Hello! I feel like we were given such a brief happy Chair window. A little season three goodness. Now… what to say, what to say? Umm… Okay so this puppy is right about during that teeny tiny time when both Chuck and Blair, and Nate and Serena were together and everyone was pretty happy. It's set before Jack, and while I may reference Elizabeth, she's not going to be a huge mood factor. It's an easy morning at the Empire. Here we go…

"Can I wake them?" Serena asked as she perched on the balls of her feet at the edge of the couch.


"Well, I can just knock…"

"No." Nate shook his head at his girlfriend. "The curtains are still drawn. When they actually remember to close them it's taken as a general rule that they don't like to be disturbed."

Serena frowned. They were two couples now. Her best friend was dating his best friend. She wanted them all to have breakfast together. They hadn't had a NJBC sleepover since they were nine. They had been going fine till the night Blair woke up to find Chuck, at the end of the bed she was sharing with Serena, lifting the blanket and shining a flashlight up underneath at her. Sometimes it still mad Serena feel like an idiot for not seeing Blair and Chuck coming all along. She frowned at the choice of words that had gone through her head, shivered, and then frowned over at the draped glass wall that hid her friend away in the Dark Knight's cave.

"What if Chuck's got her tied up in there?"

"Judging by the ligature marks on his wrists, it's Blair's turn to do the tying this week." Nate commented as he surfed channels looking for anything that was a sport.

"Eww. You know too much."

"Like I said, drawing the curtains is not their strong suit." He chuckled.

"If I had a place I'd say we should stay there more."

"You have a place. Your place is her place."

"We really should consider ending our freeloading ways…"

"Rock, Paper, Scissors who has to ask their mother to buy one of us an apartment?"

"Forget it. Blair's place comes with Dorota. I'm never leaving." She threw her hands up.

Nate laughed and launched himself at his girlfriend, tickling her sides and causing her to emit loud echoing giggles.

"Nate! Stop!"

The tickle attack was broken up by the opening of the double doors to Chuck's bedroom. With his hands resting on the knobs, Chuck stood in a black silk robe and scowled at them, clearly put out from having been awoken at the, as far as he was concerned, ungodly hour of 9am on a Sunday.

"Children, please." Raising an eyebrow at a panting and hiccupping Serena, Chuck addressed Nate. "If she pees on the couch call Magda in housekeeping. It's her specialty."

"Why do you have someone on staff who specializes in removing pee?"

Nate looked at her innocently as he explained. "Sometimes children are guests at the Empire."

Chuck smirked. "Sure. That's it."

At a sound from behind him, Chuck glanced back and then quickly stepped into the main suite and shut the bedroom doors behind him. Serena perked up and shoved Nate off of her to hop up on her knees and bounce in a mass of blonde giddiness as she asked. "Is Blair up?"

"No." Chuck bit out a fraction too quickly.

"You're lying." Then she broke into a huge smile as she stole his line. "Your eyes are doing that thing where they don't match your mouth."

Chuck scowled. "She needs at least eight hours or she gets cranky. Leave her alone."

Serena looked at him with big confused eyes. "She texted me she was going to bed at eight last night. That's like eighteen hours…"

"Close enough." Nate mused with a shrug. Math was hard.

Chuck's eye roll was followed by a leer. "I apologize. I should have been more succinct… she needs at least eight hours of sleep a night… She's only had three so far…"

"Chuck!" Serena huffed as she fell back against the couch.

Her brother ignored her and sauntered towards the kitchen in search of coffee. He had only had three hours of sleep himself as well… a euphoric smile hinted as his soft lips at he played back the events of the night before. His distraction is what had him missing Serena's signs, the ones that would have told him of what she was doing. Instead, he could only turn and watch as she jumped off the couch, mad a run for his room, and locked herself in with Blair. Fuck, Chuck thought for a moment, but then he moved on for coffee. He was exhausted. She really had put him through his paces last night.

With the doors shut the room was almost completely dark. Luckily Serena knew both the layout and of Blair's insistence in sleeping on the right side. Serena half ran and bounded onto the bed, launching herself on the body that had been asleep mere seconds ago. In a mass of limbs and hair, Serena half sprawled on top of Blair and giggled into her ear.

"Blair…" Serena giggled into Blair's ear.

Blair clenched her un-masked eyes shut and tired to ignore the blonde annoying girl who was crushing her into the bed. Serena would not be ignored.

"Wake up!"

Blair grunted as she tried to shove the giant off of her. "NO!"

More kicking and hitting went on until Blair managed to shove her best friend right off of the bed.

"OWWWW!" Serena complained as she rubbed her butt.

"Serves you right." Blair grumbled as she tossed her body onto her other side and away from Serena.

Serena kneeled by the side of the bed. "Blllllaaaaiiirrrr!" She called as she poked her in the back. "Play with me!"

"Get Nate to play with you. That's what boyfriends are for."

"Yeah, but that always leads to sex. With you if often leads to shopping… and I could use some shoes." Serena teased.

Blair bit down on her smile and put on a stern voice. "Too bad."

Serena smiled sensing she was wearing her friend down. "I ordered breakfast… All of your favourites…"

"Yogurt and fruit." Blair scoffed.

"No, your real favourites. Crepes with bananas and real whip cream… Croissants…"

"Ugh." Blair snapped sitting up and shoving her extremely tousled hair out of her face. "But I need five minutes."

Twenty minutes later they were all seated around the round breakfast table. Nate and Serena's chairs were next to each other, but Serena notices that after Chuck held Blair's out for her, he moved his even closer before sitting in it. They were seated so closely that their shoulders touched when they leaned back in their seats. Neither looked at each other. Chuck held the newspaper in one hand and Serena only saw the other when he needed to turn a page. Blair also showed used of only one hand as she sipped her tea, leading Serena to come to the correct conclusion that they were holding hands. Serena smiled to herself. It seemed like Blair and Chuck had waited their whole lives to be able to touch each other and since they started dating they gave into every craving. From holding hands in restaurants, to his hand on the small of her back as they walked down the street, to the way Blair's leg would tuck against his in the limo. They were like kittens… sometimes over sexed kittens Serena smiled to herself, but kittens nonetheless.

"What are you smiling about? You look like you're a mental patient who's missed a pill." Blair commented as she frowned at Serena.

"Nothing." Serena shrugged, but smiled again. "Do you two ever let go?"

"She can't help herself… It's my natural charm." Chuck smirked as he continued to read the Canadian Dairy quota.

"Not so natural." Blair said dryly as she sipped her tea. "I've lost track of the times I've woken up to him shoving my hand down his pants."

"Maybe I'd stop… If it didn't work every time…" He turned another page.

"Pervert." She said as she scooped a spoonful of raspberries onto the side of her plate.

"Cocotte." He countered as he took a Croissant off his plate and placed it on hers.

She put it back. He put it back. She slapped his hand. He caught hers, holding it in one of his as he added a scoop of whip creams to her berries with his other. She scowled at him, but he smiled at her, kissed her fingers before laying them back on his knee and went back to reading the paper.

"It's always so nice dinning with you two." Serena commented drolly. "And B, maybe it wouldn't be so easy for him to get you to accost him in your sleep if you two didn't sleep like conjoined twins…"

"I get cold." Blair pouted as she gave her excuse and ate a spoon full of berries and cream and shut her eyes for a moment in delight of it.

"They have these things called blankets…" Nate laughed as he shoved a bite of crepe into his mouth.

"Shut up." Blair ignored the blondes and enjoyed the way Chuck's hand wordlessly tightened on hers.

As the fairer couple finished breakfast Serena looked to Blair to ask, "Meet up later for shopping?"

Blair raised a brow as the others were already rising. "Text me." Blair barely finished before Serena pulled Nate into the elevator.

Blair cringed. "You know they're going to my mother's to have sex in my bed. I have to remember to tell Dorota to change the sheets."

Now that they were alone, Chuck put down the paper and turned to her. Even though he had hardly looked at her over breakfast she was always the centre of his attention.

"You know…" He whispered smoothly. "Turnabout is fair play…"

"What are you suggesting?" She looked at him speculatively, but already smiling seductively.

"You look tired." He told her, already pulling her into his arms.

"I do feel rather peaked…" She couldn't help but let out a peal of laughter as he hoisted her into his arms and started walking… right towards Nate's room.

TahDAH! Okay so that was just a little bit of season three fluffy goodness. I am babysitting tonight. They're actually hilarious, but too smart for their own good. I SWEAR I get the five year old to sleep, but hours later when her parents come home… she comes skipping down the stairs. Damn that makes me look incompetent… and yet they keep asking me to sit… Maybe because I do it for free?

Oh, and I added the Nate's bed thing in because... I just always thought it was weird that Nate and Serena were regularly having sex in Blair's bed... and on Eleanor's couch. THAT still kills me. I would never in my LIFE dream of having sex on my best friend's mom's couch. I would DIE!

I'm in a sharing mood. I have cramps. Bet you all wish I wasn't in a sharing mood right about now, don't ya? I also need my top lip threaded. I need to stop telling you things! I'm going to stop typing right now… NOW!