I don't own anything related to Buffy. No copyright infringement. This was done strictly for fun. I've never written a Buffy fic before... This is a Spuffy, based on a montage I made. It does have Angel in it, but he is a bad guy. No vampires in this. All human.. Will have adult scenes..

If I Was The One


The day they met.

Buffy - Nice to meet you Angel.

Angel- Pleasure is mine...

As Angel began his seduction of Buffy. Spike was falling in love with her. So Spike tried to warn her.

Spike- Buffy please for your own sake be careful.

Buffy- Oh can you say this he is your best friend.

All seems to be fine until. The first time Angel got angry.

Angel- I told you to never hang around with MY friends! He roared!

Buffy- I'm sorry, she stutered.

Spike- Could do nothing but watch the woman he love be treated like dirt. Until he could not take it any more.

The day that everything came out.

Spike- Buffy, he no good for you. Please, I love you.

Buffy- Crying, I don't know why he does this.. But I love him..

Can Spike win Buffy heart? Or will she stay with Angel.

So is this something I should continue? Let me know.