Hi… I'm hoping none of you read the new chapter for IToldYou… So you won't be catching me doing something I shouldn't… Anyhoo… This is just another little one shot. I know, I know, like many of you, the most recent Chair fiasco has killed me. I am trying to think of the good times. I do love that they've known each other forever. And I set the beginning of this during the summer after their ILYs. Call me sentimental. The flash back should be self-explanatory. Here we go…

Chuck lay on her bed, feet crossed at the ankles, reading the Economist and listening to Blair talk to herself as she searched her closet. They were headed up to her mother's country place for a few days, and while he had a competent valet who was seeing to his packing, Blair was strenuously trying to decide her own wardrobe for the trip… with a degree of help from Chuck himself. Periodically she would pop out of the closet to hold up a selection of clothes to gain his opinion.

"Jade or violet?" She asked holding up two light day dresses.

He didn't even look up from his magazine.

"Violet…" He smiled when as he glanced up he caught her roll her eyes as she turned away, as if saying, of course he would have chosen the purple. She knew him well.

Chuck tossed the magazine aside and sat up to look around the room. He'd been here a million times, but now he smiled as some of the memories came back. There were times where things happened repeatedly between them in this room, like plotting and sex. Some times plotting while having sex, and sometimes plotting how to have sex. Fun times. But there were other singular memories, and Chuck smiled remember one of the older ones. One that was almost as old as their friendship.


Blair Waldorf had always been perfect. At seven years old she had two perfect pigtails in her hair that corkscrewed on either side of her head, and each was held by a large red bow. She sat in her closet to play because her mother hated it when Blair's room was messy. Only Dorota seemed to care about the closet. Chuck sat a few feet away, and unlike Nathanial, he refused to play dolls with her. Instead Chuck focused on an anime comic he had gotten from the store a full week before it came out to everyone else. He had learned early that money had its privileges.

"You are the worst playdate ever, Chuck Bass."

"Right back at you, Waldorf." Even though he kind of liked just hanging out with her, even if he did refuse to play anything she wanted to play. She wasn't the boss of everything.

She moved her dolls around, ignoring him until it started to drive him crazy.

"Fine. What are you playing?"

"House. This is the family." She said showing him several of the dolls.

"Where's the Dad? At work?" Chuck asked confused.

"No. The Mommy is at work. The Daddy is out with his 'friend'." She told him, using the finger quotes she'd seen her mother use in the past, and speaking to him like he was an idiot. "If you had a Mommy, you'd know she'd be at work."

"Well who's that then?" He scowled, pointing to the doll that was rocking the smaller doll, and sensitive to the face that he didn't have a Mommy, and didn't know what one did.

"That's the Dorota." Blair stated the obvious.

Picking up one of the dolls, Chuck looked at it. It wasn't one of the cheap Barbies he saw some of the other girls playing with. He would bet that these were something special her dad brought her back from one of his trips to France. He touched the hair, and moved the arms, and then with innocent curiosity he shifted the clothes and looked down the bloomers, and was surprised when he felt a bear hit him in the arm.


"You're a prevert!" Blair said snatching the doll away from him and fixing its clothes.

"I am not!" He said angrily, really wishing he knew what a prevert was. He got up and stormed into her room and grabbed a cookie Dorota had left for them. He crushed it in his hands, then shook it all around him, scattering crumbs over the carpet. That'd teach her. Grabbing another cookie he sat on a chair and thought about the doll, still confused. Chuck hated being confused, and suddenly had an idea of how to get answers.

Opening one of her drawers he put what was left of his cookie in and covered it with some clothes, hoping she wouldn't find it for a while. Shutting the drawer he walked to the closet where she was still playing, and doing her best to ignore him. He leaned against the door jam and decided to just ask.

"Psssssst! Waldorf…"

"Go away."

"Have you ever seen one?"

"Seen one what?"

"A peepers."

"Ew. No."

"I haven't seen a… you know."

"A peepers?" She couldn't help but snicker into her hand.

"I've seen a peepers! Well… I've seen my peepers."

"Fine. So you haven't seen a lady's special place. Who cares?"

"Come on… I'll show you mine if you show me yours?"

Blair stood up as indignant as a seven year old could be, her hands going to her hips as she faced off against Chuck. "No way!"

"Aren't you curious? It doesn't look like your dolls…"

"It doesn't?" Blair asked, really getting curious now.

Chuck shook his head.

"Pinky-swear you won't tell anyone?"

Chuck quickly held out his pinky finger and the shook on it.

"Fine… But you first."

Chuck narrowed his eyes, not sure he could trust this deal but he fumbled with the button and zipper of his pants, opening them, and then holding his underwear away from his body so she could peek in side. Taking a tentative step closer to him, still not looking down, and she held up a finger in warning.

"I'm not gonna touch it."

"Of course not." He said rolling his eyes as if that had been obvious. "That'd be gross."

Blair nodded in agreement and then took another couple of tiny steps forward and leaned in to peek down his pants.

Blair's nose crinkled in total disgust and she moved back. "Eww! That's a peepers?"

"I guess…" Chuck shrugged slightly embarrassed by her reaction, as he pulled his pants closed. "Come on. It's your turn."

Sighing, Blair lifted her skirt with one hand, and held open her panties with the other. Chuck peeked in, and then stepped back, confused.

"That's it? I don't get it? It doesn't seem that special?"

Blair shrugged herself, and they both sat down and didn't say anything for a few minutes, Blair taking up her dolls and Chuck picking up his comic.

"Lets never do that again."


End of Flashback.

Chuck strode to the closet and leaned against the door jam, watching her for a minute. Watching the way she moved so quickly. The way she tilted her head to the side. He knew every action and loved it.

"Pssssst! Waldorf…"

She turned to look at him, suspicious of his tone.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours…" He asks innocently, but the way his smile pulled up at the side told of the innuendo.

A giant dimpled smile spread across her face, as she easily recalled the memory. With a twinkle in her eye she skipped over, and launched herself at him, her arms twining around his neck before she pulled him onto the chaise in her closet.

"If you play your cards right… I MIGHT even touch it this time…"

"A boy can dream…"

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