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If only, if only

They sat in a tight circle and the tension in the air was palpable. Kuwabara had called Keiko, freaking out on the phone because Yusuke refused to answer his calls and demanded an emergency meeting. Normally Yusuke would have ignored him but Keiko forced him to see what Kuwabara was going on about, even though Yusuke himself could have cared less. I mean what did Kuwabara expect from him?

But even Yusuke wasn't shallow enough not to notice how much seeing her much have hurt Kuwabara. Because she was glowing and looking at Hiei with such painstaking adoration it was almost sickening. He sat in Kuwabara's living room beside Kurama who looked less interested than Yusuke himself. "Why did you call us down here, again?" Botan asked, trying her best not to snap.

"Hiei has informed Yukina that he wants to help her search for her brother!" Kuwabara yelped, blowing this way out of proportion.

"And we should…care about this, why?" Yusuke asked, annoyed.

Kuwabara looked like his eyes were about to bulge out of his head "Hiei can't do that, because I offered to help her find her brother! It isn't fair!?" He snapped, apparently enraged. Hiei was leaning against the wall closest to the window looking impassive and Yukina was standing beside him, doing nothing more than staring at him. She was enthralled.

"Kuwabara I am sure you can both help her" Kurama said, shooting a look in Hiei's direction that said 'what have you gotten yourself into?' Hiei merely shook his head. What could he have done anyway? He panicked granted, he did end up saying something incredibly stupid but at least it brought him some time.

Kuwabara was turning red with furry and Yusuke figured it was only a matter of time before he did something to piss Hiei off. "Look, it isn't a big deal" Yusuke reasoned, not in the mood for a blood fest so early in the morning. "So he is going to help her, so what?" He shrugged.

It just wasn't fair. Kuwabara wanted nothing more than to be Yukina's hero, her savior; the one who found her brother for her and gained her undying love, the one whom she stayed in the human world for. But now, Hiei was posing a threat to Kuwabara's master plan. "You're making an ass of yourself as well" Hiei commented in the corner as Yukina laid her chin on his shoulder, her closeness made Hiei a bit uncomfortable but Yukina knew that two demons searching for one would be unstoppable.

Not that she didn't appreciate Kuwabara's help but…she knew he wasn't helping her because he wanted to. He was helping her because he wanted her to love him and something about that bothered Yukina a little bit. She couldn't force herself to love him just because he helped her find her brother, those terms were just unfair. Hiei seemed genuine in his offer to help her, for no other reason than that. She smiled.

"Kuwabara, please calm down. I don't think it matters who helps me, all I want is to find my brother" She reasoned softly. She knew why he was upset, because he hated Hiei but this was extreme, and selfish on his part.

Kuwabara's anger faltered for a moment as he paused to contemplate her words. She was right but why Hiei of all the potential candidates? I mean, Kuwabara loved her and she loved her brother, so if Hiei or Kuwabara himself were to reunite her with her long lost brother, where would that leave him? "Of course I want you to be happy just, I thought we could be happy together" He said. Now he was just being possessive.

Hiei felt the heat under his skin as Kuwabara attempted to stake a claim on his sister. What kind of right did he have to do that? It was Yukina's choice, wasn't it? She herself was frowning at him, not quite knowing what she could have said. "Kuwabara I never…" She broke off, not knowing how to explain it to him without sounding to mean. She hated making people feel bad. "This is different" She finally said.

"How?" Kuwabara asked, flatly. The others didn't bother participating because they knew they would only be in the way.

"It's not the same and you know it" Yukina said, not feeling the need to explain it further. Because deep down when Hiei offered to help her find her brother she realized that she had never thought much about it, but she had always felt something for him. Maybe it was a long buried need for companionship or maybe after two years of watching him sulk from afar it was something more challenging, she couldn't deny that however she chose to define her feelings, she liked him. And that was very, very bad. Hiei only felt sorry for her, she was sure that was positive but still, his offer made her heart flutter.

She didn't explain further and clamped her mouth shut tight. Yusuke stood up and brushed himself off in an annoyed manor "Look, if you don't have anything else to complain about, I'm out" He said, taking Keiko's hand and heading back out the door towards nowhere in particular.

"Poor Kuwabara" Keiko mumbled. Yusuke rolled his eyes.

"You shouldn't worry about him too much" He said. Kuwabara had a bad habit of getting over excited about things and Yusuke was sure, if it came down to a fight, Hiei would mop the floor with his goofy orange haired friend. "I am sure things will blow over with time, I mean, it's seriously not a big deal…" He shrugged "though I do think Hiei is burying his own grave with this one" He said, sighing.

"I don't think he knows what he is getting himself into" Keiko agreed.

Meanwhile Kuwabara was continuing his ranting. "Yukina I want to be the one to help you find you brother. I vow to you that I will find him first" He said, turning it into a competition. Hiei rolled his eyes and Kurama continued to eye his friend. How could he help Yukina find himself? That was absolutely ridiculous! His frown deepened, annoyed.

"This isn't a competition" Yukina said, suddenly appalled "I don't really care who finds him, it isn't like I am giving the winner a prize...I just" Her eyes filled with tears and she cursed being so vulnerable. She felt like a pathetic excuse for a demon as she stood there on the verge of tears. She clenched her fist and Hiei could feel from the short distance between them the air around her turn cold, so cold it frosted the leather of his black trench coat. She was getting upset.

"Yukina please don't cry" Kuwabara whined, stepping forward and preparing to comfort her yet again but Hiei was closer.

"Hey, don't worry about anything" He said, bowing before her "I will help you find your brother, and the only prize I want is to beat him to the punch" He said. Yukina was peeking through her fingers at Hiei who seemed to be uncharacteristically chivalrous today and giggle a little bit as Hiei winked at her.

He noticed as well that he was acting extremely out of character but he couldn't help it. Yukina made him feel out of character. He wanted to tell her he was her brother so badly but…at the moment just being near her was enough. He could play innocent for a while and then he could pretend to find out he was related to her at the same time she found out. Sure, it would be a slight lie but…what other option did he have at this point? He was in too deep to tell her the truth now.

Kuwabara seemed furious and Kurama, along with Botan had slipped out a while ago. They were smart enough not to want to get caught in the middle of this potentially awkward situation. "Yukina" Kuwabara started, but was at a loss as to what to say. Why was she looking at Hiei as if he were the only other person in the room…no, as if he were the only person in the world. Kuwabara knew that look because it was the same look he gave Yukina himself. The 'I love you more than the stars love the sky' look.

"What is it, Kuwabara?" She asked, still being polite. She liked Kuwabara, because he was kind and sweet and very good to her but she didn't have quite the reaction that Hiei's cold stare seemed to awaken in her. Which was quite odd considering the distance Hiei usually places between himself and the world but his proposal to assist her made her hopeful that there might be more to him than he let on.

"I just want to know if this means you don't want my help" Kuwabara said, feeling crestfallen and put out, so much so that Yukina relented and walked over to him.

"I appreciate both of your help, believe me. Thank you very much" She said, opening her arms and offering to hug Kuwabara. He immediately and gratefully pulled her close to him much to Hiei's dismay and hugged her tightly.

She pulled back when her lungs constricted and smiled at him gratefully. "This world is so big though, I don't know where to begin" she said, beginning to think up all the likely ways she could search for a metephorical needle in a heystack.

Kuwabara boasted "Why don't we start here in our town? There couldn't possibly be many demons around, right?" He stole a glance at Hiei as if to say 'ha, too bad you didn't think of that.' Hiei didn't bother returning his stare. He wasn't in the mood to argue with an imbecile.

Yukina smiled "It is a good thought but if he were here I would have already run into him. As far as I have found, Hiei and Kurama are the only demons here." She said, frowning.

Kuwabara laughed and shook out his orenge hair "And that would be rediculous" He said, continuing to laugh. Hiei snorted a little bit, unable to help himself. Kuwabara truly was an idiot.

Yukina didn't laugh simply because she didn't think it was funny. She had no idea what her brother looked like so as far as she knew, one of the two of them very well could be him. She frowned as a new thought dawned on her. They could very well be her brother…but…would they know if they were? Her frown deepened.

She didn't want to ask because obviously if either Kurama or Hiei knew they were her brother, they would have told her. She idly wondered if there were demon DNA tests. She somehow doubted it. "Maybe it wouldn't hurt to sweep the town with another demons help" She finally agreed. Fear was rising in her belly now and she was suddenly very nervous. "I wonder what he is like" she said, thinking.

Kuwabara jumped at a chance to comfort her "I am sure he is kind just like you are" He said, thinking about what Yukina's twin looked like. He shuddered as an image of Yukina as a boy floated through his mind.

Yukina frowned "I suppose that would make sense, we are twins after all but…demon twins are typically opposites." She concured. "If I am an ice demon then he is probably a fire demon, and if I am kind then he must be un-kind" Her logic was eschew but it was enough to make Hiei's blood run cold. Were they aware that he was a fire demon? He sure hoped not.

Kuwabara frowned now "That doesn't sound like someone you would get along with at all, you are too sweet to have to put up with someone like that" He said "Fire demons are dangerous"

Yukina didn't like the insinuation "All demons are dangerous, don't ever forget that." She warned. "And we would get along, we would complete each other don't you think?" She said. Hiei rolled his eyes.

"You have been watching to many human romance movies" Hiei complained. What did she mean by 'we would complete each other' anyway? That was an odd comment to make.

"Have not! It's the truth" She said, seeming deadest on her odd theories.

Hiei had to ask, he couldn't help himself "What do you plan on saying to him when you meet him?" Kuwabara opened his mouth to interject, not wanting Hiei and her talking more than absolutely necessary but he clamped his mouth shut. He wanted to know the answer to this question as well.

Yukina shrugged and sat down on the nearby couch "I probably won't say anything" she admitted "I will more than likely just bust into tears." She chuckled a bit but Hiei could tell how much it hurt her inside by the look on her face. She looked almost dejected.

"Well if he is an asshole like you think he will be you probably won't have to say anything," Kuwabara said, stopping mid sentence to laugh. He knew it was rude of him but he couldn't stand the thought of losing Yukina to her brother. Even if he didn't love her in the same kind of way she would want to spend time with him and everything, and Kuwabara was not willing to let that happen.

"I don't think he will be an asshole to his sister" Hiei snapped suddenly "Though I can't say much for an idiot such as yourself" He said, shooting a sharp glare in Kuwabara's direction.

"Yukina's brother better like me, I mean, what's not to like" He said, taking up a fake model pose. Yukina giggled and Hiei scowled.

"Do you really want me to answer that?" He snarled. Yukina raised her hand as if she were in a classroom and stared at Hiei until he turned his attention to her "May I ask what you are doing?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

"Waiting to be called on. I am going to human school soon" She said, beaming. Hiei frowned deeper and scoffed.

"What are you doing?" He asked, unaware of this little development.

"Keiko said I could go to school with her while I am here, so I am going to be attending human school." She said "Kurama goes, so I thought it looked like a fun adventure."

"An adventure" Hiei repeated, completely forgetting what they were talking about in light of this shocking news "School is not an adventure, it is dangerous Yukina, I don't think you understand"

"Yes Kuwabara let me watch it on TV and it looked like so much fun! And apparently it is a great place to fall in love" She said, with an exaggerated sigh.

Even Kuwabara was disturbed by her comment and immediately jumped on it "But Yukina why would you want to go to school and fall in love if you have me? I would give you my heart and soul if I could" He said, dropping down on one knee.

Hiei scoffed "What you meant to say is 'why would you want to fall in love with a human'" He corrected. The very thought of a demon mating with a human appauled him. He would rather see her get together with the idiot Kurama rather than some weak human who couldn't protect her.

"Maybe I should just fall in love with my brother" she teased, giggling and blushed. Hiei's blood ran cold again and he stared blankly at her.

"Why would you do that?" Kuwabara yelped, clearly hurt.

She shrugged "I was only joking because Hiei suggested I need to fall in love with a demon and I know my brother is a demon. Besides, in our world, it isn't a taboo. Actually, it is quite common." She said. It was strange that she acted so nonchalant about the whole thing and it made Hiei very uncomfortable.

"She is right though. Demons mate with their siblings to preserve bloodlines in our world. What the humans view as sick and wrong are actually quite common." He shrugged, never taking his eyes off of Yukina.

Kuwabara didn't like that they kept calling it 'our world' which insinuated that they lived there together. He scowled "That is just gross" He said.

"To a human" Hiei added, smirking. He was making Kuwabara uncomfortable, which was trumping his own unease. This was too much fun.

"Stop talking to me as if I am any different from you guys! I have special powers too! I may be a human but I can fight and kill demon and you know it." Kuwabara yelled, his face turning red.

"Smooth thing to say in front of the demon girl you want as your girlfriend." Hiei said, rolling his eyes.

Yukina frowned as well "It isn't a competition or anything but in all truths we are different. You may have powers, but you will never know what it is like to be a demon" She said, shaking out her blue hair which she had forgotten to tie back up this morning. She frowned because she hated it when her hair is down.

Kuwabara looked hurt. "I-I don't know what to say to that" He said. Then he glared at Hiei harshly. "You are some piece of work, you know that!" He yelled suddenly.

Hiei stared at him but didn't move from his position. He was in no mood for an outburst, or a fight. "Dare I ask" He stated, rolling his eyes

"You are trying to take her away from me! Her attention and all that, you know I like her and you just can't stand me being with a demon because you have some kind of…some kind of…SUPERIORITY COMPLEX" He shouted finally, turning on his heels and leaving his own house, slamming the door behind him.

Hiei stared at the closed door. He would make Kuwabara pay for that little outburst but for now he was once again left alone with Yukina. And he had to convince her not to go to school. He turned to her using an approach he only possessed when around her and stated in a very soft, concerned voice "I don't think you should attend school" He said, hoping to reason with her.

"I don't see why not, I will have Keiko and I was only kidding about the falling in love thing to make Kuwabara uncomfortable, I was only playing with him" She said.

"That doesn't make it less dangerous. Humans are unpredictable, and for the most part very vile. They cannot be trusted." He reasoned.

"You have two human friends don't you?" She said.

He scoffed again "I do not consider either Yusuke or Kuwabara my friend." He said.

"Is Kurama your friend?" She asked, curiously.

"No" He stated, simply. She had successfully distracted him but…why did she have to look so sad?

"So you are telling me that you don't have any friends?" She asked. Her mouth turned down into a worried frown and she stared into his dark eyes with the red tint.

"I don't need any" He corrected. He had been alone all his life, so what use did he have for them in the first place? What good were friends anyway? All they did was betray.

"That is a morbid thing to say. Everyone needs a companion don't you think?" She asked, watching him with her dark red tinted eyes. It pained him to notice their similarities. He noticed the way she scrunched her nose up when she was irritated, her glare could turn people to stone, just like his, the way she clenched her fists when she was annoyed. It was all so frustrating.

"No…I don't" He stated, simply. It was true. He had no use for friends.

She cocked her head to one side and looked at him with a sad expression "So you're saying that if I offered to be my friend, you wouldn't let me be?" She asked.

Hiei took a step back, not knowing what to say. Then his face turned into a scowl. "Why would you offer me that privilege, anyway?" He said.

It was high time to figure out what Yukina thought of him.