Hello! To my Canadian friends hit harder this year by winter, oh my. To my poor American friends who are being hit by winter when it usually stays clear of them, oh my my. This little thing comes out of the craziness that has been winter this year. It's a little bit on how our CB made it through the polar vortex... in their own Chuck and Blair way. Here we go...

Blair had finished packing, and she left her things by the door next to Chuck's. She looked around the large open concept log cabin with a happy sigh. The only walls in the place hid a bathroom towards the back, and full kitchen along one side wall. The large bed was set against the back wall, and a huge fireplace took up most of the front wall. Everything else was windows looking out over woods and snow. There wasn't another soul around for miles... except for a few deer, who had been given quite the show the other night.

Blair smiled at the memory. It had been a lovely couple of days, days with just her and Chuck.

She glanced at her reflexion in one of the windows, perfect, and only then realized how hard it was now snowing. She noticed how the sound of the gusting wind sent chills down her, even though it didn't penetrate the well made cabin. She frowned a little, and looked down at the thick tights she wore under the soft wool sweater dress that hugged all her curves. Maybe it was time to layer up before they headed out in that cold.

Blair heard Chuck come out of the bathroom, and walk up behind her, wrapping his arms around her stomach. They both looked out at what had once been a tranquil winter landscape, but was rapidly looking like a frozen hellscape.

"When does the car get here?" Blair asked as she peered out the window, barely able to see the road through the snow. "We don't want to be late for take off." She frowned. "The flight attendants always let the hot towels get cold when we are."

"I'm sure the towels will be hot in a couple of days..."

She turned around in his arms so she could look at him. "What have you done?"

"So suspicious..." He kissed the tip of her nose, but when he tried for more she turned her face away.

"Chuck, I know you wanted a whole week out here, but we agreed on a long weekend. I have work to do." She cutely frowned at him. "I'll repeat myself... What have you done?"

"I've done nothing... but apparently the great nation of Canada is very angry and sent down a polar vortex to us."

Her eyes narrowed in disbelief. "You're making that up."

He shook his head with a little smile, and squeezed her arms. "Afraid not. The airports are closed. The roads are closed. The resort as well as the State Troopers have urged everyone to stay inside, and stay warm."

Her foot stomped a little and she pouted at him, trying to win him over. "But I want to go home, and it's only a little cold weather."

"It's a polar vortex."

"You're Chuck Bass." She reminded him.

"I am." He smiled. "And while your belief in me is heartwarming... even I can't lift a Polar Vortex."

"Stop saying 'polar vortex'." She scowled at him. "They're the least sexy words you've ever said to me."

With that, she turned on her heel, and walked over to her bags, grabbing the one that held her computer.

"What are you doing...?" He raised a brow at her.

Blair tapped her laptop as she sat down at the table in the room. "Just because we can't go home, doesn't mean I can't get my work done."

Chuck sighed heavily. "I'm getting a drink."

A half hour later Blair was working away... when the power suddenly went out.


There was nothing but silence.

"Chuck?!" Her pitch rose, and she pushed her chair back to look for him. This was how horror movies started. A highly attractive couple were stranded in a wooden cabin... queue the serial killer. It was getting dark, the blue grey light of evening stealing in, and she knew it would soon be pitch dark in the cabin if it wasn't for the fire. She'd just started looking around for a weapon when Chuck came out of the kitchen with a drink in his hand, and she felt better at the sight of him.

"Where were you?!" She snapped.

"Building a sandcastle..." Chuck started off smartly, but smiled warmly as he looked at her in the firelight. The dancing light chased across her face, highlighting it's beauty, and taking his breath away. His wife was a stunning woman, and he got to spend the rest of his life with her.

"What?" She raised a brow at him.

"You're beautiful." He said honestly.

"You're up to something." Blair pointed out, reading him, and knowing him well.

"You wound me." His head cocked forward, and his voice dropped. "Lick it better?"

"I will not." She said primely. "I have work to do. Go play with yourself."

He sighed as if in defeat. "But it's so much more fun when you play with me..."

Blair hid her smile, and sent him a stern look instead. "I told you I have work to do."

"Nothing is being done in New York right now beca-"

"If you say the words 'polar vortex' again, my hymen may grow back." She warned him cooly as she turned her back on him and sat back down in front of her computer.

She then tuned him out. This was especially difficult when he pulled the mattress off the bed and started pulling it across the room.

"What are you doing?" She demanded, looking at him as if he'd lost his mind. They hadn't slept on a mattress on the floor since her dorm days, and even then they didn't sleep.

"The power is out, and I hate the cold. Since you don't seem to want to share any of that delicious body warmth with me... I'll have to find another way to survive..."

"Boy scout." She muttered under her breath as she turned back to her computer.

An hour later Chuck had set the mattress close to the fire, and made up the bed with sheets, pillows and blankets. He'd settled himself in the warmth with a scotch and one of his favourite views. Blair Waldorf.

He was enjoying watching her greatly, which is why he noticed when she started to slightly shiver.

"Cold?" He asked innocently.

"I'm fine." She said stubbornly.

"You are." He said smoothly, and then got up to add another log to the fire. He walked the short distance back to his cozy bed and let out a loud sigh of contentment as he settled in. The wood popped as it caught fire, and Blair could just imagine how warm it was where Chuck lay right now.

Blair made it another hour before the dropping temperature really started to sink in. The tips of her fingers were so cold that it hurt to type. She thought her toes may have crawled up into her feet. And she had to bite her cheek to keep her teeth from chattering.

"There." She hit a random button loudly on her keyboard. "All done." She wasn't. She was actually too cold to put another sentence together, but she wasn't going to let him know that.

She shut her computer and turned to her husband. Basshole. She was freezing her perfect ass off.

She staged a yawn, and stood, forcing herself to walk slowly towards him, when all she wanted to do was hurl herself at him and crawl over his warm skin. The tips of her toes had just reached the bed, and she could already feel the warmth of the fire start to dance across her chilled skin, when he held up a hand.

"Uh, uh, uh..."


"You're freezing, and your clothes are probably like ice..."

"Your point?"

He raised a brow and a seductive smile curved one corner of his mouth. "If I let you in here... You'd have to be as warm as possible... to share body heat... you have to be skin to skin, and since I'm already naked..."

"I'm cold now."

"Then you better hurry up." Chuck said, drawing a line in the sand... or snow, as it were.

She raised a brow at him, one shoulder popped up in a shrug.

She turned away from him before she bent over to pull the zippers of first one, and then the other, boot down. She heard his intake of breath as she shifted her weight during her task. She stood up, and kicked her boots off. She slid her hands down her body, and to the hem of her dress, before casting a seductive look over her shoulder at him. She held his burning gaze as her hands lifted her dress up enough so that she could catch the waist band of her tights and pull them down over her hips. Again she looked away as she brought them down her thighs. Knees. Calves. Feet.

Next she slowly, so slowly, pulled the dress up over her body and head, tossing it away.

She heard him finish his drink in one swallow, and she smiled to herself. Slowly she pulled her long, dark hair over one of her shoulders, giving him a view of her neck. One hand reached behind her and unclasped her bra, and she leaned slightly forward to let it fall from her body. Very slowly she pulled the last scrap of fabric from her body, and tossed her panties at him. He had raised his hand to catch them, which is when she caught him by surprise, rushing forward to dive under the heavy covers and wrap her frigid body around him.

She smiled through chattering teeth as she heard him curse and twist in her arms. On instinct he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her flush to him, already giving her his warmth, but it didn't stop yet another curse from leaving him as her icy fingers sought some of his warmer regions.

"Serves you right." She laughed against his skin, pressing her cold lips to his hot neck.

It took several minutes of chattering, clutching and stroking to get them even remotely comfortable.

"Chuck..." She whispered into his ear, letting her tongue slip out to lick it as she finished his name.

"Hmmm..." He managed, his eyes shut in pleasure.

"Do you know what else is known to bring warmth?"

"Tell me..." He husked.


That was all it took. He flipped them over, so that she was pinned under him, and he pulled the covers completely over their heads. They were in a cocoon of just the two of them, skin to skin, nothing but heat. She leaned up to catching his lips, her tongue slipping into his mouth as her body begged him to slip into her. He responded eagerly, and soon they were both crying out in hot ecstasy. Clinging to each other until their breath returned and their bodies stopped trembling.

Blair pulled the covers off their faces so that they could breathe, and started to snuggle in, ready to sleep. Chuck however, kissed her temple and started to slip out from the bed.

"Hey!" She snapped. "Where are you going?!"

"I'll be back in a moment." He smirked at her as he stepped out of hitting range. "I should probably turn the power back on before the pipes freeze..."

It hit her quickly as she watched his naked ass hurry towards the kitchen... that also held the fuse box.

"YOU. MANIPULATIVE. ASS." She called after him.

She could hear him chuckling as she fumed in bed. The lights came on, and she said nothing as he went about turning them all off before returning to her.

He climbed in, and she quite deliberately turned her back on him so she was facing the fire. He ignored her tactic and spooned in close behind her. She felt him harden behind her, and sighed as his lips found the spot behind her ear.

Maybe a polar vortex could be sexy after all...

TahDAH! I'm also going to tack this onto Friday, so please consider this my Valentine's Day CB fic as well! (hahaha! I can practically hear Mary yelling, "NO WAY!" but I'm ignoring her! hahahahaha) I'd also like to give a big thank you to Ellen for editing for me. My favourite? "NEED PERIOD TO END SENTENCE" Oh, Ellen! You and your crazy rules!