Summary: While following a lead, Max and Alec were sent back in time. Straight into the Winchester's timeline.

Timeline: (DA)Post Freak Nation. (SPN) Just after It's the great pumpkin, Sam Winchester.

A/N: Just for the sake of this story, let's assume the town that escaped Uriel's clutches was in Washington State.

Beta: Thanks to Alexis for the beta works +hugs+

Blast to the Past

'This is stupid.'

She heard the rebellious mutter as clear as the snap of twigs under his boots. After weeks of silence, his first sentence sliced through the thick atmosphere like a knife. Her lips thinned; did he think it was her fault? Traipsing through thick bushes, getting scratched by sharp thorns plus sweating so hard a pig might mistake them for a friend? It was bad enough that she was having second thoughts about this whole thing, she didn't need another voice outside her own head singing the same tune, thank you very much.

'I know it was hard of you to think of the survival of mankind and not about yourself for once, but believe me this is not stupid.' It came out harsher than she intended but she clamped her mouth shut and squared her shoulders as his eyes started to glint. She had been itching for a fight for weeks. Bring it on.

'Says who?' The glare was apparent in his eyes, the brown dissolving in the flame of his temper, leaving brilliant green behind. Much like a glinting emerald on fire. She wasn't the only one who wanted to sink their teeth into something.

Max sighed as her shoulders hunched, weeks worth of stress starting to make its presence known and he moved from his defensive stance to slap the side of his neck, breaking the illusion of anger for a second.

'Dammit! I'm getting bitten by mutant mosquitoes left and right. You know what, this is beyond stupid.'

Drama queen, she rolled her eyes at him as he scratched the itchy area. Knowing that she couldn't face the anger in his eyes anymore, she turned to continue trudging through the wilderness.

'Are you even sure she's here?' his voice wafted through the heat towards her. She bit her lips when her sleeve snagged a thorn, the sharp end breaking skin, leaving a long gash of red line in its wake. 'Do they even exist in this day and age? Can you tell me we're not meeting a lunatic who escaped from an asylum?'

'Logan says she's legit,' she answered for the thousandth time, pushing at the low hanging branch that was in her way, jaw set in a hard line.

'You know what, that's your problem. What Logan says goes, even if it doesn't make a lick of sense.'

'He knows this stuff.' She crushed the urge to stamp her foot at him. How many times had they had this discussion already?

'Because he's the great Eyes Only? Get real, Max. If someone else asked, no told you to consult a witch, a freakin' witch Max,' his eyes widened for emphasis, forcing her to see the absurdity of the situation, 'for something that'll give us leverage in our war against the Familiars, would you even give it a second thought?'

'She's a soothsayer.'

'Whatever,' he waved it aside with a growl.

'He wants us to win this, you know. The war.' Her voice was soft, as soft as the light in her chocolate eyes. It was the nearest she could get to convey to him that there was a possibility she thought he may be a tad on the right track. Yeah, so she kinda sucked at this apologizing thing. Plus, she missed this. They were actually facing each other and words were coming out of their mouths for the first time since he found out she lied to Logan about dating him. For some weird reason not having him around (talking, laughing, breathing near her) was like a stab in her side, a hot and messy pain.

'In a fight that has nothing to do with him?'

'The Cult wants to wipe out the world population so hell yeah, I think it has something to do with him.' Her tone climbed as her brows disappeared into her dark hair. She craved this too, getting worked up over something. He was the only one who could rile her up like this.

'That's what you're telling yourself. Notice something, Max? You justify everything he does.'

Max was quiet as she held his gaze, tumultuous brown on blazing green. She almost forgot how unapologetic he was with pushing his points right in her face.

A few feet away, a bird dipped low and the sound broke their concentration. Without giving him the satisfaction of a reply, she turned and pushed at the undergrowth angrily. Of all the topics in the world... why were they fighting over Logan again? If anyone was in dire need to bitch, it should be her, not him.

He followed her, channeling his fury at the stubborn branches that refused to part. Max turned on her heels and glared, her temper spiking at the sight of his sour face. 'If you think this is so stupid, why are you even here? I never asked you to come.' She wasn't even aware he knew about this tip. Max was certain she was alone in the room when she had that video call with Logan, added to the fact that Alec was doing the avoidance waltz at the time.

'And leave you alone to face the Wicked Witch of the East by yourself? You have got to be kidding me.' He snapped a stubborn branch in two and tossed the jagged pieces behind him. Alec knew it was dense of him to point an accusing finger towards the all-mighty Logan. He knew she would jump to his rescue in milliseconds but dammit, she hurt him. It was like she had a gun on him and pulled the trigger herself.

He was still angry, she could see that, and she also knew that he was not angry at her. Not entirely. For some reason it calmed her somewhat.

'Soothsayer,' she corrected and for the first time in weeks, almost laughed as he crunched his face in distaste.

'Whatever.' That soft hint of a smile, the slight lift of her soft lips doused the fire that had been raging for weeks. 'You know,' he added, falling in step beside her, 'If he, and by that I mean Logan, suddenly proclaimed that a Japanese hacker living in seclusion in a Caribbean Island was able to help us to wipe those freaky snake lovers with his state of the art programming, I'd be inclined to believe him more. But a witch? Living in a freakin' cave? Who people last saw before the Pulse? Is she even alive? Seriously Max, it sounds like a load of crap to me.'

'We're here to check on a possible lead. We don't have to believe her.' She sneaked a glance his way as he slapped his arm.

'If we can find her first. Ugh, I hate bugs. Why didn't the Cult plan to wipe you out of existence?'

'Shut up, Alec. We should be close.'

'Right, we might trip her alarm or something.'

Her eyes narrowed in response but he just shrugged it aside. They both know her death ray had no effect whatsoever on him but some habits were harder to break than others. Both of them crouched and he wiped his sweaty forehead, unsettled by the heat and their unspoken temporary truce.

'You couldn't plan on consulting the witch on a cooler day, huh?' She turned to him again and he sighed. He could read if you open your mouth again, I'll knock you out on your ass clearly in her eyes. At least some things were back to normal anyway.

Alec pushed the branches aside carefully. Who knew, maybe the witch had magical hearing and could hear them coming. He opened his mouth to warn Max about this possible magical skill, sarcastically of course, when he saw her expression. Oh right. Maxie was in one of her moods now.

They both cased the surroundings silently, squinting a little in the heat. He tugged on the collar of his jacket, wishing he had ditched this heavy piece of clothing when they were back at the car. But he pushed all discomfort aside and focused on the matter at hand.

Around fifty feet ahead, he spotted a small opening to a cave. That should be it. He rose and Max followed in his wake. 'Let's go meet Logan's bitch… uh, I mean witch.'

She rammed her elbow in the general area of his ribs but he danced out of the way with a smirk, the previously taut atmosphere between them slowly returning to normal. What was normal for the two of them anyway.

The second they stepped foot inside the cave their senses were hit by the strongest smell imaginable. Max took a step back, shoving back the instinct to gag and forced herself to breathe through her mouth, her hand digging into Alec's arm. Even then, the stench was unbearable. She turned to him and saw that he wasn't happy about the whole situation, much like her, but he nodded his head towards the inky darkness and she followed him in.

Their eyes glowed as they shuffled inwards. 'You owe me big time for this Logan,' she muttered, not noticing how her fingers tightened around Alec's arm. This type of smell won't simply leave with a shower. Or two. And she loved that jacket. The boots were next to impossible to replace. Did he think it was easy finding goodusableclothes during a siege?

'I have been waiting for you. The savior and her worthy warrior.'

The sound hovered out of nowhere and they both stopped dead in their tracks, eyes wide as they tried to put the body with the voice they had heard. Something shuffled into their vision and Alec pushed her aside, unseen behind his back.

Max growled and muttered, 'I can take care of myself, you idiot,' knowing full well that he could hear her before pushing past him and marching towards the hazy figure. Alec could be such pain sometimes. Sheesh. What did he think she was? One of the X8s who still needed their babysitters?


She waved him aside. 'Someone told us to talk to you, so come out and we can have a chat.'

'Be polite. She could curse you or something.' His reply was akin to amusement but she could still feel the tension underlining his words.

'I thought you didn't believe in this sort of stuff?'

'I don't. But it doesn't hurt to be cautious… and polite. More flies with honey, Max.'

The figure materialized out of the cloaking darkness and they both smothered a gasp. The witch turned out to be a man. A very very old man. Freakishly old, old man.

His skin was literally hanging in folds from his bones, the texture dry and papery. In near darkness, they could see that he was deathly pale. Thick deep lines had dug into his skin, a cobweb of dark shadows lining his face. His skinny fingers trembled as he pointed them to a stub of candle and they both winced as one when the burst of flickering light chased some of the darkness away.

In the wavering light they could see that he was hunched, almost to the waist, one fragile hand clutching at a knotted piece of wood. Max assumed it was a walking stick of some sort. His hair was stringy gray, falling into his light eyes and whispering over his dirty robes. Torn ragged cloth draped him, the dirty hem seeping dirt into his pores as he took a couple of teetering steps towards them.

She turned to Alec and frowned when she realized that he was staring at the old man. She followed his gaze's direction and saw that he was looking fixedly into the old man's eyes. There was something about those eyes. They were as old as the rest of him but they were clear and sharp. The gray light in them made her feel uneasy. It was like he was carrying the weight of the world and teetering on the edge of sanity because of it.

'What you're seeking is not in this time,' he croaked out.

'What?' they both answered.

Max frowned, why did these people never learn to speak simple English?

'Your enemy is strong and you won't win this war. Even if you had the gods and angels on your side.'

'Is he even lucid?' he whispered in her ear and she swatted his hand away.

'What do you mean what we're looking for isn't here?' she demanded. 'I don't even know why I'm here.'

'We're here because you haven't learn how to say no to Logster boy.' Her teeth gritted in response when she heard the barely audible whisper from her side.

The old man turned his light eyes on her. 'Your heart is good but you let your hard head overrule all your decisions. Do not let the flower of your soul, it's fragile petals, crumble into nothingness, because it will. Your eyes are beautiful but you never use them to see anything worthwhile. Open your eyes and everything will be clear.'

Max almost jumped when Alec laid his hand on her arm, muttering, 'I don't like this, he's rambling. Maybe we should go.'

The old man continued speaking as if Alec never said a word. 'Your enemy is slithering closer, nearer than you think.'

'He is making sense. See... slithers, snake, cult,' she whispered back and ignored his grunt of disbelief. 'What else can you tell us, old man?'

'Your destiny is forged by blood. Yours and his,' his thin finger pointed to her before moving to Alec. Both of them frowned, turning to each other in surprise. Entwined destiny? 'You've had blood on your hands before, both of you.'

'Look mister. We're not here for our fortune cookie slips. What can you tell us about the war?'

Her hold on his arm tightened, as if in a warning and Alec closed his mouth with a frown. 'Shut up Alec, let me do the talking.'

The old hermit shook his head sadly. The younglings talked too much, they had to learn how to listen sometime. He cocked his head in the girl's direction, noticing the lines in her brow, the fire in her dark eyes. She was the one and he needed her to understand.

'You push people away; for good reasons, during bad judgment. Even the heavens can't bestow you with an army if you keep tossing them off.'

'You're right. He is making sense.' His jaw clenched in pain a second later. 'Keep your hands to yourself!'

'The wind of change is coming. Listen well and you will be rewarded,' he turned to the boy this time, holding the hazel gaze securely. The old man knew the boy was the voice of reason for the savior. Her leash to wisdom in a way. And without him by her side, she will not fulfill her destiny. She didn't have the strength to do this alone.

'Is that a line from somewhere? I could've sworn I heard that in a song.'

'Focus, Alec,' Max hissed.

'I am focusing,' he returned the glare. 'But none of this is making sense. Grampa, we're here for the war, not some mumbo jumbo.'

'You are not listening,' the old man shook his head sadly. 'The cloud of fate will wipe your army out of its way, straight into the hell's angry mouth in a single move. But you can stop that from happening.'

'That's reassuring. What do we have to do?'

'You need to find the Wrath of Ares.'

'The wrath of what? Where in the world can we find that thing?'

'Ares is the Greek God of War, Max.' Alec stared at the old man with a speculative frown.

'Alas,' the old man sighed and the candle flame danced morosely, 'the cruel current has wiped it from existence.'

'Then what are we suppose to do? Hunt for something that doesn't even exist anymore?'

'Brothers.. find the brothers. He'll understand.' The bony finger pointed to the centre of Alec's chest.

'What the hell? I'll understand what?'

'Give me your hand,' the old man rasped.


'Give him that limb if you still want it attached to you.'

'He's crazy, obviously. Logan's crazy for suggesting this. You're crazy for agreeing and I'm crazy for tagging along.'

'Craziness is indeed contagious.' The old man held out his hand to them.

They turned to each other, frowning, uncertainty in their eyes. 'What are you gonna do? Hold our hands and cry together because this wrath thing is gone?'

With speed that belied his age, the old man leaned forward and latched onto their hands. 'I can see you have a little traveling in the future. You have to hurry, both of you have an Apocalypse to stop.'

Max gasped when his cold fingers tightened over hers. Beside her, Alec tried to tug his hand away without much success. He might look fragile and old, but oh man did the wizened man have a grip! Both of them stiffened, eyes wide in the wavering darkness when piercing fire started spreading from his skin to theirs, streaking down their entire body.

Her breath was trapped in her chest with no way out when her throat closed around a moan, the pain shooting past an insane pitch. She was cut off from reality by the sharp veil of pain and then there was no more. The only thing that prevented her from panicking was the thought that she was not alone. He was right beside her. Max sighed and sailed along the stream of darkness.


Max opened her eyes to total darkness. She could smell the crushed grass and the feel of pebbles digging into her back. What the hell happened? She couldn't breathe, something was pressing against her rib cage and she struggled under the dead weight, trying to throw it off her.

A moan filtered through the haze of panic and she stiffened. 'Alec?'

He moaned again, his face pressing into the curve of her neck, his warm breath washing over her cold skin. She could feel one of his hands brushing against the side of her ribs and she doubled her effort. With his hands on her, unnamed and unidentified feelings had started to make their presence known and that tiny sputter of pleasure threw her off her track. And when Max didn't like something, she didn't sit around to find out why.

'Get off, Alec!' She gritted her teeth, trying hard to roll him of her but even when he was out, he was not cooperating. 'You're dead,' she grunted, arms straining against his weight, 'after I can use,' her jaw hardened, 'my freakin' hands again!'

He rolled off her with a huff and she sat, panting.

'Miss, is everything okay? Do you need help?'

Max looked up, squinting as her night vision kicked in. Beside her, Alec stirred before struggling to his feet.

'God, I feel like I've puked my guts out. What the hell happened?'

'Keep it down. We've got company.' Her eyes narrowed as she strained to see the two guys running towards them, before zooming in on their features. Alec was patting his jacket for his Glock and she could see that their new friends had guns as well.

'Miss, are you okay?' His loud shout pierced through the darkness and she froze. She could place that voice in her sleep and he was supposed to be standing next to her. Max's head snapped to her side, as if to reassure herself that he was still where he was supposed to be. His eyes seemed brighter than usual in the darkness when her eyes sought his. She turned back to the two figures rushing towards them and again, her hand froze in midair.

Who was that? Another clone? Did they just land smack in Transgenic Central?

And how on earth it was night all of a sudden? What the hell just happened?

To be continued..