Rating: R/M (For disturbing content; I'm doing it to be safe)

Genre: General

Summary: Two little girls who likes to draw. One with hair like the sun, one with hair like dark chocolate. One with visions of heaven, one with visions of hell. Crossover.
Author's Note: … I dunno. I wanted to do a Rule of Rose, Silent Hill crossover, and so I did.

Disclaimer: I don't own Rule of Rose or Silent Hill. The first belongs to Atlus, the second to Konami, I believe.


Two little girls, drawing in a misty park full of dead roses.

One with hair like the sun, one with hair like dark chocolate.

One with eyes cut of a shining sapphire jewel, one with eyes deep as the darkest depths of the ocean.

One dressed in white and light blue, like clouds on sky. One dressed in dark blue on black, like silhouettes against the night sky.

One with a sweet, deceiving countenance. The other with a stony, blatant disposition.

One with ideals of how it could be, one with realities of how it is.

One with visions of heaven, one with visions of hell.

Sapphire eyes, wide and kind, look at the drawings on the other's paper.

They depict a hell so nightmarish, so ghastly, it's blasphemy that a child, a pure being should be aware of its existence. Men and women in black mutilated, heads rolling guts spilling silent screams of agony from a now silent place lost to time. They deserve it, they're paying for their sins now and they'll burn forever.

Blood and black, a mottled man with a giant knife and a butcher's apron and a gigantic metal pyramid on his head stands apart in these pictures. The dark one glorifies him, makes him an avenger, an executioner, a punisher to those who hurt and those who knew but didn't help. He is her savior, her pet, her servant, her friend.

This is her reality.

But the light one's drawings are of a fantastical nature, light and hopeful, a fish rising to heaven and carrying all of her friends who'd been hurt and hurt and hurt without any retribution to those who'd done it. The people that were good in the beginning and bad in the end and the people that shouldn't get hurt but do anyway because that's how it always works.

But for all the cheeriness, one girl is left behind, mutt at her side because she's a traitor, a traitor to her princess' heart, oh how she broke her princess' heart when she chose that mutt over the Princess of the Red Roses… She deserves to get left behind and not go to heaven and live on and on and on in loneliness and pain.

The dark one notes the tone of the light one's drawings, notes the girl that's left behind and that she was right and that the light one is dark inside just as she is dark with light inside.

Inverses. Go figure.

And in this misty garden with silent screams and shadows of hulking figures of friend and fiend behind the dying trees, yin meets yang and dark meets light, and both find that they're perfectly content with acknowledging each other's existence but staying in their own realms:

Reality and Dream.


Just in case you missed it: Wendy and Alessa. That's all.