Hello! I still think the finale sucked, but I'm embracing the fact that I still love Chair. Because of this I'm in the mood to write a happy Chair bit. This is early summer of this past season. Happy Chair. Happy dating. Happy ILYs all around. Happy. Happy. Happy. Until a bump happens. Here we go…

Chuck woke up and inhaled deeply, stretching before he'd even opened his eyes. He smiled feeling her curled tight against him, cling a little tighter as he stirred but then relaxing back into her deep sleep. He didn't need to open his eyes, because everything in him recognized who was in the bed with him. His girlfriend. He opened his eyes at that thought, and was still surprised it made him happy rather than given him an urge to run. But what mattered to him the most was her happiness, which he had to say seemed complete over the weeks of summer they'd been together.

He rolled onto his side so he was facing her and thought about which of his favourite ways he would use to wake her up this morning. Usually Chuck would be clad in one of the several pairs of silk pajamas he kept here in her room, and she would be seethed in at least a slip, but they'd gotten in late and then exhausted themselves over the next few hours, still reveling in being able to have free reign to do all the things to the other that they'd wanted to do for so long, and so they'd fallen asleep before they'd had a thought to dress for bed. Chuck and Blair had the right outfit for everything. The first time he'd admitted he wore full pajamas because he tended to get cold, she'd snickered at him like they were eight and on a playground. He's spanked her for that one, leading to her sometimes throwing down the gauntlet of his delicate body temperature as a means of eliciting a similar reaction whenever she was feeling frisky.

But now there was just skin between them, and while he usually enjoyed unwrapping her, her natural state was what he was after anyways. He shifted the comforter off her shoulder, but when he saw her shiver he pulled it back up. Chuck could work undercover. His hands sought out to caress some of his most favourite Blair bits.

"Chuck, if you do that while I'm sleeping it's called molestation… just so you know."

Even with the sleep mask covering most of her face, he saw the smile that she fought, come over her lips. The dimples gave her away.

"So, little girl… care to get into my van?" He whispered against her ear in his very darkest Chuck Bass voice.


"Help me find my puppy?"

"I don't think so."

"How about…" He leaned in to whisper in her ear as only he could.

Blair's toes curled in at his words. In fact, she thought her insides might have liquefied. "You are a pervert." She announced with near royal decree.

"Even if you like it?" He teased.

He rolled over, covering her body with his own, as he pulled the mask off her face. Her eyes twinkled up at him.

"Ahh… So you are awake…" He smiled, leaning down to kiss each cheek several times before working ever closer to her lips. When she couldn't take the wait any longer she lurched forward, catching his mouth with her own and kissing him the way she wanted him to kiss her.

She shifted her legs to let him slide between them as he kissed down her neck, making a trail that, after his head slipped below the blanket, she felt rather than saw. She gasped when she felt his very talented tongue circle her belly button before continuing its journey south. Things where just about to get interesting when…

All four of her parents burst into the room.

"Blair-Bear!" Harold joyously called, before all four of them froze at finding her in bed with a man sized lump under the covers.

Lurching upright and clutching the blanket to her chest, Blair planted her foot on Chuck's shoulder and gave an almighty kick, sending Chuck tumbling out of the bed, onto the floor and out of her many parents sightline. It was all moot given what had already been witnesses, and the thud and curses Chuck made as he hit the ground didn't help with Blair's wish that he was suddenly invisible.

"Blair-Bear?" Harold managed in a strangled voice looking like he was about to have a stroke.

Ramon, stepped forward to support him, and also was unsure what the proper edict was for greeting his stepdaughter and her boyfriend in such a situation. He managed a half-hearted wave.

"Blair! Chuck!" Cyrus did not have this same issue, and greeted them happily, never one to be rattled.

Eleanor, rubbed the bridge of her nose, and fixed her sightline to about a foot below the ceiling. "Dorota has set out a lovely breakfast. I think now would be the time for us to retreat to that, and for you to join us in a few minutes. Clothed, preferably." She spoke as if there was a page for this situation in an etiquette book, and cleared her throat slightly before politely greeting Chuck. "Charles."

Eleanor quickly existed the room, followed by Ramon half carrying out Harold, and then Cyrus who told them to hurry since there was fresh lox, and left with a jovial wave. When the door shut leaving the couple once again alone in the room, it was as if all of their leaving had created a vacuum, and the chaos was now dead silent.

"So… Your parents came home early…" Chuck mused.

Breathing heavily she got up from the bed, taking the large comforter with her and wrapping it around her.

He didn't have to look at her to know she was going into Manic Blair Mode, but he probably should have looked up. I would have been helpful to catch his clothes before they were thrown in his face.

"Shut up!" She said before he could say anything else, and she stormed into the bathroom. She showered thoroughly before coming out in a robe and aiming one finger back at the bathroom in way of telling him he was to do the same. Chuck raised an eyebrow since he was already dressed and just adjusting he attire.

"Chuck Bass, you are going to smell like soap, and nothing else, do you understand me?" Blair bit out before stomping into her closet.

Chuck had showered and redressed and she still hadn't emerged, and yet he could hear certain words from the active conversation she was having with herself. Words like chastity and Basstard caught his attention. Finally he sprawled on the chaise in the corner of her room to wait. When she at last emerged, he cocked his head to the side as he examined her chosen dress.

"You appear like you're trying to look like a virgin…" He commented to the fact that she was covered from head to toe in one of her most puritan looking outfits, and with Blair that was saying something.

"I am trying to look like a virgin. Do you think I can make Daddy think you tricked me? You put something in my drink?"

"Let's not get me arrested to spare your already rather embattled reputation…"

Blair was about to throw out a barb when there was a loud knock at the door. Blair called them in, and Dorota entered with her hand over her eyes, before peeking.

"Ah, good. Is clothes on this time." Dorota commented, causing a chuckle from the young Mr. Bass, but a scowl from Blair. "Come. Is time to face music."

"I can't, Dorota!" Blair pouted to the woman who knew all her secrets.

"Is okay, Ms. Blair. Is time they get to know you as adult."

Blair looked heartbroken for a moment. "But I like being Daddy's girl." Her voice sharpened a second later and she held a hand up in warning to Chuck. "Don't say it!"

Downstairs a flustered Harold talked to a rather resigned and unsurprised audience.

"Why am I not surprised that Mr. Chuck is not a chest waxer?" Ramon wondered aloud.

"Eleanor, I just don't see how you could have let this happen?" Harold accused.

"Harold, really. She's eighteen and she's dating Chuck Bass… what did you think they were doing? Holding hands and going to the movies? She'd beyond her Nathanial years."

"Ahh, Nathanial. Sweet, benign Nathanial. He was a gentleman."

"Harold you used to let Nathanial stay over and sleep in her bed. Charles? Charles isn't that bad."

"Really, Eleanor!" Harold huffed. "Nathanial was one thing, Chuck Bass is most definitely another. Yes, when the kids were up late watching Breakfast at Tiffany's, I would let Nate sleep over. And I still trust that nothing happened. But Chuck Bass? Eleanor, kindly remember Blair's 13th birthday party where we lost our deposit on the pony party and the stable had to put one of the horses down. Then there was his 16th birthday that was raided by three separate branches of the law and he only avoided arrest because he left a half hour before they got there with a supermodel, two cater-waiters and a snake charmer. Did you know that kissing him has even made it into a scavenger hunt game? And this is the boy who has now defiled my innocent little Blair-Bear!"

"You have to at least agree that he does have impeccable manners…"

"I like him!" Cyrus declared. "He's a scamp!"

Harold was about to launch into another tirade, when the couple entered the dinning room. Chuck strolled right it, as confident in himself as ever, and he was still well bred and at ease with decorum. He held a chair out for a Blair who hung ever so slightly back. As she sat down and Chuck helped her with her chair before, taking the seat next to her. Eleanor scanned her daughter's clothes out of habit.

"Really, Blair? It is August after all…"

Blair clenched her jaw, and then gave her mother a tight smile. "Mother, so glad you're home."

Blair finally looked at her father, and he cut to the chase.

"I just do not understand how this happened?"

There was a few ways Chuck could have commented on that, but he held his tongue.

"Daddy, I'm still your little girl. And if it makes you feel any better, I can honestly say that Chuck is the first boy I have ever been intimate with." Blair managed to get out with wide eyes and the smile she always gave him when she was blowing smoke. There were choking sounds from other parts of the room, and she didn't need to look up to know that Chuck and Dorota were exchanging marked looks. She'd deal with them later.

"Blair, sweetheart, I just think that you are far too young to be entering into such an adult relationship… with anyone."

It was as he was about to declare that Chuck Bass was not the boy for his little girl that he noticed that Chuck held her hand under the table. It wasn't in a sexual way, and it wasn't in way of ownership. It was a show of support. And suddenly he got what so many thought was strange until they realized the truth of this couple.

After breakfast, Chuck and Blair finally escaped with the excuse of having plans to see an exhibit at the Met, leaving the four parents musing over tea.

"He loves her." Harold spoke stunned.

"Very much so." Eleanor agreed.

"And she loves him."

"She does…" Eleanor nodded sipping her cup. "They're both so volatile… it won't be easy."

"It never been easy." Dorota spoke out of turn as she brought in a platter of pastries. "But they love each other. Is all that matters."

TahDah! Okay, I realized that it got a tad sad at the end… but I really did try for fluffy happy! Don't blame me. Blame the show. Oh, and you know what I hate? How everything breaks when you're about to move and don't want to buy new stuff yet. Couldn't the old fan have lasted just ONE more summer? Traitor.