Grey's Anatomy
'I'm So Sorry'

Disclaimer: Grey's Anatomy and all characters associated with it belong to Shonda Rhimes and ABC. As much as I wish they were mine, they never will be. All other characters and places are mine. If there is a real person or place that I have named in my story, it is purely coincidental.

Summary: Erica's spirit lives on. Short. Sad. One-Shot.

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"I didn't leave you Callie."

"Huh?" Callie mumbled, clearly still half-asleep.

"I didn't leave you Callie. I was driving away to get some space. I needed to think for a while, but I had every intention of calling you the minute I got home."

"What?!" Callie jerked awake and looked around the room. It was Erica, she heard her.

Callie looked around the room. She could hear Erica's voice as clear as day, but she was the only one in the room, only one in the apartment with Christina already having left for work. She stayed very quiet for a minute, stopping even her own breathing so she could hear if maybe Erica was outside her door. But there was nothing. "Erica?"

Her cheek tingled, as the familiar sensation of Erica caressing her cheek coursed through her body. She closed her eyes and leaned into the touch.

"I'm so sorry Callie."

A little while later Callie opened her front door to get the paper. 'NO LEADS ON HIT AND RUN DRIVER THAT KILLED WORLD-RENOWNED 'CARDIO GOD' ERICA HAHN'

Callie crumbled to the floor.

"I'm so sorry Callie."