This one made me cry. Not because it was so funny or anything. Just because I was sitting in a theater, watching an incredibly boring movie when I thought of it and I was trying not to laugh like a moron during an 'emotional' death... I held it in so much I thought it was hilarious that I was trying to not offend the people around me that I started crying.


Naruto always asked the redhead questions. He also asked Sasuke questions but Gaara was usually the only one to give him an answer every time. Thanks to his overwhelming urge to know stuff, he now knew Gaara's favorite color, favorite book, favorite place in the city, favorite diner, hell, he even knew his mothers maiden name.

But there was one question he felt a little wary about asking. It chewed on his brain like a little ghostie and was beginning to drive him a bit nuts. Several times he found himself ready to ask, but each time he'd pull back and ask something amazingly stupid. Like the one he'd just asked.

"Tell me why you need to know what kind of underwear I wear and I'll let you know." The redhead's attention returned to his book and he shook his head.

The blond hung his head and heaved a sigh. "Never mind." The silence that settled over the two had the blond twitching in his seat uncomfortably. He really really HAD to know! "Gaara!" The redhead would've jumped at the blond's volume, but he was pretty used to it at that point. He looked back up calmly and met the blue eyes. Naruto chewed on the side his mouth. "Why don't you have any eyebrows!?!" The blond fidgeted under his roommates bland gaze and waited patiently. When it seemed as if he wouldn't get an answer, Gaara looked back down at his book finally opened his mouth.

"Last year I went to jail and some guy made me his bitch. He burned my eyebrows off as a sign of dominance and they never grew back."

Naruto's fidgeting stopped and he stared at the older boy beside him on the couch, mouth hanging open, eyes wide. "Uh..." His mouth fumbled for something to say... anything to say. "I... it... uh... wha?"

"I learned a lot of things that week." The blue eyed man jumped when a pale hand landed on his knee. "Want me to teach you some of it?" Gaara's tongue swiped across his lips, his eyes still on the book in front of him. Naruto's face flared up and he ran from the room, hand held to his nose as he felt it begin to bleed.

As soon as the blond's bedroom door slammed shut and a strangled scream sounded out the redhead smiled. He turned towards the kitchen when he heard Sasuke snort. They kept their laughter silent and their shoulders shook with the effort. "Are you," The brunet had to stop to take a deep, calming breath. "Are you ever going to tell him you really lost them playing around with a propane grill when you were three?"

The redhead smiled. "Nope."

I like Gaara's explination better.