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"Bella honey, you don't have to do this!" my father exclaimed. His face was beginning to turn red from all his shouting. This is my dad. His name is Charlie, and he was my best friend.

My mother had died when I was 3 and I had never really known her. It was really hard on my dad, and we had never had the best things, but I was immensely proud of him.

"Dad" I said calmly. He stopped waving his arms about in the air for a second to hear me out.

"I want to do this" I explained to him, "I want to be able to contribute".

He seemed to have calmed down a bit as he placed his hands softly on my shoulders.

"But Bells…"

"Nope dad, no buts, my mind is made up" I replied coldly. I crossed my arms to make it look more intimidating.

"Fine!" he shouted, throwing his arms up in the air again. "Fine Bella you can go, just…, just make sure your safe". The usual the wave of guilt engulfed me, but I was strong and pushed against it.

"Thank you dad" I said, going over to hug him. He hugged me back fiercely.

"I'm gonna miss you Bells, I wont have anything to eat while your gone" he joked. I laughed sadly and let go of him.

"Don't worry, I'll be back before you know it" I assured him.

"Yeah 3 months, I've got nothing to worry about!" he said, finally smiling again. I loved it when my father smiled. You could see the real Charlie, somewhere deep in his eyes, not the tired, worn-out Charlie that I always saw.

"I'll miss you dad" I whispered, my eyes had begun to tear-up. I looked back at him, and I saw tears in his eyes as well.

"Me too Bells, me too" he said, nodding. I gave him one last hug and walked over to get my things. I wasn't bringing much, just my rucksack and my extra little bag. I walked out the door followed closely by my dad.

As I walked down the little dirt path that lead the way from our house I turned back and waved at Charlie until I could no longer see him. I reluctantly turned around to face forwards again, the tears finally overflowing, and trudged on into my future.


Bear with me guys. I'm sorry the first chapter's so short, but don't worry, they will get longer and more interesting. This is just setting the story.