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Karasu of Jump…

Chapter 1: Home or Not?


(Outside of Konohagakure…)

Naruto Uzumaki looked down at Konohagakure for the first time in two and a half years. He had changed dramatically during his training trip, and subsequent Missions with Jiraiya.. He should have been happy to be home, but for some reason, the midday sun didn't feel warm enough anymore. The breeze blew into him and with a light shiver, the blond shrugged deeper into his long black trench coat. Hiding his whiskered face behind the upturned collar. His long blonde hair shifts in the wind as his white-haired teacher steps next to him, the hair held back by a simple blue band.

"Hey what's wrong, Naruto, I thought you couldn't wait to get back?" The old pervert asks him, giving his now sixteen-year-old student a worried look. The teen looks at him before giving him an annoyed look and starting to walk down to the village. 'Seems like I was right… He really hates this place, but it's not like I can actually blame him for that. Ever since the seal Sensei put on him broke, he has slowly remembered everything…' The Sannin says to himself, striding quickly to catch up to his normally enthusiastic student. "Come on, Naruto. Tell me what's wrong." Jiraiya pleads of his student and sees the blond give him a cold glare in response.

"I hate this place that's what's wrong… I just don't see why I have to come back now. I mean, I already brought Sasuke back, and we killed the Akatsuki. What else do I have to do for this shit hole, before I can finally leave forever?" This coming from the blond, actually surprises Jiraiya very little. It started six months into their trip, Naruto had woken up in the middle of the night and started screaming in pain. As he did a red seal had appeared on his head, the edges looking to have been smudged or something before he passed out, tears in his eyes. The old man had moved quickly and taken him to a hospital in a nearby village, watching over he for two days straight.

When he had finally woken up, the first thing that Jiraiya noted was that the seal on his head was completely gone. The next thing he noted was that Naruto's hair seemed a shade darker, as did his eyes normally endless blue. However, it was when he had started to speak that Jiraiya noted the most drastic change… and in all honesty the old man couldn't feel that it was wrong of the blond to be like he was knowing what had happened to the poor boy…



It was two days after Naruto was brought into the Hospital, the blond boy had just woken up and was looking dully towards where Jiraiya sat before him. The man was laying down face first at the foot of the bed; snoring and drooling in a rather comical fashion while Naruto frowned and decided to wake the old Pervert up.

"I'm not going back to that place…" The thirteen-year-old blonde said, waking Jiraiya from a very deep, very perverted dream. Said dream involving him naked and back in his youth, a young Tsunade in a similar position while both were somehow accompanied by Anko and Kurenai… he REALLY wanted to get back to sleep…

"Back to where…" He mumbled tiredly, trying to get the image of a naked Tsunade out of his head seeing as last time he saw her in that way he nearly got killed by the woman… though that dream was persistent, and a couple ideas for his next book were starting to come to him…

"Konoha, I don't want to go back there!" The blond haired boy said in a surprisingly firm voice with his eyes narrowed. This was what truly woke up Jiraiya the most quickly, as in all his time knowing him; he's never once heard the boy speak like that. Before he can ask why once more, it seems that Naruto has predicted his question as he tells him angrily. "They've done nothing but insult me, attack me, and kill everyone close to me." The boy stated while leaning back and crossing his arms, glaring at the ceiling with cold blond eyes.

"What do you mean?" The old man asks while scratching his head, hoping he doesn't say what he's thinking of…

"MY MOTHER! THE KAMI-FORSAKEN VILLAGERS RAPED AND THEN KILLED MY MOTHER IN FRONT OF ME!" Naruto screamed loudly, hate pain and sadness clear in his voice while tears start to well up in his eyes…

(End Flashback…)


After that incident, Jiraiya had convinced him to go back and give the villagers at least one last chance. But, before that could happen, they had gone back to training, Jiraiya was shocked to learn that by sealing his memories of his mother, the Sandaime had actually sealed several of the blonds skills and abilities by mistake. Thus, the blond had been a surprising Student, but not in the good way. This new Naruto was vicious, cold, and utterly ruthless as far as Jiraiya was concerned, it almost made him think of the blond as a "Mini-Orochimaru" but he wasn't that creepy nor that psychotic.

Looking up and shaking his head as they pass through the gates of Konoha, Jiraiya sees Naruto stiffen and stalk forward, his killing intent BARELY held down. 'Not like I can really blame him, he lost everyone who loved him to hate, and now he had essentially become that same hate… I think Irony is evil…' Jiraiya thought to himself with a shake of his head before noticing as a familiar pair made their way over to them, each of them about the same age as his blond haired student.

The first is a girl with short pink hair, fair skin, and emerald green eyes, a red Hittai-Ate in her hair to hold it back with a Konoha plate. She is wearing a red zip up tank top with a white circle on the back, a pair of pink elbow pads with black leather fighters gloves over her hands, a pair of black skintight shorts, a pink skirt of some kind over that with slits down the sides and bands holding it together, and a pair of long black Shinobi sandals. 'Somehow… she reminds me of a Mini-Tsunade…' Jiraiya thought with an inward grimace, noting it was Mini in all the places that would have normally been maxi on Tsunade…

Beside of her is a black hair boy, whose hair he personally believes looks like a ducks ass, with pale skin and black eyes. He was wearing a short sleeved white zip-up shirt with the zipper left just under his chest, a pair of blue forearm warmers, a familiar blue cloth around his waist with a purple rope tied over it and a Chokatou at his lower back, a pair of dark Shinobi-Pants and black sandals, a pair of tight black leg warmers over his shins and claves holding the pants down.

"Naruto, your back!" the girl, one Sakura Haruno, yells, embracing the trench coat-clad teen like a brother, before realizing something is very wrong. He's not hugging her back for one thing; in fact, he seems to be rather stiff and she can almost swear she hears a growl coming from him. "Naruto, what's wrong?" She asks, moving away from him awkwardly. Then both she and her black-haired companion, one Sasuke Uchiha, notice his eyes were different. While the color was the same, well maybe a little darker, the innocence and happiness was gone, replaced by a hollow sadness and a burning hate. The next thing was his voice, almost pure disgust could be heard by them as he speaks.

"Stay away from me." He tells them simply before stalking off, his black trench coat caught in the wind billowing behind him as he does so. Sakura and Sasuke stand there, watching in sheer shock as one of the most important people in their lives walks away without bothering to look back.

"Sakura. Sasuke. Good to see you two again." Jiraiya says, catching their attention. 'Though I wish it was under better times…' He thinks to himself while Sasuke casts another worried look at his adopted brothers back before turning to the old pervert with a question in his eyes and on his lips.

"What happened to him?" He asks, not getting the answer he was expecting.

"It's… a long story… and if you really have to know we should probably go somewhere more private…" Jiraiya tells them, before leading them down another street, while also telling them about Naruto's entire life and it's hardships…


(With Naruto…)

Naruto walked down the crowded street, hands in his pockets, trying to get to a certain place in the village faster and trying to restrain himself from lashing out at the villagers around him. Even though he is resisting, the voice is strong, not strong like Kyuubi, no, this voice speaks not of power, instead this voice speaks of justice… When he finally managed to get away from the people and stops, he is on top of the Hokage Mountain. He stands there, looking out at the village for a few minutes before sighing once and looking to the skies above.

"You can come out now, Hinata-Chan, I've finally returned…" He calls out; signifying that he knows that the pale-eyed girl is there. When she steps out of the shadows, he turns to look at her, and can't help the smirk that makes it's way to his lips upon seeing her… attire…

She's dressed in a different way than the last time he saw he, showing the world what she really was for once. He pale skin contrasting with the black corset with red strings and a knee length skirt she was wearing, while covering her legs, she wore fishnet stockings, and a pair of Spiked Sandals, the spikes circling around the top of them while three smaller ones extends from the soles. Over her corset, she wears a black leather biker's jacket with two-inch long spikes on the shoulders, the long sleeves left down to her hands.

"I see you've started dressing like yourself again, eh Hina-chan." He says, smiling softly for the first time that day, hell, it's the first time in all of a year since he's last smiled at anything.

"Yes, Aniki. I kind of grew bored of acting weak and shy all the time. And now that you're finally back, we can all rule this village like we planned when we were all little." She says, smirking as she crosses her arms over her well-developed chest, seeing this and hearing her words Naruto shakes his head and sighs.

"No… you all can if you wish…" Naruto said while hold a hand towards the air, looking at a cloud with sad eyes as for a moment he sees his mother again. "I'm leaving tomorrow night, just as soon as I get the stuff from my mothers clan back." He tells his little sister flatly while letting his arm fall to his side. "I want nothing more to do with this village, with this entire Kami-Forsaken country for that matter… hell, I'm not even wearing the headband Iruka-Sensei gave me anymore." Finishing, the blond turns around to face the girl and gives her one a final message.

"Tell Kiba, Shino, Ino, and Shikamaru to do what they want here with this place, I'm leaving… I don't know where, and I don't really care anymore… but don't follow me…" With that, he backs away towards the edge of the monument, before jumping off and plummeting down backwards. Before the ground becomes an obstacle however, he flips in mid-air, and then lands in a low crouch, creating a crater where he does. Hinata, leans over the edge and shakes her head with a smile seeing the boy get up and stalk away before disappearing in a swirl of black rose petals.


(Later that night…)

Sakura sits up in her bed and groans while rubbing her temples, still unable to sleep. She still couldn't believe that Naruto, the blond goof she had known since she was little, had the Kyuubi sealed inside of him this entire time. And then the fact that he had a memory seal on himself for the past six years of his life after watching his own mother raped and killed in front of him…

"Naruto, I don't care what you've been through, it's not enough for killing my own Mother and my Father that night…" The girl growls angrily, remembering how she was alone all through her academy years because her parents had died. "YOU WILL DIE FOR WHAT YOU DID DEMON!" The pink haired girl shouts angrily, standing up and getting her gear ready to deal with someone tonight.

Meanwhile on the other side of the village, Sasuke was already running across rooftops, knowing what Sakura's reaction will be. 'She's always listened to others over logic, that's why she sought me out in the first place when we were in the academy, everyone always said I was cool, so she instantly believed that. However she's also prone to anger, if I don't get to Naruto and soon she's liable to try and kill him in his sleep!' The boy thinks to himself while jumping over a wide gap between buildings then rolling to a halt, panting lightly as he does so…

"Where are you going, Sasuke?" A man's voice calls, coming form his right and towards him lazily. He looks around only to see a familiar silver-haired Jounin reading his smut as he always does. However, he then closes his book as he approaches the fully armed Uchiha, complete with Chokatou and Ninja gear on his person. Seeing the man and unsure of who he can actually trust in the village, Sasuke slowly reaches back to draw his Chokatou, only for his sensei to raise a reassuring hand and eye smile.

"Hey, calm down Sasuke…" Kakashi tries to placate and sees Sasuke narrow his eyes on him. "Look, judging by the direction your heading, I'm assuming this has something to do with Naruto. If it does, then I'm not going to attack Naruto; I was a member of the AnBu squad assigned to protect him when he was still just a boy. He is also my Sensei's son, why would I think of attacking him." He says, Sasuke letting his guard down for a moment, which was all the older nin needed as he blurred forward and knocked Sasuke out with a quick blow to the back of his head.

"Sakura, your all clear." He then shouts, and the pink-haired harlot shoots past him, straight into Naruto's apartment. Looking down, Kakashi shakes his head while picking up Sasuke and following after the girl at a sedate pace. But as soon as Kakashi enters the building with the Uchiha boy still over his shoulder, the building explodes, with all of them inside.



Knowing that his old team would more than likely come after him, Naruto quickly creates a Bakuha Bunshin, and then he grabs a duffel bag and jumps out of his window. 'Now, if I remember correctly, mom's mansion was hidden behind the tower in the forest of death.' He thinks to himself, turning to the south end of the village. 'Well, at least I'll be out of here in a few hours.' The blond can't help but think to himself before lunging off at break neck speed and a cold look to his eyes.

'You got that right, kit. If Madara hadn't made me attack, I think I still would have with how fucking foolish this Ningen are…' A deep dark voice inside his head tells him and Naruto rolls his eyes. He had gained a mental connection to the Kyuubi for several months now. The fox wasn't REALLY crazy or evil, that was mostly Madara's doing. He was actually just really, REALLY perverted, but he said that it was because "All foxes are frisky, not me…" 'I still say you should have at least stopped to bang that blonde girl again.' The fox says, laughing to himself in the same way that Jiraiya would if he saw something perverted, annoying the blond greatly.

'No, Kyuubi… I never deserved that night with Ino in the first place. Besides she ended up being disowned because of that. It'll be better if I just disappear from all of their lives and find someplace to start anew.' Naruto replies, sincerely sorry for that night. It had been a year ago, just a few months before he and Jiraiya had destroyed Akatsuki, Shikamaru's old team and he met up, thus revealing how he'd returned to the way he once was to his old friends. He and Ino had ended up having a rather wild night, and supposedly, Choji had told her parents out of jealousy, but he had never meant for her to be disowned, from what little he knew, the large boy was reclusive now and wouldn't look anyone in the face…

Shaking his head from these thoughts, the blond haired teen continues moving towards the Forest of Death, not even flinching in his decision to leave. However, about forty minutes later, he shows up just outside the forest a smirk on his face when he feels the Bakuha Bunshin has gone off back home, only to stop when he notices several very familiar presences have somehow surrounded him.

"You guys don't want any part of this future… this is a new burden for me alone to bear…" He says cryptically, bringing five individuals out into the open, one of which is Hinata, sitting cross-legged and leaning into a tree behind her.

Ino, just Ino since her family disowned her, was crouched before him her skin was as pale as ever, her long blond hair was held back with a simple band while falling down her back to hover around her waist, yet somehow her pupiless blue eyes seemed darker than normal… She was dressed in a black leather top with a lightning bolt cut down the front to expose a bit of cleavage, a black choker collar around her neck, a black skirt like her old one with slits down the sides, a simple black belt looped around her slender hips, a pair of thigh-high leather sandals with leather bands around each of her knees to hold them on, a pair of long black leather fingerless gloves like an AnBu might wear with the forearm and shin armor present as well, lightning bolt shapes cut into the front of each.

Shikamaru Nara stood off to the side, leaning against the gate to the Forest of Death with his arms crossed, his hair was tied back in it's usual spiky ponytail with his fair skin also the same, his eyes were closed however but Naruto knew those were bored as ever until his problem, AKA Bloodlust, came to the forefront. He had on a red hooded shirt with a black Konoha-Chunnin-Vest, the red spiral that designated it to Konoha had been removed however and in it's place on the back was a white version, the true symbol of Uzu no Kuni, not red like flames, but white, pure like a water. His legs were covered by a simple pair of black Shinobi-pants with a pair of calf high black sandals that had bands over them to hold them on, while on each of his wrists were a pair of black bands with red seals over them that he said worked to help him control Bloodlust.

Kiba was nearby; Akamaru at his side faithfully while Naruto noted the boy's eyes were starting to turn yellow, and his hair was turning a light gray. He was dressed in a black leather jacket with the sleeves rolled up that had metal adornments covering its collar, making it clink when he moved, while a pair of belts fell from it, one of them around the collar, the other around his waist and both left undone. He also wore a pair of black leather pants with a red sash tied around his waist, held tight by a gold clasp, his feet were covered by black Shinobi sandals with shin guards over the front of them and his pants, a pair of black fingerless gloves with metal plates covering his hands.

Shino was mostly hidden in shadow under a tree, his eyes covered by a black visor, his hair covered by a black hood that came from a long coat that was zipped up the front and had a collar high enough to cover his lower face, completely concealing any and all of his skin. The coat itself was long, reaching down to mid calf with a zipper up the front, a pair of pull strings hanging down bellow the hood with a chain between them, it clung to him however showing his better developed physique, on each shoulder it had a strange armored padding while a white spiral like Shikamaru's was placed onto each of his biceps. His forearms were covered by a pair of strange spiked bracers, hands clothed in black gloves and feet in black sandals with spiked armor also around his shins.

Ino was the first to move, getting up to her feet and stepping towards the blond haired young man. It was Ino because the rest of the group believed she was the only one that would have any sort of a chance to convince him to stay. None of them wanted their leader to leave, not when they only recently learned he was back at long last. He'd been the closest thing to a true family any of them had for years, the only one who didn't judge them, him, and his mother, Kushina "The Boss" Uzumaki…

They had all known about the Kyuubi, at a young age, Naruto had trusted them with his greatest secret. They told him their secrets because they knew that neither he, nor his mother, would ever reveal what they told them. Kiba had been the first, he'd told them that he had a problem; it was later found by Naruto's mother, whom they would all fondly refer too simply as "The Boss" that he had an "Inner Beast" a defect in his families bloodline that turned them into a monster ever so many generations. As a result, they had always called him "The End" for how empty he felt knowing that he was truly a beast on the inside…

Shikamaru had a slightly more dangerous problem; his family's control of "Shadow Matter" to use their Jutsu actually came from a long dead ancestor. This ancestor however was completely insane, his powers unrivaled as the shadows fed off of his bloodlust. No one in Shikamaru's family knew the difference; how their ancestor was so warped accept the boy himself. Shikamaru was the same way, he had something inside him he called "Bloodlust" a part of him that hungered to defeat enemies, to be strongest and to destroy those that got in his way. As a result, Shikamaru at a young age learned to use his Shadow abilities in new ways, hiding them when he realized that many in his clan would find the powers he had recreated disturbing to say the least… thus, Shikamaru became "The Fury" for his love of battle and bloodlust…

Shino had no such anomaly in his bloodline; he simply had this thing for killing anything that moved. It wasn't that he enjoyed death, nor did he enjoy killing, he simply liked it when things stopped moving and the easiest way to do that was for them to be dead. He also liked to make things afraid of him as a result however, they tended to call him "The Fear" because of that alone, he was The Fear and his insects to become the darkness, swallowing you whole and dragging you into your worst nightmares…

Like Shino, Ino didn't have an anomaly with her abilities, nor did she have some crazed affection for stopping things from moving. What she enjoyed, was other's pain, she enjoyed it greatly, TOO greatly in fact. When her parents had gotten her a puppy when she was little, much to Kiba's anger, she had tortured the thing to death just to see and hear the pain it would make. She was "The Pain" as a result of this love of torture, luckily, it seemed she didn't like to cause other's pain as Naruto found out she wasn't exactly into BDSM, curious about it yes, into it yet, NO…

Hinata's secret was she was bisexual, and that she loved the sight, the feel, and the consistency of blood on her skin. Both of which were revealed to have come to her because of when she saw Anko Miterashi herself covered in blood when she was little. The girl apparently thought the sight was breathtaking, gaining a crush on Anko while also considering it the most utterly beautiful sight she had ever seen. And as such they called her "The Joy" for the bliss she felt when she herself was covered in blood.

Naruto's secret was obviously Kyuubi, how he hated the village, of how much pain it brought him to stay there. But thinking about it right now, Naruto realized he had always been sad, sad that his mother had to endure the ridicule and all the insults right there with him, sad that he couldn't make her life easier, this, in his mind, in their group he was "The Sorrow"…

It was because of these dark secrets that they had been the best of friends, until a few days after Naruto had turned eight. That was when his mother had died, and when he had seemed to change. They had all showed up at the academy the next day, only to find Naruto sitting at the back of the class, wearing orange and actually smiling for once in his dim life. At the time, they didn't understand why he wouldn't talk to them; after all, he was their leader, and he always had been as the only true "Son of The Boss".

"You can't leave now, Naruto. We need you here, with us." Ino says, trying to embrace the blond but he places his hands onto her shoulders, holding her back. His eyes held almost unspeakable sadness as he walked past them, stopping before the gates to turn around and give them one last order.

"As your leader, I ask one last favor of you. Stay together; don't let the people of this place harm any of you. Follow me if it is what you truly want, just don't expect me to stray from this path." He says before jumping over the high fence in a single bound and running at full speed towards the tower, knowing that not even Kiba and Akamaru would be able to catch up with him. He had always been the fastest, even when they knew their races didn't matter. 'Did I do the right thing, Kyuubi?' he asks the demonic fox in his head, only to receive no answer except the beasts silence. As he neared the tower, he quickly veered around it to the left, so he wouldn't run into the tower like he had done so many times in his childhood.

After a few more minutes of running, he stopped in a large clearing, making a rather quick series of hand signs. Then, with a shout of "KAI!" the air before him shimmered then shimmered before fading entirely. Thus revealing a large building that he had to strain his neck in order to see the very top tower. It was a massive structure made into a depiction of a gothic temple, with high turrets on the building while it seemed time had hit it pretty hard upon seeing the roof had collapsed in on one of the towers, spikes came up from several parts of the roof while gargoyles leaned out over these spikes, and last was the two small goblin like gargoyles standing guard on either side of the main, and only, gate, which was simply a pair of double doors.

"Home." He says lowly with the slightest of smiles present before it vanishes as he walks towards the entrance of the structure. As he nears the gate however, the ugly stone creatures on the left and right come to life. The jump from their posts, demonic spears pointed at Naruto as soon as they land. The boy does not even flinch once as he walks forward without any sign of fear.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki, heir to the mantle and legacy of Eric Draven. I seek sanctuary, knowledge, and the armaments of my family." He states in a commanding tone to the goblin like Gargoyles, holding his hand out to them. The one on the left shifts its spear forward with a hiss; pricking the blonde's hand and catching a single drop of his blood on the tip. It raises the spear vertically, making the liquid ruby slide don the shaft slowly, reaching its hand. As soon as the droplet hits it's clawed appendage, it salutes him with it's spear as both gargoyles flex their wings and take off, back to their stone placements. (Read Lireal for where I got this idea.)

Naruto cracks his neck at this before stepping forward and placing his hands onto the massive double doors. He then pushed them both open with a loud creaking sound as the "Hall of Darkness" his home was revealed for the first time in so many years… A smile spreads unbidden over his features seeing the ancient hall, checkered black and white tiles covering the floor with a gothic statue at the base of the stairs, a strange old factory of some kind located to his right.

Without further hesitation the blond walks into the building, turning left to another door, which he quickly pushed open to reveal the armory. Looking around he was pleased to see that all of the old family treasures and weapons were intact, a pair of goblin like Gargoyles stationed at the sides of this room guarding it faithfully even though no one from his family had been in this place for a long time. Walking into the room he looks over the near hundreds of weapons, seeing a sword he stops to admire his ancestor Eric Draven's blade for only a few seconds before looking around some more and then walks over to a weapon his mother taught him to use.

The Claw. In essence, this weapon was simply a black cloth glove wrapped over in leather. Fixed over the leather was a group of metal attachments along the back of his forearm and fist with small spikes around the end of the glove. Over the fingers of the glove and giving it its name were more of these plates forming into claws of a sort while the palm of the glove was left bare leather. It was a highly versatile weapon that could be used to quickly slash an enemy across the face or grab them and send them into the air. It's most important use, in his own and his family's opinion at least, was for infiltration. It could be sued to grab a hold of a wall and stay there, allowing the wearer to rest for a moment, or, it could even be used to slow ones descent down said wall. It was a work of functional beauty. Naruto quickly placed this inside his duffel bag, not having the time to put it into a scroll.

The next was a long ranged weapon his mother had once called a gun. While there were many of different kinds and uses around the armory, the one he was looking for was special. It was a black and silver tri barreled revolver with a wooden handle and three golden hammers, a strange chain hanging off of the end of the weapon and what looked like places where the weapon could come apart. His mother had once called this weapon Cerberus, after a legendary dog with three heads. This was because the sights on the front of the barrels were all modeled after the heads of a dog. It fired three bullets made of condensed Chakra taken right from the wielders own reserves.. Only someone with a very large supply of Chakra could keep firing this weapon. Luckily for him and unluckily for anyone else, Naruto had such reserves.

Picking up this weapon and its leg holster, he put them into the bag as well with the metal covered glove. The last weapon he could take without slowing himself down was a pitch-black o-katana with a spiral shaped guard and a small chain hanging off of the end. This was his mother's Tensa Zangetsu. A weapon so powerful, it was said that the Shinigami himself had blessed it the moment it's construction was complete. Naruto himself had never actually seen this weapon used, let alone drawn for more than cleaning and sharpening. He quickly used the long, blood colored ribbon on the black sheath to tie said weapon to the strap of his duffel bag so he could hold the sheath.

Walking quickly again, he then left the armory, and headed straight for the clan library. He had to walk up a flight of stairs and over to an old doorway that resembled the front doors in that there were two of them and that they had odd scratch marks covering them. Walking inside of the old library Naruto quickly went over the shelves of the room, ignoring most of the old stories that his family had collected and looked for what he truly needed at the moment…

First was a scroll on the families Taijutsu style, Tai-Kwon-Do or something if he wasn't mistaken. A scroll about their bloodline, and last the families Crow summoning contract. Collecting a few Jutsu scrolls here and there, and finally, using the key around his neck that Jiraiya had given to him, he opened his mom's personal safe and withdrew a scroll addressed to him before locking it again and zipping his bag shut. Just as quickly as he had come, he left the house and reactivated its Genjutsu encase he ever needed the place again, though he doubted it greatly.

Heading out into the forest the blond lets out a soft sigh as he jumps from tree to tree with otherworldly grace. However, his trip seems to be catching up with him as he begins to find that attempting to reach the border of Fire-country will be an impossible feat at the moment. Quickly heading off to the side he comes to a cave and decides to set up camp for the night. Laying his bag onto the ground Naruto stretches out only once then leans against the walls of the cave and then closes his eyes, allowing himself to fall into a peaceful sleep…

(With Hinata and the gang…)

The five of them were currently arguing over what Naruto had told them all earlier. Kiba for one, with his sense of needing an Alpha to make most of his decisions, wanted to volunteer all of them to follow Naruto as a mission. However, a few of the more logical members of the group argued that they might not all be sent, thus it would be a waste to inform the village he had left.

"We can't jus abandon an Alpha to being a lone predator, it's suicide even for The Sorrow! The pack needs to stay together or we're going to be torn apart." Kiba yelled at Shikamaru, his yellow eyes growing in size along with his anger. Shikamaru fixes him with a look that says not to yell in his face or he would shove a shadow pike up his ass, as two shadowy serpents manifested from his shoulders in response, both snarling and hissing towards the dog boy angrily.

"What can we do, go up to Tsunade and say oh, hello Hokage-sama. Naruto left last night and seeing as he's our leader, we want to join him in being missing Nin.' I think not." Shikamaru states calmly, while trying to edge away from Akamaru as the dog lets out a low growl at his partner being threatened. Before any confrontation can come about however, Ino cuts in, putting a serrated kunai to both of their throats, before voicing her own concerns.

"We can't just sit here and wait for her to send the Hunter-nin after him, but we can't just rush off and leave the village like he did. So why don't you both sit down before I shred you throats to pieces." Hinata and Shino watch this exchange between their three friends with a mixture of humor and worry, then relief and boredom when the two teenage boys calm down, Kiba's eyes shrinking and Shikamaru's Darkness receding as Ino puts her knives back into her gauntlets for safe keeping. Hinata sees this as her own chance and walks up to them sighing as she sees Shino staying put in his shadows.

"I think we should go home and change back into those disgusting clothes, wait till tomorrow, and then see the Hokage, she should send us out on a Mission with the rest of the rookies and Neji-teme's team to find him knowing her. She'll believe that our group is closer to him and will have a better chance to catch him. If not, and she doesn't send us, THEN we bust our way out of the village and track him down…" She states matter-of factly, Shino nodding in mutual agreement behind her.

Ino, Shikamaru, and Kiba immediately see the logic in this plan and also nod their own agreement, before all of them vanish in their preferred Shunshins. Hinata in a swirl of back rose petals, Kiba and Akamaru in a in a burst of pale light, Shino in a swarm of insects, Shikamaru making his Darkness whirl around him, then sink into the ground, and finally Ino in a burst of electricity. All knowing that in the next day, none of them getting the exact answer they want…