Hello. There is no exclamation mark after my hello. Show of hands… who is confused as hell over all the promos and spoilers?? This is going to be a long week. Hopefully this one shot will help. For this one shot… I should say that the subject is a little mature, I don't go into smutty detail, and so I'm keeping the rating at a T. It's this season, after the breakup. Chuck has something Blair wants… the rest is pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy! Here we go…

Blair moved to the beat of the music that loudly blasted through the club. She just wanted to have fun tonight, and that seemed to be exactly what Cameron was offering. Fun. They danced, she'd had two of the three drinks she'd allotted herself for the night, and she was having fun.

She could also tell you the very minute she realized that Chuck Bass was watching her. It was like her skin flushed against her will. Cameron's hands on her body suddenly felt wrong. And worst of all it made her self-conscious, and that the fun she was having with Cameron tonight was nothing compared to what she experienced with Chuck. Luckily the song ended, and she pulled away to smile up at Cameron. He leaned in as she told him she was thirsty, and gentleman that he was, that was the only cue he needed before offering to get her one, and he'd meet her back at their booth. She slipped away into the crowd, away from Cameron, and away from those eyes that watched her. She sat in the booth and scanned through her phone, not surprised to find stills of her and Cameron already blasted across Gossip Girl.

"My, my, my… It looks like someone has almost let her bad girl out of her cage… I say almost, because judging by how careful you are with where Rugby puts his hands… the good girl is still very much in control."

Blair's eyes rolled before she took a breath, and looked over at the man who had just slid into her booth.

"Chuck." She greeted with a tight smile.

"So…" He smiled a smile that didn't even remotely touch his eyes. "Where is your rebound?"

"Cameron is getting me a drink." She said, looking back at her phone, ignoring him, and ignoring the way he still watched her.

"Careful. If you let yourself get to four, you never know what might happen…" Leaning in with a lecherous grin, his chin resting on one of his fingers. "Remember that time last summer when you polished off most of a bottle of Dom at the boating regatta…"

Her eyes shut for a brief moment at the memory of her grabbing him by his collar and dragging him into the nearest cabana, very aware of their small closed off space being within earshot of half of the summering Upper East Side.

He slid closer to whisper into her ear. "Do you remember what I had to do to keep you from purring…"

She did. "Shut up!"

Blair shoved Chuck in the chest, and slid away from him in the booth. Before either could respond, Cameron was there with their drinks.

"Thank you!" She smiled to Cameron, taking a far too deep drink from the glass, before looking over at Chuck dismissively. "Good bye, Chuck."

"You're right... I should go. But you know how much I love seeing you, Waldorf. While I prefer the live version… I now have to make do with mere remembrance… and a few visual aids I still have lying around for special occasions…"

Cameron looked at her, but Blair just shrugged and waved off Chuck's parting words, however, she had no illusions as to what he was referring to.


Blair lay back in the bed, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the feeling of Chuck licking the sweat from her neck. His hands roamed expertly over all his favourite places, and her hands twisted the hair at the base of his neck, pulling him closer. Blair thought that there were times when she could never get enough of Chuck Bass.

They were interrupted by a knock at the door, and reluctantly broke apart. Blair pulled the sheet up over her body, and lazily rolled onto her side to watch Chuck get up and slip on his robe. When he went to answer the door she flopped back against the pillows and listened to the deep cadence of his voice as the spoke with a bellhop. She loved his voice. It was distinctly his, and hadn't seemed to change since he was seven. The boy who was born a man.

When he returned she saw that he had her airline tickets in his hands and he was silent as he pulled himself up to sit on the dresser, placing the tickets beside him. They were just over a month into the full-on dating relationship they had started right after his I-love-yous, and the two hadn't been apart for more than a few hours since. However, unlike him, Blair had a family that loved her and whom she loved in return, and because of this she had promised to visit them in Paris. She had been reluctant at first, trying to convince her mother, Cyrus, her father and Ramon, to return to New York and spend a week at the country home. She had used guilt on her father, bribed Ramon with symphony tickets, and contractually out maneuvered Cyrus. She should have known who would have killed her plans. Her greatest adversary, the woman who had taught her nearly everything she knew. Her mother. There had been a snapped order, a threat, and the promise of a spa trip in Provence. Blair was headed to France, without Chuck, tomorrow.

Everything would have been easier if Chuck could have just come with her. It would have been perfect to have so many people she loved all together, but with Lily away, Chuck had stepped in at Bass Industries to spell her in her absence. He was locked into New York for the rest of the summer.

"Are you sure you can't come with me?" She pouted, one of her legs slipping out from under the sheet as if she was contemplating her pedicure, before gazing with seductive eyes at her boyfriend. "I'll miss you."

Chuck smiled, enjoying the view of her, and loved how she moved her body coquettishly to entice him. He was unsure if the enticement was designed to get him back to bed or to Paris with her, but he enjoyed the behaviour either way. He loved this perspective of her so much, that an idea came into his head, one he knew she wouldn't be totally adverse to, but one that would take some convincing.

"And I'll miss you…" He started, knowing he had to lay the groundwork before launching the full attack. "I was thinking about a memento you could leave me with…"

"I'm not cutting off a lock of my hair."

Chuck leaned over, opened and rummaged through a drawer until he pulled out his Flip camera. "I was thinking of something a little more personal…"

Recognizing the digital video recorder, Blair immediately got uptight. "Get me the scissors."

"Now, now, Kitten, hear me out…"

"Chuck, I may want to rule the free world one day, and you don't do that by making a sex tape at eighteen." She said drolly.

"I promise it would be for my eyes only… my own personal enjoyment…" He looked at her with the gaze he knew could melt everything in her. "Please…"

The idea of him sitting alone, and watching them… watching her… proved to be a seduction in and of itself. Some would think her crazy to make a sex tape with Chuck Bass, but for her he was the only one she would ever trust enough to do so with. Her smile was all the signal he needed…

End of flashback.

And now here Chuck was, with that footage of her still at his most appreciative disposal. Almost a year, and a great deal of change in their relationship later, he watched the film they made that summer night for the millionth time. As their heated images moved over the screen of his laptop, he paused it as her gaze slid over his shoulder to lock with the eye of the camera, and it was like she was looking just at him.

The thing Chuck loved the most about the video was that he could see the girl she so rarely let out, and when she did, it was almost always only for him. As if she knew that he was the one that would most appreciate her, because Chuck loved all aspects of Blair, the good, the bad, the passionate, the uptight. Everything.

He heard the elevator doors slide open, and was not surprised to then detect the familiar rapid click of her heels as she stormed into the suite, whipped around the main room before bee lining for his bedroom where she could see him through the glass wall. This hadn't taken long. He'd only left the club a little over an hour ago. Shutting his laptop, he set it on the nightstand, and he looked up at her to wait for the fire.

"You disgusting pervert! Give it to me!" She demanded in a rage.

"Hmmm… you know that request is always music to my ears…" He crooned, his head falling back against the wall as he watched her. "Where's Rugby? Did you tell him you were running to me… or did you invite him to join us…"

Ignoring him and his comments, she snapped. "Where is it?!"

Folding his hands across his chest, he looked at her innocently. It's the look she always knew meant he was up to no good.

Quickly going over to his dresser she started rummaging through it. She found several things she was going to block out later, until she found his Flip. She turned, looking him dead in the eye as she dropped the camera into an ice bucket filled with water, ruining the device and everything on it. When Chuck didn't react, she realized the laptop was her new target. She ran to it and got it just before he made a grab to claim it.

"That's my personal property, Waldorf." He bit out, sitting up.

"It's my image on here, making it mine. You can have it back when I've made sure my monumental lack of judgment has been erased." She looked at the drinks and booze lying around, and then looked at him. "By all means, keep drinking, that way the memories of the real thing will be pickled out of your brain before you're twenty."

She turned on her heel and headed for the elevator. Chuck lazily got out of bed and stood in the doorway to watch her go. Just before the doors closed, he caught a hint of a self-satisfied smile on her face, and then she was gone. Sighing, Chuck reached into the pocket of his robe, smiling as he pulled out the USB key and went in search of Nate's laptop. Some might say she really should know him better by now, that Chuck Bass would have made several backups, but they didn't know what Chuck knew. He and Blair would get back what they had, and on some level he believed Blair knew it too. The images were just something to hold him over while they were a new ocean apart. They were Chuck and Blair, and they always would be.

TahDah! Okay, I'm not happy with the ending, but in my defense I started back at the gym today, and my body is angry. ANGRY. I always forget how much the gym can hurt. My body has been a happy couch potato all winter. Damn you, Spring.