Hello! Well, I would just like to wish all my fellow Canadians a belated Happy Canada Day, and our neighbours to the south, an early Happy Fourth of July! The Queen of England came to Canada Day… I don't think she's big on Independence Day though. This is a little one shot about extended or unseen limo scenes. You guys know I hate to proof read, right? Here we go…

Season One…

Chuck Bass was confused. As someone who thought he knew it all, confusion was not a feeling he was used to. Tonight should have just been another night he'd gotten laid, slightly different in a few ways, like it being with his best friend's girlfriend… ex-girlfriend, and with a virgin, not his partner of choice, but he'd never discriminated before. But if it was just supposed to be sex then why did it feel like Blair Waldorf had just spun his world off its axis?

She was asleep before he'd even finished dressing. In silence and in shock they had started to put their clothes back on, and slide back into their respective seats. He had ordered his driver to circle the city, and they were on the other side of Manhattan when Chuck had signaled him to drive them to Blair's home. With less to put on, she had finished before him, and had rested back in her seat, staring out the window. As he finished doing up what was left of the buttons on his shirt, he glanced over at her. She was asleep, which was probably for the best, because he didn't want her to see how his hands were shaking.

Reaching into the mini-bar he poured a drink and shot it back in one gulp. He couldn't take his eyes off her. It had been a strange night.

He couldn't stop thinking about the way she'd looked at him as she danced for him. And Blair Waldorf had been dancing just for Chuck Bass. He could read women, it was what had kept him laid, and would have done even if he wasn't loaded. There had always been an undercurrent between Chuck and Blair, but it had always remained unacknowledged. She was his best friend's girlfriend. He was her boyfriend's best friend. But he and Blair had always been close friends, and had each other's back in a way no one else did. Chuck had been witness to the mismatch of Blair and Nate for years, and he'd seen how Nate had hurt her time and again. Tonight he'd seen her, really her, in a way that Nate had ever seen her before. And Chuck wasn't even thinking about the dancing. Okay, that was a lie; he'd see that vision in his head till his dying day. But what he meant was, he'd seen the fearlessness in her, the spirit. This was a girl that dreamed big, and went after what she wanted. Tonight, she had wanted him, and unlike Nathanial, Chuck hadn't needed to be asked twice.

He'd never had sex with a girl that he was interested in anything other than a body, and it was messing with his head. This is what he told himself over and over. But he couldn't get it out of his head. She had been perfect.

Not wanting to wake her, because he had a feeling when what they had done had sunk in, she'd be on a stage four Blair-Alert, putting up walls, and pushing him away. But for now she was still his. And as Chuck Bass reached out and caressed a very tousled lock of her hair, he wondered, if he played his cards right, could he have her again?

Season Two…

Blair got into the car most reluctantly, as if she thought it was booby-trapped, and maybe in a way it was. She knew by getting into the car she was committing herself to a night with Chuck… and night with Chuck in a limo. Her track record for these to things made her nervous. She got in any way.

Chuck kept his smile in check as he listened to Blair call her mother and tell her she'd be staying at Serena's that night. Blair was the only girl he knew that actually called home when she was going to be out all night. In the distant past Eleanor might not have noticed, but Dorota always had, and before that Harold. Now Eleanor and Cyrus expected Blair to call if she wasn't coming home. Back before Christmas Chuck remembered hearing Blair complain to Serena about being under a totalitarian regime, but Chuck knew she loved it. She loved that her family cared enough to care.

He wondered if she'd have gotten in the car if she knew how much he cared? He had missed her and he knew he had no one to blame but himself from having lost her. Some people would have just let it go, but they weren't Chuck Bass. And as always, something presented itself that brought them together, and as usual it was Serena. Even knowing he'd won, he knew it had taken his best tactics to lure her here, but it had been worth it to have her all to himself.

This wasn't the first time they'd gone stretches without talking. When they were fourteen, she'd caught him telling Nate that he should breakup with her. She waited till Nate was gone and then came out, grabbed his ear and twisted it as she kicked him in the shin. He'd doubled over and she'd brought her face within a breath of his.

"Listen, Bass, even if you hate me, even if you think he could do better, I'm his girlfriend and it's going to stay that way." She'd kicked him in the shin before letting him go and walking away.

Two months later in a club's filthy bathroom, Blair held Serena's hair back as she threw up, and Chuck stood by the door of the stall ready to help carry her out when she was done. Blair had had a couple of drinks, but was by no means drunk, while Chuck had had enough to knock out another human being, but with his practiced tolerance he was as sober as he could get.

Serena heaved again before collapsing to the stick floor, but neither Chuck nor Blair moved since they knew she probably had another round in her before they should try and move her. The music in the club pulsed through the walls.

She hadn't asked for his help, he'd just been able to tell by Serena's level of intoxication that this was the way the night would end. Blair stood up, so now they both leaned against the stall, staring at nothing. He was about to speak when Serena lurched up and vomited into the toilet again. After they still said nothing as the half dragged, half carried Serena out of the club and into his limo. An hour later after Serena had passed out and was now sleeping it off in Blair's bed, Blair walked him to the elevator.

"Thanks, Bass." She finally said.


He was just about to get on the elevator; in fact he had taken one step in, when he paused, not turning around. "I don't hate you, and Nate could never do better than you."

He'd stepped in and the doors had closed, leaving Blair confused, but happy in the foyer. He'd taken them out for breakfast in the morning.

Chuck glanced over at her now. She was off the phone and was staring out the window.

"Why don't you take your coat off?" He commented, because it was actually quite warm in the car.

She smiled tightly at him. "No, thank you. I'll be keeping all my clothes on for this entire trip."

Chuck smiled, and he didn't comment a half hour later when she undid the buttons. It was a long car ride and it had been a long day. He didn't know when she fell asleep, but he knew the minute her body started to slump towards his, because he met her half way, letting her rest against him. Her had was lying palm up between them, and he slipped his into hers, entwining their fingers. Resting his head against her, he let himself fall asleep pretending that she was still his.

Season Three…

She was still tucked under his arm as the existed the hospital. He had called for his car in the elevator, and they stepped out on the sidewalk to wait. The crisp December night air made Blair shiver, especially given the loose silk of her pajama bottoms and the fact that her slippers weren't anywhere near acceptable outdoor footwear. Chuck pulled her closer, rubbing her arm, and kissing the top of her head.

"Why don't you wait inside…"

Blair shook her head, not wanting to be away from him right now. One because of what happened between them in the hallway, and two because she was still shaken herself by what could have happened to Serena. She needed him.

Knowing she needed a distraction, he pulled back for a second to scan her ensemble, and making a face before pulling her back against him.

"What?" She bit out.

"Nothing… But I must say… I never thought you'd embrace the upscale home-less look… Mary-Kate will be jealous."

She rolled her eyes at him, but before she could comment, the limo pulled up. Chuck held the door open and she quickly climbed into the back of the warm limo. Chuck followed her in, before she could pull him back to her, he grabbed the regularly unused seatbelt and strapped her in.

"Are you kidding?"

"What? Are you worried it will wrinkle you pajamas?"

"Chuck." She said sternly, reaching for the buckle, but his hand covered it.

"Humour me…" He said, looking at her steadily. "At least until we're back in the city…"

She nodded, getting his concern, and left the seatbelt on. He didn't buckle his, and he slid close to her, tucking her against him. They sat quietly, Chuck stroking her hair, and Blair felt the weight of the day pushing heavily on her. Chuck texted his florist with his free hand, ordering a bouquet of yellow roses to leave on his father's grave when they got to the cemetery, but also one of pink peonies for Blair, in thanks and apology for the day.

"Tired?" Chuck smiled, noticing that she could barely keep her eyes open, and slipped his phone back into his pocket.

"Mmm… I wonder why? My best friend was in a car accident. I went outside in the most uncoordinated outfit to ever grace my lovely frame. I was trapped in a van for over an hour with not only Dan Humphrey, but Vanessa Abrams as well. Did I mention it was a van? A van. No wonder it's a pedophile's transportation of choice. It's disgusting. Now what am I leaving out… I know there was something else today…"

Chuck rolled his eyes, knowing what was coming.

"Oh, yes. I spent most of the day stalking my boyfriend, also known as the most stubborn man on the planet, even after he repeatedly tried to ditch me, and told me to my face to get out…" She teased with closed eyes.

Chuck didn't say anything, but hugged her a little tighter.

"When are you going to realize it, Bass? You're never getting rid of me." She murmured sleepily, snuggling into his chest.

As the woman he loved fell asleep in his arms, Chuck hoped more than anything that she was right.

TahDAH! There was something I was going to say… but I totally forgot. Instead I shall go with a warning and a tough life lesson I have learned. Always find money in your budget for waxing. I went cheap. I bought a cream. I'm an idiot. I now have chemical burns on the backs of my knees/legs. When they heal, no matter how broke I am, I will run back to a professional waxer, having seen the error of my ways. Seriously it HURT like CRAZY, and the whole time I cursed my stupidity and my cheapness. OH! And then my mom said "Put some cream on it." I said, "But won't that hurt more? Chemical on top of chemical in a way?" She said, "I don't see why it would…" IT WOULD! IT HURT MORE! Burned! BUUUURRRNNNEEEDD! The woman is smart in so many ways, and yet she led me wrong…