In this alternaverse, Ranma accepts his curse, but with a lot of shame. He doesn't want to be a woman, but wears it as a disguise – to get closer to the girls he likes and as a way of escaping his problems. He tries his best to keep his switch a secret. Think "Gacha Gacha Secret" or "Pretty Face".

A note....Chapter 1 will serve as a standard introduction for those not familiar with Ranma and will probably bore those who have read it. Chapter 2 will be where most of the differences start.

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Standard Disclaimer...

I don't own Ranma. This is a fan fiction which is a creative and non-commercial effort which parodies the original work.

This fanfic is rated M for possible nudity and adult situations.

All that being said, here's the first chapter which is how Ranma's life began...

Chapter 1 -- Accursed Life

Ranma and his father Genma were martial artists on a training trip in China. After walking through the Bayankala Range, they finally reached Mount Quajing, where the legendary Training Ground of Accursed Springs were said to be at.

Ranma grumbled, "Are we there yet? I'm starvin'."

Genma made a stern face, "An empty stomach will make you hungry for learning."

Ranma rolled his eyes. He figured his dad didn't have any food, so he was busy making up stupid excuses.

As they turned the corner on the trail, the mountain pass opened up to a valley plateau in the middle. Spread out in front of them were hundreds of pools.

Ranma looked at his dad, "So, is this place it?"

Genma looked at the brochure. He scratched his head.

"Don't tell me you can't read Chinese, pop!"

"Bingo!" His father replied, grinning like a maniac.

Ranma smacked his father over the head. Then he looked down at the valley. There was a little shack near the edge of where the pools started. He pointed down there, "Let's go ask for directions."

"Last one to get there is a rotten egg!" Genma shouted. He started running.

Ranma clenched his hand and said, "I won't be beat so easily!" He started running as fast as he could. Eventually the two of them made it to the shack by the water. A Chinese man sat in front of it on a rock. He had a fishing pole and adjusted his Mao style hat when he saw Ranma and Genma.

The man spoke in broken Japanese, "You sirs looking for guide to springs, yes?"

Genma nodded. "Is this the legendary training ground, Jusenkyo?"

"Yes, sirs. I give tour. Five hundred Yuan. Good deal, yes?" The guide answered.

Genma pulled his pockets out and found some Chinese currency. He studied it and shrugged as he handed the lot to the guide. "Is this enough?"

The guide looked at the ball of lint and the 3,000 yuan Renminbi note Genma gave him. Internally he was thinking that these two guys must be very stupid to give away so much money. He shrugged and pocketed it.

"We start tour now." The guide replied. The two martial artists nodded to one another. They both followed the guide down a clay path to the edge of a bunch of springs.

When they arrived, there were several cold pools of water with bamboo poles poking out. The guide said, "Here sir. Is legendary 'training ground of accursed spring'."

"Are you ready, boy?" Genma sneered.

"Ready as I'll ever be, pops." Ranma replied, cracking his knuckles. "This place isn't so impressive."

The guide waved his arms at the two. "You very strange one, no, sir? This place very dangerous. Nobody use now. Is more than 100 spring here. Each one have own tragic legend!"

"Ranma, follow me!" Genma yelled as he leaped up on top of one of the poles poking out of a spring. Ranma jumped up onto another pole.

"Ah! Sir, what you doing?" The guide yelled with panic. The two martial artists just ignored him.

"I won't go easy on you." Genma yelled in his crane stance.

"That's how I want it!" Ranma replied, slipping into a defensive posture.

The two leaped at each other, causing the guide to scream, "Please sir! Very bad if you fall in spring!"

Genma lunged towards Ranma, but Ranma anticipated his move and did a flip in the air over his father. He finished the move with a strong kick downward, causing his father to fall helplessly into one of the springs with a huge splash. Ranma gracefully landed on one of the poles and snorted derisively.

No sound came from the water. Ranma yelled, "Pop? What's up? Give up already?"

Suddenly a panda leaped out of the pool where his father once was and landed on a pole. Ranma's eyes nearly leaped out of his head.

"Wha? Wha? Wha?" Ranma said, confused.

The guide yelled loudly, "That spring of drowned panda. There is tragic legend, very tragic, of panda who drown there two thousand year ago."

The panda in question started attacking Ranma who was trying to dodge while the guide was talking to him. "Oh no...Wait a second, " Ranma said, jumping over a panda claw, "You never said anything about..."

The panda landed a downward strike on Ranma in mid-air, sending him into one of the pools below.

The guide shrieked, "Ohhh! Not spring of drowned girl!"

Ranma was beneath the waters. The guide moaned, "There is tragic legend, very tragic, of young girl who drown in spring one thousand five hundred year ago. Now whoever fall in that spring..."

Bubbles began to rise and Ranma surfaced. She looked down and saw breasts. The guide continued, "...take body of young girl! You see what I mean?"

Ranma walked to the shore and sat down, stunned. His whole teenage boy life flashed before his eyes. He (now she) screamed, "What the hell is going on?" She cupped her hand to her mouth. Her voice was a girl's voice. She imagined herself trying to be polite and talk in female speech. It was enough to make her want to vomit.

The guide sighed. He said, "I try warn you, but you no listen. Come back to shack. I fix." He wandered off.

Ranma looked at herself really closely. Her panda dad jumped down from one of the poles and landed on the ground. She noticed him and yelled, "This is all your fault! I can't believe this!"

The panda just made a strange noise, "Growf!"

Ranma's battle aura grew. She clenched her fist and said, "I'm going to pound you!"

The big panda started running and Ranma gave chase. "Coward!" She yelled as she ran after him.

Hibiki Ryoga leaned on his walking stick. He had been chasing Ranma and Genma all over China, occasionally getting lost for days. But he was sure he saw them at these springs.

The panda ran through a thicket of bamboo and barreled over Ryoga who happened to be standing in the way. Ryoga tried to avoid the panda, but ended up getting knocked off his feet into the air. Ranma lept in the air and smashed into Ryoga. The boy careened over a ledge and splashed into one of the pools. Ranma didn't notice and continued her pursuit.

Ryoga, in the cursed pool, began to change.

Genma, in panda form doubled back to the pools. He noticed a little black pig with a bandana splashing around in one of the pools. He snatched it up with his panda claw and looked at it. Dinner time! He thought. He carried the little pig to the shack and opened the door.

"Ah, sir. You find very nice pig!" The guide said. "Let's right now cook it. Very nice." He grabbed a butcher knife and started to sharpen it on a stone. "In ground of accursed springs, we have the 'spring of drowned black pig.'" Genma got the fire started and a kettle of water on it. He blew on the flames with a pipe.

"Here's a very sad story of a baby black pig who drowns there one thousand two hundred year ago." The guide continued, grabbing the piglet and holding it above the hot water. He looked at it closely and said, "Maybe there's a poor person who falls in the spring of drowned black pig."

Genma put on a bib and grabbed a fork. Drool ran down his furry panda face.

The guide dropped the pig into the water and laughed, "Ha! Funny joke, yes?"

The pig changed into a boy before their eyes in the pot, completely naked save for his neckwear and screamed, "OW! Hot hot hot!"

"Oh look! It is a poor person! Now we cannot eat!"

Ryoga screamed in embarassment ran out of the shack.

Ranma slammed the door open, huffing and puffing from running.

The guide took some of the hot water from the kettle with a ladle. "You sirs will be fixed with this."

"You mean you have a cure?" Ranma asked, hopefully.

The guide just poured the hot water on both of them. Genma transformed back into himself. He felt his body and said, "Thank Kami. I'm normal again."

Ranma yelled, "Don't forget me!" The guide poured water on her and she turned back to normal.

"Hot water change to normal, but cold water bring out curse again. This very bad, sirs."

"You mean, this is permanent?" Ranma said, with tears in his eyes.

The guide nodded and said, "Too too tragic."

Genma didn't hide his dissappointment. He clenched his fist and tears rolled down his eyes, "For the sake of the school of Anything Goes Martial Arts, we must keep this a secret, son."

Ranma scowled and hit Genma over the head with the kettle, "This is all your fault, you stupid old man! Why did you bring me here in the first place?" Ranma was feeling angry, but mostly sad. He knew from then on his father would never see him as a man.

Genma put his hand on his son's shoulder and said, "You said you'd give you life for the sake of the art. Just consider this another aspect of training." Ranma grew angrier, and just walked out. He wanted to leave before he killed his father.

Outside, Ranma walked off towards the trail. Tears threatened to start falling again. He blamed the curse for it. "I'm a man! A man!" He yelled. He was terrified of what could happen to him in his female form. His father told him over and over again how weak women were. What could he do to defend himself in a fight? What if his opponent knew his weakness and exploited it? He looked up in the sky and saw rain clouds. He gasped at the thought of turning back into a girl and ran back to the shack as fast as he could.

Meanwhile, in the shack, Genma played with changing from a man to a panda and back again. He was more amused than worried about his change. A panda was a far better curse than what his son had to endure. He wondered if he could eat bamboo like a panda too. That'd save him on long trips. He started grinning.

Ranma, looking scared, ran into the shack. He saw his father sitting around in panda form, was surprised and said, "You mean to tell me that you like being a panda, pops?"

The panda grabbed a pen and a sign and wrote, "Yes."

Ranma slapped his forehead and said, "I just want to go home. This is the most horrible day of my life."

Genma poured a little hot water on his head and said, "There's something I've been meaning to tell you, son."


"I've written a letter to my old friend, Tendo Soun. He runs the Tendo training hall in Nerima ward of Tokyo. He and I got to talking."

Ranma had a bad feeling about where this was headed. "And?"

"He and I are worried about the future of our schools." Genma continued. "Years ago, we promised each other that if I ever had a son and he had a daughter, we'd arrange for them to get married."

"No way, pop!" Ranma interrupted. "How am I supposed to marry someone? Have you forgotten my curse?" His eyes were pleading. "Please don't make me do this."

Genma ignored the young man's look and rubbed the back of his head with a laugh. "It'll be fine. Don't worry so much. If you avoid cold water, you're still a man, right? Besides, I promised. It's a matter of honor."

A cloud of depression hovered over Ranma. He sighed, "My life is over."