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Have you heard the expression 'what goes around comes around?' or karma which can be attributed to 'eye for an eye' in a twisted sense? How about the 'circle of life'? Yeah, about that. He's not a fan.

"What are you doing?" The question he asks makes sense. But she looks at him, like he doesn't.

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

There is something seriously wrong with this picture. "It looks like you're moving in."

Casey stops midway of lifting a highly - weirdly - decorative lamp and gives him a 'you're an idiot' look. "I am." She goes back to lifting said lamp without a cursory glance towards him. Sure, his jaw might have dropped, his eyes wide, but come on! He thinks he might have stopped breathing for a second.

"You're what?"

Maybe his reaction is too late, because his step-sister had already placed her insanely tiny contribution to light in her former bedroom and was halfway to the door when she stopped and turned towards him with a glare. Oh! And her hands were on her hips, which is pretty much what she always does in accompaniment to the 'death glare'. "We discussed this."

Huh? Was he unconscious at the time? "You and... my twin?"

She rolled her eyes as if this was an expected annoyance. "We can't make a relationship work without going back to our former arrangement." Ignoring his still slack jawed expression, she walked briskly out of the door only to return with a painting of a naked woman. Now that he can live with. He was too busy checking the accuracy of the artists' work to pay attention to whatever she was saying. "Derek!"

Huh? "Huh?"

Casey sighed. But the sigh was more affectionate, which to Derek was...scary. She was up to something. "I said, unless we learn to live together, we won't be able to handle each other."

He crossed his arms as his eyes narrowed. "What's your end game?"

Grinning innocently, she shrugged as she left and returned with a pillow under each arm. "I have no idea what you're talking about." She was smiling too sweetly.

He still wasn't convinced. "Moving in is a bit extreme, don't you think?"

She looked at him thoughtfully for a second. "Nope." Shrugging, she headed towards her room. And he ended up following her.

"You do realize that we're dating right?" He had to be sure. She might have hit her head or something.

"I know." She said chirpily as she smoothed down the covers.

He was still confused. "And you moving in here means we're living together. At least that's what people will think."

Still keeping her eyes around the bedroom, she continued to tidy up. "I know."

Did he miss the memo? "So... are we living together?" He was not a commitment-phobe. He was just... unsure of how to act in a... relationship.. that he doesn't control... totally.

She looked at him thoughtfully. "What do you think?"

This was his chance. He had to grab it, own it, and take it like a man. "I think.." She shouldn't really look at him like that. "...maybe you should.." She raised her eyebrows at him. "..tell me what I should think." He didn't chicken out. He was just utterly flabbergasted and confused.

She seemed surprised. "Okay then." She moved around the bed and came to stand in front of him, hands wringing nervously. "I think that not only are we starting a new life in college but we're also in a new place regarding us. And I don't know about you, but I don't really want to go through it alone."

Times like this, he really wished she wasn't so sappy. Scrunching up his face in confusion, he winced. "The thing is, I'm more of a loner, and you moving in will probably ruin my already damaged reputation." Her eyes narrowed and she hit his shoulder. Hard. "Ow!" It didn't hurt, but still..

"Derek! Here I am letting out my feelings and you're being a complete ass about it." She snapped.

"Casey!" He snapped back. Also thrown in was a light slap to her shoulder which resulted with a surprised gasp. "I'm trying to tell you that living together is a bad idea."

"Oh really?" She crossed her arms and stood her ground. "Give me three good reasons."

"I'll give you three good reasons." He was thinking. There had to be at least a million. "One. It's a fire hazard." She rolled her eyes. "Two. Nora and Dad will not be happy." She looked away for that. "And three." He stopped, and she looked at him curiously. "Three." He repeated. The truth was that there was no real reason for her not to move in. "Three. We might get sick of each other." And the thing is, he was actually saddened by the thought. Talk about doing a full one eighty.

Leaning forward, she kissed him lightly. It was unlike any other kiss they'd shared. It was short, but didn't seem rushed. As soon as they parted, she slapped the back of his head. "Idiot!" He grabbed the back of his head, because lets face it, it kinda hurt, as he watched her strut out of her bedroom and into the kitchen. What the hell? He followed her, confused. "What do you want tonight? Pasta?" She asked seemingly distracted as she started pulling out cutlery from the kitchen she organized. What else was there to say but 'sure'?

After two minutes of watching her, it hit him. She was as unsure about this as he is. Why else would she start making dinner at three in the afternoon? Food was their neutral thing. The kitchen, their comfort zone. Without a second thought, he advanced towards her, grabbed her shoulders long enough to hear a surprised 'Derek', before he kissed her. She responded, and Derek, taking that as a 'yes', easily lifted her and headed towards his bedroom. After placing her on his bed, while still covering her with kisses, she stopped him. "I think we're living together." Her eyes were wide, scared really.

Moving away slightly, he smirked. "Yeah, kinda guessed that."

"No! I mean." She was panicky. "I like you." She sounded surprised, unsure and utterly confused. "And you like me. And we like each other." She looked away in awe. "I didn't see this coming. I wonder if anyone did."

"You know you're freaking me out, right?" Even her mental state must take a break at some point, right?

"Oh my God, Derek! We should totally right a book!" Casey suddenly squealed disentangling herself from him. "I mean, just think about the stories we can write about."

Groaning, he fell back on the bed. She might have screamed out the words he wanted to hear, but it wasn't for the reason he wanted. "Please tell me you're not going to write a story plan."

She gasped. "That's a great idea." He groaned again. "I better get on it right away before I forget." She stood up excitedly, and sprinted out of the room, leaving a frustrated Derek behind.

"You're lucky I like you, McDonald." He yelled from his now comfortable place on his bed. Sighing, he sat up. Was this what his life was going to be like from here on? A moral compass that's always on, chirpy as a cheerleader, but deadly as a snake when crossed? Without him knowing, he smirked. She really was something. Just as he was about to get off the bed, Casey rushed back in.

"Actually, I like you too, Venturi." She grinned before she straddled him in one smooth movement. "We can always finish the list later right?"

He grinned. "Right." Grinning herself, she kissed him deeply. He smiled into the kiss as his hands roamed the now familiar curves of her body. For once, the door was locked, the cellphones in the next room, and their apartment empty. It was finally some of the alone, uninterrupted time Derek had been yearning for. No one else made him crave them this badly. She was annoying, yet intoxicating. Maddening, yet funny. Completely the opposite of him, yet not. Maybe fate does exist, and maybe this might last. Whatever it was, it left him thinking one thing.

He was a happy man.