Hello! This is a little Christmas present for a little someone who was wanting to read a happy Drunk Chuck story. Not a moody dark Drunk Chuck story. Happy Drunk Chuck. And I also didn't want Primitive Parade to die. See! I care! This is a little bit of a companion piece to the happy Drunk Blair piece I wrote earlier in this series. A little edit here... I wrote this piece and came back to write this... I'm not hearing Chuck. I tend to be rather proud of my sticking to the show's characterizations, but I might be off the mark on this one. I think I'm just starved of CB and it's throwing me off my game. Here we go...

Chuck Bass' glazed eyes still managed to twinkle at her as he smiled goofily in the club. They were visiting her father and Ramon in France and had after several days of bonding and spoiling that Blair soaked up like a sponge, Blair and Chuck had headed out for a night on their own. Their first stop had been an intimate dinner at a tiny, exclusive restaurant in the village near her father's villa. They'd been dating for a couple of months and the two of them were living in a happy "I love you/I love you more" bubble. In the dimness of the restaurant the candle light had been flicker ing across their faces and Blair had been giddy as Chuck had not only held her hand on the table, but played with her fingers as well, as if he couldn't not touch her even though they were seated across from each other at the table. It had also led her to do things with her foot under the cloaked table that had made Chuck's breath laboured and his eyes cross. His knee had slammed into the table and he'd been swallowing rapidly and sweating profusely when the waiter arrived with dessert, while Blair had just taken a sip of her wine innocently and shrugged slightly at the waiter before frowning him away when he grinned at her knowingly.

They'd closed the restaurant down and nearly skipped out of the place, happy on love and several glasses of wine.

"Home?" Chuck had smiled at her, thinking of the quiet secret sex they could have in her bed in her father's home. His eyes clung to her face. Her hair blew around her face, her dark eyes sparkled with happiness, and her cheeks were flushed from wine and love. She was so beautiful. She was his.

She shook her head, laughing. "No! Take me dancing!"

"You know I love it when you dance..." His eyes slid up and down her body.

Her voice dropped and she looked at him coyly. "If you play your cards right... maybe I'll dance for you..."

They had their driver take them to the best club in the area. They started off... normal for them. A booth for just the two of them. Song after song on the dance floor. A trip to a private back room where Blair danced for him and only him. He drank. She drank. He bought three rounds for the house. He pretended to flirt with a blonde and Blair staged her hissy fit, going so far as to throw a drink on the girl's fake channel and send her crying from the club, before Blair dragged him back to their private back room to 'punish' him away from the desperately curious and jealous eyes of many of the other club goers. She switched to spritzers. He drank some more.

Then... it got weird.

Her boyfriend was completely and utterly wasted. This was not the first time or even the millionth time she'd seen Chuck Bass drunk, in fact, she'd seen him way drunker than this, like when she and Nate had had to put his shoes on the right feet and coax him to walk to his father's funeral. Even before his father had died, his drinking had had an edge to it. He'd done it to kill the pain, or used it as a cloak for his act. Dark, depressed, moody Drunk Chuck, Blair knew very well, and knew exactly how to deal with. She was even familiar with Amused Drunk Chuck, as well as Smarmy Drunk Chuck.

Happy Drunk Chuck, who was out with her tonight... was a whole new experience. He was... giddy. Light. Blair stopped drinking because she was so in awe of this version of him she felt like she should be taking notes.

Her eyes got wider and wider as the night went on, but she couldn't help but laugh with him... and upon occasion, laugh at him. Because what else was clear, to her and everyone else at the club... was that he was in love with her. They all knew this because he declared it to anyone who would listen. He wrote it in permanent marker across the forehead of one of their many new 'friends' who had passed out in their booth. He yelled it to the club over the PA system, in a British accent so perfect it made her want to question his citizenship, as he spun love songs in the DJ booth he'd taken over.

It was well past 3am when she finally coaxed him to leave the club, and that was only with the promise of sex... which might go unfulfilled judging by his level of intoxication.

She was wrong. He got to third base before the limo had gotten them back to her father's villa. It wasn't his best work, but even that was better than anything she'd experienced with any other guy.

It took less coaxing to get Chuck out of the car, but greater effort. He could barely stand. So after the driver had helped her get him out, it was on her to get him across the inner courtyard, in the front door and then down the hall to her room... all without waking up her father or Ramon.

His arm was slung over her shoulders, and his other hand... was groping for whatever part of her he could reach, causing her to slap his hand away while she tried to keep them both moving forward. She was used to his weight, but not in this capacity and she struggled to keep them both upright.

"Blair..." He slurred into her ear.

"What, Chuck?" She grunted as she made it to the front door. She propped him up against the wall as she opened the door.

He said nothing, but watched her with half closed eyes, a small smile playing on his lips.

She raise a brow at him. "What?"

"What?" He asked confused.

She sighed, ready to be done with his drunk, cute little ass for the night.

"You started this merry-go-round. You said my name."

"I did?"

"You did?"


"That's what I'd like to know... but now that I think about it, I'm an idiot for even engaging in this conversation. Let's go."



He smiled. reached for her... and nearly fell on his face.

"Chuck!" She hissed.

She struggled to gather him up again, and somehow got him into the house. On their way through the main room, he stopped dead where he was, turned to her and grabbed her face in his hands.

His normally sure touch grasped slightly harder than usual, smushing her cheeks and lips.

"Chuck?" She sighed again, but it was muffled given the state of his hands on her face.

"I remembered."

"Bully for you." She tried to pull her face away, but Chuck held tightly.

"Blair." He said earnestly. "I remembered."

She looked at him and her eyes narrowed. "Fine. What did you remember, Chuck?"

He smiled. "I love you."

She couldn't help but smile back at his sincerity. "I love you to."

That seemed to make him extremely happy and he whooped aloud... and tackled her to the ground.

"CHUCK!" Blair cried as she was pinned to the stone floors and shrieked as he started tickling her .

Chuck was laughing. Her Chuck was laughing. Because her Chuck was happy. She wanted to be angry at him... but she laughed too. She was happy. He made her happy.

Then she heard a throat clear. She froze and craned her neck around and looked up at her father and Ramon, clad in their robes, and looking down at the young couple on the ground.

She shoved Chuck off of her and struggled to her feet. The two men had clearly been woken from sleep. Her father looked baffled. Ramon looked amused. Blair looked mortified. And Chuck was grasping her ankle and rubbing his fingers up her calf. She tried to step on his hand.

"Daddy. Ramon." She greeted cordially.

"Blair." Her father sighed.

It was late, she was tired, and so she let go of the pretense. "Can you just help me get him into bed?"

The two men each grabbed one of the prone boy's arms and got him to his feet. They half carried/half dragged him to Blair's room and got him into bed.

"Thank you. I can take it from here."

"Goodnight, Blair-bear." Harold started, but was cutoff.

Chuck, having realized where he was and that they were going to leave, he rallied. Unfortunately he yelled into the quiet house.

"Mr. Waldorf!"

Harold paused and looked at the drunk boy. "Yes, Charles?"

In his most serious voice Chuck pushed himself up to sitting so he could look at Mr. Waldorf. "Sir, I just wanted to say... that I love your daughter very deeply."

She, her father, and Ramon shared a smile over the sweet sentiment of the drunkard on her bed. Then he spoke again.

"I will be forever grateful that you were able to put aside your homosexuality nine months before she was born, so that she is here today."

Blair groaned, but the two men just chuckled as they headed out of the room. "Your welcome, Charles."

Blair and Chuck were at last alone in her room, but having made his declaration he seemed to have passed out.

"Wonderful." Blair commented dryly as she grabbed a pair of silk pajamas and headed to her en suite. She washed her face and moisturized before brushing her teeth, changing and heading back into the bedroom.

Resigned she walked over to her bed and struggled with his shoes, making sure to pull his socks off to because she knew he liked his toes to breathe. She managed to get his belt off and when he snorted partially awake, she nagged and berated him into helping her get him down to his boxers and undershirt. She pulled the sheet and light blanket over him and he murmured a thank you and flopped onto his stomach. After that she'd thought he'd fall back to sleep but he seemed to have been waiting for her.

As soon as she climbed into bed he nudged and out right pushed her into the position he wanted, on her back, their legs intertwined, and his arms around her. His head was also on her chest, but where the slight disagreement came in was that Chuck kept pulling her pajama top open and Blair kept trying to pull it closed. After several minutes, she gave up with a huge roll of her eyes and Chuck sighed in satisfaction as he rubbed his cheek against the bare skin of her chest, leaving sucking drunken, going no where kisses on her skin every now and then.

She relaxed into the bed and felt Chuck melt into sleep against her. She stroked her fingers through his hair, which seemed to speed up the process as well as being something she enjoyed as well. She looked down at him and their bodies so close together in the bed and she smiled to herself.

She felt his drool hit her skin and flinched. He fussed on her for a second before giving a sucking inhalation and murmuring. "I love you, Blair."

She smiled as he rubbed his face into her soft skin. "Lucky me."

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