Extremely important author's note. DO NOT skip over

Ladies and genltemen who read my stories, i am sorry that this is not an actual update. I am posting this on Karasu of jump because, apparently, it is my most popular story. I am writing to YOU, the readers, about somethng that, in the basest part of it's essence, breaches one of mankinds undeniable rights. the right of free speech. has started going through people's stories and are planning on erasing the ones that contain "Innaproriate content". This "Innapropriate content" includes but is not restrained to excessive violence, sexual content, and, in some cases, excessive use of vile language. this is actually a breach of the inalieanbel rights that every citizen of the world has. us, the people who publish our stories on this site have made a concious decision to get our works out into the world. now, i am going to warn you, i am about to go into rant mode.

Rage activation roll: Nat. 20!

What the fuck are you people thinking when you decide to restrict what we write in our freetime. you are not the government and, just because SOPA or whatever the hell it is passed recently does not mean you can restrict what we do. pleae, i beg of you, please do not delete any of our stories we worked so hard to write. in some cases, this is all we do. we sit down with a pad of paper, a pencil, and we write our hearts out in ways that some people can never understand. i work very hard on my stories. i have some stories that are not published yet because i want to make sure that they are as close to perfect as they can get. that is why i haven't published anyhting in such a long time. i want people to be able to enjoy what i write as much as i want to go to culinary school. this is me, Master XIII asking the moderators of this site to not limit what we write. i am sorry that i am having to write this on one of my stories and i declare, here and now that it will never be removed from this story as long as i want to continue to write on this site. my apologies to all those reading this. but it has to be said.

Exiting Rage mode.

thank you for taking the time to read this notice.

Ja Ne!