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Chapter 1

Where am I? Why do I feel so groggy? It feels like I have been asleep for ages. Wait a minute, I panicked, as my thoughts started to get more coherent. I can't sleep. I'm a vampire. How is that possible? Vampires don't sleep. Not letting the dark settle onto me again, I fought for consciousness. Where's Edward? Renesmee? Alice? They must be here somewhere, worried about me. What had happened? What danger had befell me to put me here? I struggled to remember.

The memories came back in waves.

My first look at Edward's beautiful face.

His crooked smile.

Edward saving me again and again.

Our meadow.

All of our passionate kisses.

Our honeymoon.

My transformation.

His voice when he said my favorite things. "The lion fell in love with the lamb." "You are my life now." Will you marry me?" "our daughter" "I love you."

I was seeing it all perfectly clear. I had to break free of this nightmare or whatever it was. I had to get back to them. Finally, the haze in my mind cleared.

I opened my eyes.

I immediately wished that I hadn't. I was in a hospital room. The bed I was on was hard and uncomfortable. Something is not right here, I thought.

My mother was sitting there by my bed. Shock registered on her face as my eyes adjusted to the light.

"Bella, honey, can you hear me?" she asked. My mind raced. How could Renee be here? I'm dangerous to her. How could I be in a hospital?

"Mom?" I croaked. Croaked? Where's my bells and whistles voice?

"Yes, Bella, I'm here." she answered. Questions swirled in my head.

"Mom, what happened to me?" I whispered.

"Honey, we were in a car accident and you were in a coma for awhile." she answered.

I lay there for a few minutes trying to comprehend. A coma? Vampires can go into comas? A new horror dawned on me at that moment. I knew the answer before I even asked the question.

"Mom, where's Edward?

A confused look crossed her face. "Honey, I'm not sure who you mean. You never mentioned an Edward before the accident."

No! my mind screamed. Where was the love of my life? I had to know the answers of how this was happening to me.

"How old am I?

"You just turned 17 last week, Bella."

"How long was I in a coma?"

Renee took a deep breath. "2 years."

My stomach fell. Pain like I had never felt before racked through my body. I had been in a coma since I was 15. My beautiful angel, Edward, the love of my lifeā€¦did not exist. Renesmee, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, Esme... did not exist.

It had all been a dream.

It felt like the first time I had thought I had lost him forever. My heart and my soul ached with the loneliness. Even if it had only been a dream, I could still feel the pain.

For my mother's sake, I rapidly recovered my strength and was out of the hospital in a few weeks. My mom and Phil coddled me to the point of frustration when I got back to our house in Phoenix. The weeks passed in a pained blur until something snapped me out of my grief. Mom told me that Phil had been offered a job to play ball in Florida. The pain of separation in my Mom's eyes reminded me of why my coma dream had happened in the first place. I knew what was going to happen. I was going to go stay with Charlie, my dad. Would Edward be there? Or was he too good to be true? Hope began to bud inside of me. A sliver of my broken heart seemed to mend just a little. I was going to find out if dreams do come true.

"Mom," I started. "Do you think it would be alright if I went to live with Dad for awhile?"

Confusion once again swept over her face. "Honey, I thought you hated Forks?"

In my memories, the first time I had said this, it had been a lie but this time it came out as the truth. My mother saw it plainly on my face as I said " But I want to, Mom. I need to spend some quality time with Dad."

"OK, honey, I'll call him and arrange everything. He'll be real happy about this."

And so for the second time, if I dared to count the first, I was flying to Forks, Washington. What would await me there? I hoped beyond hope that he would be there. Knowing what would happen, if he was there, could I change things? Or should I just let it all happen as it did in the dream? Thoughts cascaded in my head as I drifted fretfully into sleep. I loved sleep these days. My dreams were so real. Before the last conscious thought left me, I sighed, "Edward."


I was sitting in front of my computer listening to my brother play the piano and designing yet another outfit for Rosalie. How I sometimes wished I had someone else to design clothes for. I heard a chuckle from somewhere behind me as the music stopped. Don't you dare say a word, I thought. The chuckle stopped and the music started up where it had left off.

Out of the blue, like it usually happens, a vision started. All I saw was a beautiful brown-haired girl sitting on a plane. It looked like she was sleeping restlessly. Mumbling in her sleep. I couldn't make out what she was saying. This confused me. Who was this girl? I had never seen her before. But she seemed so familiar in a way I can't describe. She shifted in her seat. One distinct word fell from her lips before the vision vanished "Edward." I heard a gasp behind me and the music stopped once again.

"What did that mean, Alice?" My brother questioned me.

"I have no clue. I think something or someone important to your life is going to make an appearance soon." I turned and grinned up at him as possible futures flitted around in my head. "Everything is going to change now , Edward. For all of us."

I hope you're ready. I thought.

My first fanfic. I just got curious about how much would change if Bella already knew what she was getting into and this story started.