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I waited until later that night to go talk to Bella. She was sitting in the center of the cottage. She turned her head away from me when I came in but I had already seen the impossible. Bella was crying. Vampires can't cry. So how was she doing it?

I sat down beside her, still shocked by her tears. "Bella?"

Bella refused to look at me.

"You don't have to talk to me, just listen."

She nodded.

"Please forgive me. I should have protected you instead of running off after Victoria. I've messed up your dream and I can't fix it. I'm sorry."

She did not answer.

I put my head in my hands. "I've become what I had always tried to avoid. I'm a monster. I was never really happy until I fell in love with you. I was selfish. I could not imagine being without you so I changed you. I know now, I should have let you go. I'm sorry that you're not at peace."

I heard her gasp softly and I felt her hand touch mine. "Edward, it's not your fault. Quit blaming yourself."

I lowered my hands, securing her hand in mine, and looked her in the eyes. "Yes it is. If I had protected you, we would have had our daughter."

Shock registered in her eyes. "You know? How?"

"Your letter. The one you gave Alice to keep until you died."

"I see. You're not mad at me for keeping that from you?"

"I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at me for preventing that from happening. I'm mad at me for driving you away."

"You haven't driven me away. I've just been lost in my own misery."

"I'm sorry. I really am." I reached up with my free hand to wipe away her tears. "How are you crying? I've never seen another vampire be able to do it."

"I don't know. I've just been sitting here wishing that I was still human so I could still have Renesmee. Crying is the only thing I've accomplished. I'm still a vampire."

"You are extraordinary. You don't have any of the newborn vampire urges. You have retained more of your humanity than anyone I've ever seen after their transformation. What makes you so different?"

"I have no clue why I'm different."

We sat quietly for a few minutes before I asked the question I most wanted the answer to. "Please give me an honest answer. After everything I've done to you, can you still love me?"

Bella did not hesitate with her answer. "I will always love you."

Hearing those words brought a smile to my face. "I love you too. Forever."

I wrapped my arms around her. Something I had missed doing. We sat in silence for several minutes before Bella did something I wasn't expecting. She allowed me access to her mind. I saw her memories of our daughter. Bella had been right. She would have been beautiful.

"Thank you for showing me. I'll be sorry for the rest of my existence that things did not work out that way. Why didn't you tell me about her before? If I had known, things would have turned out differently."

"I did not tell you about her when I was human because I was so afraid you would try to stop me from having her like you did before. I wanted her badly."

"I do see your point. The idea of having a child would have shocked me. It shocked me when I found out today but you should have know the power you have over me. In the end, I would not have been able to refuse your request."

"I'm sorry for doubting you and I'm sorry I've been unresponsive to everyone, especially you. I never thought about the guilt you must have been feeling. Starting today, I promise to pull myself out of my misery and be more productive around here. Jasper told me we'll be moving soon so I should help pack."

"Yes, we will be moving. The actual date has not been set yet. I was determined to talk to you first. Will you still marry me? Where did we get married? Did your father know about you becoming a vampire in your dream?"

"I will still marry you. You're my whole world now. I could not survive without you. We got married at your house. Alice planned it all for us. My father knew I was different but did not want to know why. He was happy just knowing that I was happy. We can't tell him now though. It saddens me that I didn't get to say goodbye but too much has changed. The only thing that stopped a war between the vampires and the wolves was my friendship with Jacob. Since that friendship never happened, no one can know about me."

"I understand. We should still be able to have our wedding here if you want to. We can bring in someone from another city that doesn't know you to perform the service."

"I would like that. I would need identification made though. Isabella Swan is dead therefore she can't get married."

"I'll have Jasper work on that. Who would you like to be?"

She thought about my question for a few seconds before responding. "I'll be Isabella Masen until I become Bella Cullen again."

I smiled at the reference to my original last name. "That seems fitting. I'll let him know."

She shook her head. "Let me ask him, please."

"If that's what you want."

"It is. Jasper has come here every day trying to cheer me up and I ignored him. He needs to see that I'm somewhat better now."

"But not completely?"

Bella sighed. "There will always be someone missing but I have my memories. That will have to do."

I sensed her mood shifting. I needed to break her out of her melancholy. I did the only thing that came to my mind. I kissed her. It was the most passionate kiss that I could manage. She responded to my kiss in a way that I had never imagined. It felt like we had actually been made for each other. I loved that feeling as much as I loved her.

She broke away first. She was now smiling. "So… Edward Cullen, do you still have my ring?"

I don't know how I knew but I was positive which ring she was talking about. The only ring I would want to give my bride. My mother's ring. I had kept that particular ring in my pocket since the day Bella had agreed to marry me. I reached my hand into my pocket and withdrew it.

"I've always had it. I was just waiting for the right girl to come along."

I slid the ring on her finger. It was a perfect fit.

Tears appeared in her eyes again. "It's still beautiful. I love you."

I kissed the tears away. I was startled for a second because I tasted the venom in her tears. "I love you too. Everything may not be the same as it was in your dream but my love for you will never change."

I held her in my arms the rest of the night. I knew she belonged in my arms and I would always cherish her. I will be there for her when her memories haunt her from now on. I will be there for her when her memories of our daughter start to fade. I know losing those memories will be harder than remembering them. Until then, I will just be happy with the knowledge that she still wants to marry me and do everything in my power to keep her as happy as possible.


The vision overwhelmed me. I had not had a vision that made me this happy in a very long time. Bella was going to be okay. It was sad that things did not work out the way Bella had wanted but she would pull through. I rushed downstairs to where Jasper was sitting and pulled him up off the couch..

I hugged him happily. "I've got a wedding to plan!"

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