemed to forget Gaara was there as well. She sweat dropped.

"Hina" he growled, "My patience is running thin." Moving closer to her face, Hinata felt the weight of the bed go deeper to her right side, which the Uchiha now inhabited .

"GOMEN Sasu-chan, I was embarrassed. You and Gaara-chan arguing, Naruto seeing me between you two doing Kami knows what?" She fake a sobbed. Placing both hands to her face covering her supposed "shame."

He really had to smirk now, his Hinata was becoming quite the actress.

About five minutes passed and Sasuke did not react to her little performance. Subconsciously, she peeked through her right hand covering her eye, and noticed he was not there sitting towards her right side of the bed anymore.

Although, she did feel the weight of the bed go down in front of her, moving both hands away. Her mind went blank.

"NANI!" she cried. In front of her, Uchiha Sasuke was crawling seductively towards her straddling her waist. Within moments his hand gently stroked her thigh going higher up south but still keeping it clean. He loved the little mews coming out of her gorgeous mouth. Her hands were placed at his chest, as if pushing him back, but not quite yet.

Not yet… he smirked, ..not here.. I'll be waiting to do it some place special.

Sasu-kun.. Onegai….not here, not now…." she gasped as she felt his lips tenderly caressed her neck and under jaw. He held a snicker, as her words mirrored his thoughts. He looked at her beautiful face, closed eyes squeezed shut, cute pink lips panting softly, an undeniable blush spreading gracefully across her face, and a really hot body literally writhing beneath him as he continued to explore her.

His hand then moved to her button up blouse and carefully started to unravel the others. His eager onyx eyes taking in her beautiful breast covered in a white lacy bra.

This made her moan and she quickly pushed him back.

"Iiee Saus-kun, I can't…." she whimpered, grasping his shoulders.

"It's payback for blushing for Naruto," he whispered grabbing hold of both wrists away from him, as he held them above her head on the bed, pressing his body very close to hers.

Her eyes widen, "Sasu-kun someone will see us."

"I don't care my dear Hime" he growled loving the feeling of her beneath him very close, feeling her heart beat.

"Sasu…" she tried to interject, but before she knew it, her mouth was forever locked with Sasuke.

That is until a loud crackling voice shout out.


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