Just a collection of idiotic tales that I didn't want to make into a bazillion little one shots. So it's just a collection of AU one shots. AU cause I don't think some of this crap fits in the Naruto-verse. There isn't really any plot and it's mostly stupid things based on the stupid things my friends and I do.


Sasuke hated when his roommates wanted to have a movie night. He really truly hated it. Naruto always got to pick first, cause he was a wuss, and he always picked the lamest movies. They were usually about some guy, an idiotic woman and his dumb ass friend trying to take out a gang or saving the world, or some such bullshit. Sasuke hated those kinds of movies. Hell, he hated movies in general.

"Pass the popcorn." The bottomless pit known as Naruto asked loudly. The big bowl was passed from the red head to the brunette to the blond. Sasuke became increasingly irritated when loud crunching began next to him. "Gaara. You were right. This movies blows."

"Shh." Sasuke whispered softly, focused on the screen.

Naruto smiled. "Hey, Gaara, what else did we get? I'm sick of this one."

"Shh!" Sasuke's voice had a little more force behind it as he flapped his hand at the noisy blond.

Gaara smirked as he realize what the blue eyed boy was doing and Naruto began shaking with the effort it was taking to keep his laughter silent. "Well, we got The Protector, Casino R-"

"Shh!!" Sasuke nearly shouted, scooting forward. Tears escaped blue eyes that squeezed shut, fighting against the laughter was becoming painful and it threatened to spill forth loudly. Gaara snickered and had to look away from the dying blond and the engrossed Sasuke.

Naruto finally burst and his laughter echoed throughout the small living room. Gaara couldn't stop it either and his deep chuckle joined in. Sasuke's fury just made it even more impossible to stop. The two were chased into the kitchen until their fit was done. Naruto finally gained control of himself and looked up at the red head who was just smirking at him. "I told you he'd like romantic comedies." He stated loudly.

Sasuke flipped them off and turned his attention back to 'Music and Lyrics'.

Sasuke seems like the romantic comedy kind of guy.