Part 11

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The sound of a baby's cry, reached Snape's ears. He wasn't in the hospital wing, or outside the door with other staff members. He was out in the corridor. Meanwhile, Sasha, who looked very worn and tired looking, held a baby girl in her arms and smiled at her. Other staff members entered the ward one by one and congratulated her on her daughter. Alas poor Snape, received no such pleasantries as still, nobody knew that Sasha was his wife and that the baby in her arms was his. He waited until the dead of night to enter the hospital wing, where he found that Sasha couldn't take her eyes from the baby. Snape stood guiltily at the foot of the bed. Sasha smiled at him and turned to the baby.

"Who's come to see us?" She asked quietly.

"I had to see her..." Began Snape.

"Severus...she's your daughter. Pick her up." Added Sasha.

Pupils of Hogwarts would have never have known, even before the incident with Professor Dumbledore, that Snape could seem so scared of such a helpless looking thing. He was careful and he was quite upset, that he hadn't been there for her arrival. She was at least five hours old, before he had even come to see her, just to protect them all.

"I wasn't sure how long to leave...Sasha believe me...I'd have given my life to have been here today." He said.

"Severus...don't trouble yourself. You do what you do for us. No family could ask for better. Even Rose Eileen Snape, will understand when she's older." Said Sasha.

Snape smiled as she had used his mother's name, then shook his head.

"No...don't curse her...Rose Sasha Snape." He said.

"Then don't use the Burke family..." She began.

"Please?" He added.

So Rose got a new middle name. However problems were just beginning as pupils and teachers alike seemed to rebel, against the dark haired headmaster. Eventually Snape realized he had no choice but to flee and had no time to tell Sasha to stay. But again she had witnessed everything. This time, she refused to let him go alone and as he flew off into the night, she had to fly side-ways with Rose on a broom in order to follow him. He turned around at this point and she glared at him.

"This is a little more than the odd candle!" She cried.

"I don't need this...take Rose back to the castle and stay there!" Shouted Snape.

"No!" Cried Sasha.

"Sasha! It's not safe! They'll figure something..."

"Scared, new mum, runs for her life and takes baby...yes they will!"

Snape still couldn't argue with Sasha and the family went into hiding from the order, and spent a lot of time with Lucius and his family. Of course Lucius was thrilled when he saw Rose and she seemed to bring a little happiness to the manor, or at least to the Malfoy family, as even Narcissa fed her a few times and cradled her. Meanwhile Snape spent many days, quite unhappy with himself.

"I should be at that school. I was chosen for the job, not Minerva! It isn't her place...she can't do it. She's a teaching teacher, not a leader. It was bad enough when he was suspended. But I can't go back can I? Not really, I mean they all think me a murderer..." He began.

"You're not..." Began Sasha.

"No? There's a huge...grave in the grounds I own...a man is dead in my wand. I killed him, with his concent, but he's still dead." He said.

"You were helping him, and helping Draco...I could have done it, I wanted to do it...just to spare you the title murderer, I came close once...I think he was baiting me, but still I couldn't even hex him. You did the right thing. I think its a shame the world doesn't know the whole story." Said Sasha.

Lucius entered the room, with Rose and a bottle, shaking his head.

"This little madame...won't have her dinner for love or money...and I offered." He said.

Sasha smiled and took the baby and bottle from Lucius, she sat down with her and Snape and Lucius could only smirk, until their arms burned black and they looked at her apologetically.

"I have to be good...same goes for your mother." Said Snape.

He kissed his daughter and wife, before he followed Lucius. Narcissa then entered the room and sat with Sasha, who finally managed to get Rose to have her bottle.

"It won't get easier. I was in your shoes once too...married to Lucius with a baby to look after, not knowing if I was going to see him again when he left the house. You'll always get that sinking feeling." She said.

"Even if I was told and had it in writing that nothing would ever happen to Severus, I'd still think the worst. But I knew, I knew it would be this way. I just thought I'd manage...I do, I do manage but it's a bit harder now. No enchantments to protect us, no territory." Said Sasha.

"You know Rose, would never go without if anything happened to you both?" Asked Narcissa.

"Of course...but I hate the thought of her not knowing her father, and having to hear the negatives. There's more to him than the murder of Dumbledore, as it's known." Replied Sasha.

"I'm sorry...I feel reponsible for it..." Began Narcissa.

"No...Dumbledore would have never let Draco kill him. If you hadn't made the vow, Dumbledore would have. He was adiment that he was going to be killed rather than die. Of course he was. The great Albus Dumbledore, die of old age? That wouldn't have looked anywhere near as dramatic." Said Sasha sarcastically.

"You're saying..."

"That there's more to Severus than deatheaterism. But not many people will know that, only those that matter. Rose will, of course before she attends Hogwarts, I won't have her going there and not be able to defend him if she does so wish, be it in event of death or imprisonment. I want her to have his name. I'll keep quiet..." Began Sasha.

Lucius returned without Severus. Narcissa put her hand on the mum's knee. Lucius took a deep breath, and took Rose from her.

"He wants to see you, Severus is still with him." He said.

"Oh thank Merlin, I thought he was dead. Although...never mind. Lucius...I can trust you, to look after her, like your own?" Added Sasha.

The blonde haired wizard nodded gracefully. Sasha smiled and kissed Rose's forehead before going to Severus' side, with a gut feeling of danger. When she arrived Snape looked at her and shook his head, as Voldemort smirked.

"Ah Rose? No matter...I will see her one way or another...Severus has some bad news. His moments are limited. Anything you want said, say now." He said.

It took a few moments for the news to sink in. Sasha looked at Snape, who remained looking quite calm and collected.

"What? Why? He has done nothing but show you..." began Sasha.

"Has he? I was under the impression that he was bound to you. It wasn't under my orders that he killed the great Albus Dumbledore, which is why I must end his life. With him alive, I can't use this wand, it only works for he who killed the last owner. Of course if you want to join him...feel free..." began Voldemort.


"Sasha! It's what I want!"

"No Severus! Don't you dare! You dare ask it of me! You bastard!"

Snape paused with amazement, he had never been on the receiving end of Sasha's bad language, or of any real unpleasantness. However he knew it wasn't said out of hatred, her eyes didn't match the insult, watery, large and tired.

"Sasha...please. Give the world hope. Tell my story...tell my wife." He said.

"I kill you and I'm dead inward and outward." She said.

"Are you?" He asked.

"What's going on here?" asked Voldemort.

"Do it."


"Do it."

"I can't."

"Prove I married a good witch, prove your love, prove to me that you are perfect...prove to me you're worthy of the second name Snape."

Sasha took a deep breath and wiped her eyes. Voldemort stood back, as Sasha raised her wand.

"I am. I am Sasha Snape...your wife...your widow! AVADA KEDAVERA!"

Snape was dead before he hit the ground. Sasha didn't have the heart or chance to look. She turned to Voldemort and circled him in flames.

"Rot in hell!"

She vanished. Sasha found herself at Spinner's End and dug out the pensive that Snape had used. It was her turn. Voldemort would want her dead, she couldn't fight back as much as she wanted to, it wasn't her place to defeat him. However she wanted the truth found. A final memory was added and she left the house as quickly as she could and went back to Hogwarts by broom, only to be surrounded on the tower.

"Lower your wands! Sasha! Sasha! Your daughter?"

"Safe...I'm not. He wants me...not her. Potter has to take another life if he stands a chance against Voldemort. That life is mine." She said.

Sasha went looking all over the castle for Harry Potter, finally she found him and walked up to him. He was confused as he knew her as a rare supply teacher.

"Potter...the wand...kill me." She said.

"You killed Snape." He said.

"So that you could kill me. You do that and..." began Sasha.

"You killed your own husband to save the wizarding world." He added.

"Don't make it harder for me Potter...Hardly anyone knows about that marriage. There is a pensive for you to see, when you win this war. A war that you can't win, if you don't get a good wand and to do do it. Kill me Harry. You have to." Said Sasha kindly.

"You...I don't understand. You're his wife, yet you want me to kill you. Are you a deatheater?" He asked.

"I'm the wife of one if it makes it easier.'s my time now. I want you to win...I want Hogwarts back to normal...well as normal as it can be. Go on Harry. Once I'm feel free to take him...just get that wand off him. You do a brilliant disarming spell. I've got no doubts. If you do this, then you're ready. I've killed in past and..." Began Sasha.

"You! I recognize your voice...the girls' toilet...there was no ghost!" Cried Cho.

"No. No ghost...just me. Harry!" Ordered Sasha.

"No Potter! She has a child!" Cried Professor McGonagall.

"A child?" asked Harry.

"She's quite right, but I've sorted that. She's with my godfather...who I know will take care of her. Who knows? Maybe my parents will turn up. Potter! I don't want to die at the hands of the dark lord...please." Added Sasha.

Poor Harry Potter, he had no choice. Sasha broke her own wand, as a sign of surrender, she took a deep breath but a voice out did them.

"Harry Potter! You will come to me and bring that woman who will want you to kill her! You won't kill her Potter! She's a mother! Her husband is dead. Sound familair?"

Sasha openly cursed the emotional blackmail that Voldemort had used. She knew that Harry wouldn't do it, not now that he knew that there was a baby involved, but it didn't stop her trying.

"Potter, listen to me, Potter! This is nothing like Lily and James, this is different. Your mother didn't kill James, I killed Severus. You don't want a baby brought up by a murderer do you?" She asked.

"Every child has the right to know their parents." He said.

"Potter! I am a pure blood witch! I killed my husband, I'm not safe to have a child. I certainly don't want to see Rose on Azkaban visit days. I'm a Slytherin and I'm typical too. Your mate ass mudblood!" She said.

"I'm not killing you and I am not sending you to Voldemort either." Said Harry.

"Harry...Professor Burke killed her husband for you...she needs you to do it. The world needs you to do it. You need to do it. This is war. Sacrifices have to be made and she knows it. Nothing will get done unless she dies." Said Hermione.

"See? Do as the mudblood says...kill me. Prove that snake-faced twit wrong. Yes killing is wrong, but in some cases, it's the only way. I can tell you this, me and Severus aren't the only ones." Added Sasha.

Sasha embraced death. Cho screamed and Harry turned away as soon as he did it. He ran, closesly followed by his friends. Sasha's body was taken to the hospital wing with other casulties, soon with her, the heroes of war as they were known. Eventually someone brought Snape's body along, and Harry made a journey to the house Sasha had mentioned. He found the pensive and started to understand everything. How Snape had been treated, his love for Lily, his regret at Sasha's forced NEWT drop out, how she found her way back into his life, the almost kiss, her return, their love, Professor Dumbledore, their marriage on hold, Rose and even what she did, and where she left her baby.

The story was told and Snape and Sasha, were buried in Hogwarts grounds. As the Malfoy family stood trial, Harry took the baby to the graves.

Here lyes Headmaster Severus Snape and his

secret wife Sasha Burke-Snape

Parents of Rose Sasha Snape

'Marriage and lives sacrificed for the war'

"Your parents...guess what? You're going to be as annoyingly famous as I was, when I started Hogwarts. And it's going to get right on your nerves at some points. Just because you didn't do anything...powerful people your parents...great things will be expected of you. It's going to be up to you how you turn out now, because it's not looking good for Uncle Lucius." Said Harry.

Harry was right. Lucius had a sentence to go back to, Narcissa became very ill and Draco was charged with attempted murder. The remains of the order discussed Rose's future. All seemed quite concerned, that she couldn't leave the wizarding world and Harry didn't even suggest it, as he remembered what had happened when he had left the wizarding world and how old he was before he learned the truth.

"We'll take him've got Teddy now. You can't be expected to have two babies mate." Said Ron.

Hermione smiled in agreement and they were applauded for their decision. Hermione and Ron were awarded guardianship over Rose. As soon as Ron picked her up from The Burrow one day, he smiled quite cheekily.

"Oh dear...someone's not going to be a happy teenager." He said.

"Why's that Ron?" asked Hermione.

"She's got really dark's going to be like her father's. She's going to hate it." He replied.

"Don't be cruel! Just because she has black hair, it might be the same style as her mother's for all we know. For goodness sake she's six months old! She hardly has any hair to judge. Poor Rose...don't listen to Uncle Ron." Said Hermione.

Mr and Mrs. Weasley chuckled slightly at the argument.

"Two years and they'll have their own." Said Mr. Weasley.

"Less." Argued Mrs. Weasley,

"Is that a bet my dear?" He asked.

"You know I don't encourage gambling!" She replied.

"Sorry dear." He added.