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The final chapter


I can't believe this is happening. I so hope Spike is ok. As I finally got to the hospital, I rushed into the ER.

"I'm here to see Spike:" I told the nurse. "Spike?" The nurse asked back" Yes, Spike." I answered a little bit harshly. " He came in a little over an hour ago. He was in a fight." Looking around tryig to see if I could see him.

Finally she came back with an answer. " We do have someone here that was beaten but we don't know who he can go back to see if it is your friend."

She gave me the room number, but my mine was blank. it was so bad that they couldn't tell who he was? Then the anger started. Angel better hope that I don't see him anytime soon. I will have him aressted after I knee him.

I finally got to the room they told me. As I pushed open the door, I gasped in surpised. It wasn't Spike! OH thank goodness! But now where was Spike?


After the fight.

I had to get away for a little while. I can't believe I let him get to me like that. Oh man, what would Buffy say when she hears. I really screwed up!


Looking for Buffy.

Have to find her. I know she's going nutsy with the self blame. She needs to know he's ok. That he just needed some time. I really hope she doesn't so anything till I find her.


I've tried his cell and his house. Where else could he be? Oh Spike, please where are you?


Head down, he didn't see Buffy. So he stumbled and looked up."Buffy"he breathed out.

"Spike!" She threw her arms around him. " Your ok." She pulled him down for a deep kiss.

"Buffy, what?" Spike tried to get in but she had a death grip on him. " Your not mad? Or scared of me" He asked her.

"Of course not." She answered. AS he was still trying to digest that. " I love you." She said soflty..

What? " You love me"He aske her not quite beleiveing what he was hearing.

" Yes, you silly man. I love you. " She answered with a smile. The reached up to kiss him again.

I can't believe she loves me. As he leaned down to give her a kiss.

Neither noticed Faith watching them with a smile.


Thank you all for following this. I am sorry it tok so long to finish. real life just kicked me hard. This is the end.