CHAPTER EIGHT : Lost…. but Found…Reunion



"HINATA! HINA-CHAN!" a desperate voice called out. "WHERE ARE YOU?! "HINATA-CHAN!!!"

Ino heard a strong masculine voice call out once again for the "frail Hyuga."

"Hum," she scoffed, just as she was about to turn around, she actually bumped into the newcomer hard.

"Ita.." she muttered pulling back, holding her head from the initial contact. Looking up at who collided with her, baby blue eyes connected with dark-onyx ones. Startled she almost lost her balance, until the Uchiha placed two hands on her shoulders to steady her.

"Gomen," he whispered quick, placing a hand on her forehead checking to see if a bump would form or not, but before Ino could react to the touch as soon as it came it disappeared.

Blue eyes in shock, she drank in his amazing features, dark hair wisped around his very handsome built features, dark eyes gleamed in the coming night. Her own legs almost gave out just by standing in the presence of the Uchiha. Strong, warm hard hands were clinging on her shoulders. They pulled away, leaving her forming goose bumps.

"Sasuke Uchiha" the name raced in her mind, feeling herself blush, it's been awhile since she let her eyes wonder over another guy, besides Sai. She didn't realized she was staring at him until he waved a hand in her face to catch her attention.

"Ino-san, where's Hyuga-san?" he asked, looking franticly around at their surroundings.

"Oh," she sounded disappointed but hid it well. "Ano, Uchiha-san, Inuzuka-san and Hino-san are looking after her over there," she pointed before adding "with Saubaku-san."

He made a frustrated growl, as if she told him something he already knew or he didn't want to hear. With closed eyes, he cleared his throat in irritation, before asking again.

"Where?" he forced himself to repeat once more, opening his eyes.

"There…" the blond responded, pointing again and this time he could see at a distance a group of boys and one girl, huddle almost together.

In an instant Ino Yamamaka could clearly see fire lit up in his eyes as , he stomped, more like power walked fast over to the huddled group, but before he did he turned around to face the blond girl once more.

"Arigato, Yamamaka-san." he managed a force smile, at the blonde, bowing in her direction, before completely walking out of her sight.

"HAI." she responded eagerly, blushing, as if a pet being praised for finally doing something right. Her body immediately just went into a coma of warmth, just at the sight of Sasuke. "Kami, he's just so handsome, I wish I was with him." she whispered. She gasped and quickly put a hand over her mouth, did she just say that." She sighed, "Maybe it's time to move on…"

Couple of minutes past…where she stood eyeing Sai and the others from afar.

"Yeah right…." she mustered hugging herself.






"HINATA,?!" a voice called out, making both brunette boys turn around.

From a distance they saw the Uchiha boy speedily coming there way. His eyes seemed cross and eyebrows were furrowed.

Sai was helping the young indigo hair beauty up, while Kiba held an unconscious Gaara, by the waist, hoisting him up.

"Sasu-kun." Hinata whispered surprised, holding onto Sai who frowned at the nickname and glared at the raven. Great just when I won round one, round two comes along, Sai thought annoyed.

The Uchiha stood facing all the party members presented in front of him. His eyes narrowed at the hands of the copper brunette who held the pale girl.

"Hina…" he said softly as he moved closer, staring at the red stains on the front of her white uniform. "Hina?" Worry overrode his mind and before he realized it he tore Hinata away from the arm's of Sai Hino, leaving him stunned and clutching empty air, with twitching fingers. "Ah" the brown copper headed boy muttered, unsure what to make of the Uchiha.

He began examining her body in front of two surprised boys and one weak one.

"Uchiha what the hell?!" Sai seethed out of his momentary daze, while Kiba called out angrily at the Uchiha.

" Mou Sasuke-kun..onegai…. stop it, I'm alright," she squeaked when his right hand grazed her left bottom cheek. He smirked knowing he felt her body twitch. A bright red blush formed on her pretty face which followed in hot pursuit against her body. She felt the back of her hair on her neck stood up, from overload of embarrassment.

His hands opened up her dirty white blouse and gently ran his fingers across her stomach, narrowed onyx eyes, following in pursuit as he traced her arms, legs, anything he could feel and smooth on contact. When he was satisfied, that there were no physical wounds on her, he exhaled a deep breath and pulled her close to his body, burying his head into her hair.

"Hinata daijoubuka?" he whispered close in her ear.

"Hai," she nodded embarrassed after the personal physical examination the raven just pulled. She eyed Sai's facial expression, pulling away from the raven. HE was clouded with anger. And she couldn't bear to look at Kiba's after what happened earlier. She knew though, for a fact she looked quite ridiculously red, as she buttoned up her stained blouse.

"Nata?" Sai looked on in appalled. Did he need to start another fight, his mind told him yes, seeing the raven smirk at him, as he pulled Hinata closer to himself. A dark glaze began to form over Sais's perfect features and both boys eyed each other dangerously. His fist's tighten at his sides, while the Uchiha smirked on daring him to pull something, anything. Just as he was about to give the Uchiha a piece of his mind and "fist."

Hinata's angelic voice broke the hate filled stare from both young men.

She was staring at a figure who slowly walked towards them.

"Naruto-kun, you're okay? Hinata gasped in delight, pulling away from Sasuke, running up to the blond boy, who slightly fumbled in balance, as she hugged him. "Hai I'm fine, nothing Kyūbi can't heal in time." he mentioned tiredly as Hinata rubbed her cheek against his. The blonde's eyes wondered to the other male companions who stood around them giving him death glares, especially Sasuke, who mouthed death threats. Naruto sweat dropped. "There, there, Hina-chan I'm fine," he cautiously stated laughing nervously, patting Hinata on the head as she continued to hug him with a beaming teary eye smile.

"Hai," she laughed happily giving his forehead a quick kiss, smiling wide, her eyes seeming big, cute, and innocent and it was then his heart melted. "Kawaii". Naruto thought giving her a sheepish grin.

Unbeknownst to Hinata, all male, except Gaara of course thought the same thing as they turn their heads, "KAWAII." they secretly praised, for that innocent gesture she made.

Naruto looked at Sai, who turned away blushing, upset and then to Kiba who held the unconscious Gaara, red faced, a jealous visage displayed.

And to the stotic Sasuke who was pale. giving him the evil eye, like he just met his maker. Dark vibes radiating off of him and turning everything black, like the grass. Just as the Uchiha was about to say something ugly.

A voice was heard.

"Hina-hime." Neji's soft warm, but authoritive voice announced his arrival, walking gracefully, as Yamamaka trailed behind him, blushing unsure of how to act around the PRINCE. Boy was it her night that she ended up bumping to two of the hottest guys in school. She was so timid that she didn't know how to announce herself. She just planned to blend in the background, so unlike her.

"Neji…" Sai whispered, looking at his friend as Ino timidly come from behind him.

But Ino didn't go unnoticed, Neji smiled at her warmly, as she ended taking her leave. He is so kind she mused, as she walked her way towards Sai, who waited for her.

"Neji-nii!!!" Hinata squealed, after hugging Naruto, she ran towards her cousin who opened up his arms to receive her. She buried her head in his chest, while wrapping her slender fingers in his crown of hair. His hands did the same. Making sure all male present knew that he was Hinata's guardian.

"Hina-sama, Gomen for not coming sooner." he half heartedly whispered, placing a chaste kiss above her head "Are you hurt?" his voice soften.

"Iie, I'm just glad you're here." she smiled hugging him tighter, that their weight combined off set them landing them a ticket to the ground. They fell to the floor laughing, as the others watched unsure if they should join their PRINCE or wait to be told. And Neji placed his arm around her, brushing her hair away from her hart shaped face.

The group stayed out of the little sibling reunion for a while, until Sasuke get annoyed. He looked around and everyone seemed to be intoxicated with the display of loveable friendship, and protectiveness between the PRINCE and HIME. Their faces smug and in awe. He scoffed. If he didn't know any better, he would have assumed these two were lovers rather than brother or sister or cousins or whatever the hell they were. Anyways, "Urghh" the ungodly sight bothered him so much, he just hated the fact Neji was sp possessive of Hinata, that he said anything to distract him., "Where's Anko-sensei, NEJI-SENPAI?" he asked bluntly drawing out his rival's name, breaking the eye contact between the two family members.

"Yeah, Where is Anko-sensei?" Naruto repeated.

Shut the fuck up, dobe? Sasuke mentally noted still eyeing Hinata and Neji.

"She's calling Gaara-san's guardian." The PRINCE replied elegantly standing, reaching out an arm to his hime, while she gracefully accepted, helping her to her own feet. He then brushed off any dirt or grass that clung to her hair.

Urghhh, Sasuke wanted to silently scream, placing his hands in his hair as if to rip it out. His face growing warm. There he goes again, I swear, he acts more like her lover then her family. If he touches her again, I will fight him to the death. As soon his thoughts came the two milky eye siblings parted. Neji turned to face the boys. His eyes glanced at the Uchiha first, as a predatory warning, before turning to the others.

Sasuke calmly chuckled, taking his warning into consideration, nonetheless he kept up the pretense he knew nothing..

"GAARA-SAN, what about Gaara-san?" he stopped in mid sentence as a blur pasted his peripheral vision, and a loud slap was heard, making the girls gasp and Hinata grasp his arm.

Naruto looked away, and Kiba looked to the floor.

Their PRINCE was angry.

A pair of knees hit the ground with a thud, eyes widen, as dark brown copper hair tumbled.

"Neji-senpai!" Sai called surprised, holding his raw cheek, a small amount of blood leaked from his lip.

"Neji-nii, No! Sai-nii." Hinata gasped, moving towards Sai, that is until Sasuke stopped her, shaking his head. She stopped in her tracks, too peer at him, as she saw Ino flung herself to Sai's side, her eyes softening from understanding.

"Hino-san!" Ino shouted, kneeling down with him. Sasuke rolled his eyes, placing a hand on his fore head, "Give me a break." he muttered.

Neji glared at him, before turning his full attention to Sai.

"Sai-san, what you did today on behalf of Hinata, does not excuse you for the hurt and disruption you caused ….do you know any idea what you caused. For Anko-sensei, for Naruto, for the students that attend here, For Hinata-sama… You should know better then to start a fight with a hot head fellow student, a representative from Suna no less."

Dark black-brown eyes, looked up at the indigo haired girl, who seemed sad and to wanted only to comfort him, her hair in disarray, clinging to the Uchiha. He brusquely turned his head away from her, hating that he made her feel that way, keeping his head face down.

Hinata shyly eyed Sai, as Ino clung to his arm, in which he did not care or noticed. He wiped his mouth, thinking of an explanation.

" I…I…Nata-chan was in…Hai," he ended whispering, Ino looked at him sympathetic and glared at Hinata, which Sasuke caught. It only made him more protective of her.

"Gomen." they heard a curt apologize.

"Gomen Uzamaki-san." Sai stated keeping his gaze to the ground. Ino's head was bowed down.

Naruto nodded.


"Unfortunately that is not enough. Half of the school ended in a brawl and students are disappointed with the tryouts. Sensei's are suspending students, and others are emotionally affected…" Neji sighed looking towards Gaara who Kiba held, his anger almost dissipated. He focused his hard white stone eyes at his friend.

Sasuke noticed the boy gripped the ground hard, embedding his fingers in the springy grass. It's not the end of the world, he smirked in his head. And why the hell does it feel like Neji is a KING and we are just his mere servants, like he rules this god forsaken school, the Uchiha thought as he continued to listen to the Hyuga's reprimand.

"You leave me no choice but to sever you out from the team, you are no longer part of the senior all stars for the rest of the year, you can turn in your uniform tomorrow morning. You are also not to make contact with me nor Hinata for the next four weeks.." his final verdict swift but to the point. "I'm sorry but that is my choice."

Sasuke inwardly growled you mean this punk saw Hinata on a daily basis. He turned to peer down at the soft voice that spoke up.

"Mou, Neij-nii, this not all Sai-nii's fault! It was because of me…I'm at fault. Don't punish him for what I ignited." Hinata piped up causing everyone to look her way.

Ino snorted in her mind… Exactly…. Yet she felt happy with the punishment dealt on her boyfriend, meaning more time to spend with him.

"Hinata-sama, you are not to blame." Kiba interject, she turned to him surprised, her mouth slightly parted, her eyes soften, "I think it's partly Gaara-san's fault as well." He mentioned hoisting the red- head up.

Naruto nodded a second time that night.

Neij sighed, "Hina-sama, Hino-san's an adult he knows what's right and wrong and the consequences that are to follow. As for Saubaku-san, I agree with Inuzuke he shouldn't had let his emotions get the better of him."

"Demo," she interjected, pulling away from Sasuke moving towards Sai. Sasuke winced, How he loved this girl to death, yet she could never see fault in those around her. She was so innocent. He was going to have to change that.

"Hinata-kun?" Sasuke mentioned all eyes on him, as he grabbed Hinata from the elbow. Neji frowned, but let the Uchiha speak his opinion.

Sasuke looked at her with deep onyx orbs that seemed to pierce her own. "Everyone makes mistakes, remember that, everyone chooses there own decision, you did not choose for these two, so they will have reap what they have sown."

"It's okay, Nata-chan," Sai half smiled, " I accept whatever punishment deem fit from Neji-sama." Ignoring the Uchiha's words.

She bowed her head, yet she looked at Sai, before Neji cleared his throat gaining her attention.

"Sai-san, as for what Anko-sensei decides with the faculty staff is up to them. Just hope Principal Tsunade is lenient to you as I was. I believe same goes for Sabaku no Gaara." he finished, extending a hand for Sai to grab. He hesitantly grabbed his senpai's hand as he stood, Ino still holding on to him from his other side.

"Now I say, here is were we part everyone shall go home to their respective homes. Everyone agree?" Everyone nodded. Sai eyed the Hyugas, more Hinata before walking back, with Ino.

" Good, Hina-sama, let's go, your Otou-san will wonder where you are." Neji stated. He saw a flash of concern on her face. Her color seemed to drain, making her paler then she already was. He smiled, showing her everything was going to be alright, "But first Hina-sama we are stopping by the gym, you are not wearing those dirty clothes home. You are changing."

"Hai, demo nii-san what should I wear, my clothes are dirty, should I just wear your jacket only…." she questioned looking at Neji with wide eyes.

At then all male ears in range perked up. Blood ready to gush from their noses.

"Iie, Hina-sama," Neji laughed nervously, "I will lend you my clothes, they will be a bit big, but at least they are clean, ne."

Sasuke sighed he was about to smack his forehead, better yet he smacked Naruto's, "Stop thinking what your thinking dobe." He muttered following the rest of the gang heading towards the school gym.

"What!" Naruto yelled sticking his tongue out, running to catch up with the others.

"He sure bounced back fast," he snorted.

It was then everyone was greeted with Anko-sensei and a blonde headed girl with pony tails. She sighed as she took Gaara from Kiba's hands, as well as a med-nin stood helping her. Anko-sensei herself was speaking to Neji-san, Sai-san and Naruto-kun. Hinata and Ino stood by their sides.

Sasuke was just about to reach them until a voice called him.


He swiftly turned around. "What now!"

Who the hell wanted to bother him now?

It was Inuzuka. He stood defiant his lean frame straight and rigid, fists clenched at his sides, he eyed the Raven. His brown eyes, a fire. His brown locks fighting with the wind.

"I believe this is yours, I'm just returning it to it's rightful owner." he mentioned shoving the materials in the ravens hands.

"Where did you.." Sasuke ended. These were the materials he let Hinata borrow.

"Doesn't matter," he cut him off, "but I'm warning you, you are only going to bring her more harm then happiness. I don't know what you have in your hidden agenda for Hina-sama, If your feelings are true or not, but stay away from her. She doesn't need another male causing her grief. She already has PRINCE and Sai-san, and…" he stopped, though Sasuke saw his eyes flickered to sadness.

"You… Uchiha nor Sabaku… are a part of her world." He spat, about to walk away from the onyx eyed boy.

"It seems you are not as well." Sasuke hissed, eyes feeling the urge to turn crimson.

"Excuse me!" Kiba stopped, "I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but Lady Hinata is not a conquest for some male whore."

"What the fuck did you say?"

"You heard," Kiba gritted, "Just stay the hell away from her, you'll only hurt her. "

"What do you mean." Sasuke commanded, grasping the boys shirt collar, his fingers fisting his clean pressed uniform. "TELL ME." he growled "DID SOMETHING HAPPEN TO HINATA!"

Kiba smiled sarcastically, "You're a smart man, I think you understand, popular guy like you, you are bound to have groupies that follow your every whim…even jealous ones."

He narrowed his eyes at the brown headed boy, "I can protect her."

"You can't protect her 24/7...your just fucking selfish. GIVE UP." Kiba snarled yanking away from the Uchiha's hands, his eyes glaring down hard at the Uchiha "Do not dwell on what you can't have, I know I have stopped." he ended, this time walking away, but not before roughly pushing Sasuke aside leaving him alone to contemplate.

He thought nothing of the anger boy's threat, taking it as a friend overly protective of his belongings.

He had to smirk though, "So Kiba has feelings for her as well. Shit, I didn't know I was going up against an army for one girl." he muttered eyeing the pearly white eye girl smile from a far. " demo she is worth it," he added walking towards the others.

" And that's where we are different Inuzuka, I will become selfish this one time, to obtain what I desire…"

He smirked when he saw her smile at Neji, her face portraying the innocent and unknown.

Hinata will be mine……




Two men watched the old wooden vintage clock that was embedded in platinum silver and gold, strike 11:00 pm, signifying another hour had gone by.

"Yamato, gomen it seems my daughter, never showed up for practice. I'm sorry I made you stayed this late, Don't worry you will be compensated of course." a tall lean man, casually stated coldly, while a maid servant poured him another round of sake. He raised his hand signaling for her to stop and be on her way. She bowed and left the room.

The other man's eyes shifted towards his employer, "Iie Hyuga-sama, I'm sure Hinata-san, has a valid reason for missing practice today. I believe Sai-san…" he noticed Hiashi's white eyes narrowed at the mention of his step brothers name, yet he continued, "I believe Sai-san mentioned that there were going to be try outs today, I'm sure she went to go see Neji-san, practice instead."

The Lord of the house began to laugh.

Yamato placed his eyes to the floor, placing his drink which was offered earlier on the table before him. He felt a headache come on. This was the first time Lord Hyuga actually inquired about his own eldest daughter in a long time.

"Yes, but of course, I forgot my dear little nephew, was helping his sensei, with try outs this week. Though, I wish my daughter would at least have the common sense to call her dear beloved sensei, to let him know there wouldn't be need for a lesson today or home for that matter." Which meant she should have called him. Yamato thought.

"Iie it's fine Hyuga-sama, I will come tomorrow and continue where Lady Hinata-kun, and I left off. After all she is a beautiful songstress and a amazing instrument player. She has natural talent, I don't see why she needs lessons, Lord Hyuga-sama."

The lord smiled wryly, "Hinata-sama may be a timid, weak, useless, soft spoken girl, but deep down she inherits her musical talent from her mother, kami rest her soul, but I just want her to be the best at something at least. Is that wrong for any father to wish for."

"No it isn't." Yamato replied, ignoring the comment made about his pupil. Yeah, you only discovered that when you heard her sing a lullaby to Hanabi-chan. Yamato secretly thought.

Hiashi eyed him, as if daring him to challenged what he said.

"Well, I'll take my leave then. I'll be here tomorrow at 6:00 to see Hinata play." he mentioned as one of the maids, came in to escort him out.

"Oh, don't worry, Yamato, Hinata will study an extra two hours with you tomorrow for making up the lost time tonight, you may have to stay for dinner. I will be having a few important guests tomorrow. I was thinking after dinner that maybe you can coax my dear timid daughter to sing a private concert for us." he smirked.

"Hai, I'll try. I can't promise you anything." Yamato added grabbing his jacket from a maid heading out towards the extravagant door the Hyugas exquisite home held.

"Oh, but I'm sure she will agree. If she wishes to continue going to that ridiculous Private High School."

That was the last sentence Yamato heard before the servants escorted him out.




Sasuke yawned as he made it to his tenth story penthouse flat, above one of Konoha's expensive apartment complex. After all that ordeal, bidding Hinata goodnight, getting into fights with other males (Kiba, Neji, and Sai), dropping off Naruto home, he just wanted to go to sleep and dream of only but Hinata. Though his conversation with Kiba still lingered in his mind. He shook his head, he'll worry about it tomorrow. He tiredly shuffled his feet through the doorway. Thank Kami-sama , it was Friday and the weekend was here, meaning he could sleep in.

He threw his keys on a side table that greeted him as he entered.

"I'm HOME!" he yelled, knowing that it was for nothing, but just maybe, just maybe the outcome would be different this time around.

It was quiet.

"That's right," he placed a hand to his head, "I almost forgot," he laughed out of pity or hate, "I live alone."

Looking out at one of his windows, above the small town, rain clouds seemed to gather, it look like rain was for the forecast in the morning. Lightening flashed a couple times illuminating his home. Good, because like he thought before he was going to sleep in.




Yamato quickly dialed a number on his razor phone, he memorized many times, in the past for different reasons. He looked at his car's clock 11:30pm.

He waited until it rung once, then twice then three times, before he hung up and redialed, Right now he was inpatient and he wanted a quick answer. This time he let it rung about ten times before it went straight to voice mail.

"Little prick." he whispered while one hand was one the wheel of his red Toyota Corola.

This time he had to resort to text.




Sai felt his phone buzz twice in the back of his uniform black pants. His red tie was loosely put on as his white sleeves of his shirt was rolled up to his elbows. His blue jacket, tossed behind the back seat of his PT Cruser. He knew it was his step-brother calling him, for what? He snorted. He had one hand on the steering wheel, while the other rested on the side of his window supporting his head, as the wind blew by. Tiny sprinkles of water cooling his face. He hated the outcome of what happened tonight. He had lost…

"Why couldn't senpai listen to his side of the story… before punishing him right there? And why in front of that goddamn Uchiha, and that idiot Uzamaki-san.

"You know it's going to rain, I suggest you pull the window up?" a femmine voice chimed, breaking his thoughts.

"Tch," He looked at his passenger side, where Ino sat looking in the mirror above, putting on lip gloss. He smirked, she only did that when conversation was dry. She was no Hinata, but she was still very beautiful. He did not know what possessed him the day he asked Ino out, but ever since then she seemed to be very clingy. He glanced at her one last time, before resuming his eyes, back to the road. He needed to distract his mind.

"Are you spending the night with me or not." he stated, shifting his hand through his dark locks, "Or am I taking you home." he added, increasing speed on the petal.

She gaped at him. After all what had happened her only wish was to stay by Sai's side to comfort him, to be with him, to love him. She smiled.

"Hai of course I'll stay with you." she beamed placing a kiss on his temple as he changed direction back to his apartment.

"I'll call Sakura to cover up for me that I'll spend the night over at her house, demo what about your bro-.."

He cut her off harshly, "What about him."

"Nothing," she sighed, placing her hands on her lap. She turned to him smiling.

"Hum, he doesn't live with me." he thought, rolling up his windows, as rain began to pour.

He need to blow off steam.





A pair of pearl eyes wepted on her bed as she curled up in fetal position…..

In another room, stone cold eyes tightened his fist as he sat on his bed in his quarters, his dark brown locks loose around his frame. He held his cheek.

And Hiashi Hyuga smirked as he headed towards his master quarters.



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