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Chapter One

'Fuck, you're tight.'

Remus' voice was low and rough in his ear as he pushed inside him again and made him beg...

'Gods, harder. Please.'

Moaning, the werewolf did as he was bid, thrusting faster, pounding into the firm arse relentlessly as he gripped the narrow hips tightly. One scarred hand shifted to grasp his partner's leaking cock, making the man under him almost cry with relief as Remus stroked urgently.


'Oh, Merlin…I'm close. Come for me.'


'Come for me.'

Remus squeezed the long, thin prick in his hand as his own cock hit the bundle of nerves inside the other man. The brunette kneeling on the bed screamed as he came, waves of ecstasy washing over him again and again like ocean waves, tossing him to and fro before he was finally thrown onto the shore, wrung out and limp. Remus slammed inside him one last time and released pulses of hot seed into him, calling out his name hoarsely.



The brunette jerked awake, his eyes snapping open. He saw a blurred, redheaded figure looming over him and his shaking hand reached out, fumbling on his night stand for his spectacles.


The frames were pressed into his hand and he mumbled a thank you, pushing himself into a sitting position before putting the glasses on.

'Were you having a nightmare?' his best friend and room mate, Ron, asked, sitting down beside him on the bed. 'You were moaning and calling out for Remus…'

Harry thanked every Muggle and Magical deity he knew that the room was still dimly lit and Ron couldn't see the flush across his cheeks, the sweat beaded on his brow or the raging erection in his pyjama pants. He cleared his dry throat before answering.

'I…yeah. Another nightmare.'

Ron patted his shoulder - the gesture awkwardly sympathetic.

'He's alright, Harry. They are all ok.'

Harry felt bad for lying to Ron, who was trying his best to be reassuring, and quickly pasted a smile on his face.

'I know. I'm fine. It's just a dream. What's the time?'

'Seven o'clock. Mum's here - she insisted on getting breakfast ready before we leave for our first day and she asked me to wake you so you'd have time to shower.' He gave Harry an embarrassed grimace. 'Sorry.'

Ron was frustrated by how often his mum found excuses to be 'just passing by…', but Harry was appreciative of the regular food drops as neither he nor Ron were chefs. He smiled at Ron, sniffing the air.

'The chance to have your mum's blueberry pancakes? Don't be sorry, just don't eat them all before I get there.'

Ron grinned, relieved that Harry seemed to be really alright after one of his all-too-common nightmares, stood up.

'Can't promise anything,' he called over his shoulder as he walked out the door.

Harry sighed heavily and pushed the bed sheets back, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed and pushing himself to his feet, feeling as exhausted as if he hadn't just had eight hours sleep.

'Bloody dreams.'

He muttered many imaginative curses under his breath as he gathered his new Auror training uniform and headed for the shower. Ron thought the dreams were nightmares, and in a way they were, just not the kind of nightmares his friend envisioned. He'd allowed him to keep believing that they were the same dreams of blood and screaming and lifeless bodies that had tormented him for weeks after the Battle of Hogwarts - unwilling to tell him the truth.

Harry flipped on the taps then, after waiting a moment for the heat to kick in, he stepped under the stinging spray of water. He felt guilty for his deception; he knew Ron was concerned about him. It had taken months for the real nightmares to dissipate and for the cloud of depression surrounding him to lift. During that time, his friends had rallied around him in loving support, including his godfather, Sirius Black and the man he now knew was Sirius' lover, Remus Lupin. He groaned as his already throbbing cock stiffened even further as the thought of Remus and Sirius made him recall the reason for all the thrashing and moaning this morning; made him remember the moment just four weeks ago, that he walked into the kitchen of Grimmauld Place and discovered his godfather and former professor were a couple.

They had apologised over and over for not telling him they were together - and had been on and off since they were sixteen - and for him having found them in a fairly compromising position. Harry had been too shocked by what he'd seen to do much more than nod, tell them he understood and invent a forgotten appointment so he could get out of there and digest what had just occurred. Discovering the men's secret was startling but what truly shocked Harry was his reaction to it - his very visceral, immediate reaction - a reaction he was reliving now as images of the men together assaulted him.

Sirius' tattooed hands on Remus' scarred chest…

Harry reached down between his legs and wrapped his hand around his wet shaft.

Remus licking the skin on Sirius' throat, making the brunette groan…

He started to stroke, green eyes closing.

Fingers pinching a brown nipple and the gasp of pleasure…

Harry's own moan of desire slipped from between his lips.

Sirius kneeling before Remus, his fingers working on the other man's belt…

His hand sped up, breathing raspy and rapid.

Remus' eyes meeting his, the blue darkened with need and lust as they held his green orbs…


Harry's knees weakened as he came, threatening to send him crumbling to the floor. He gripped the curtain rod tight as he rode out his release, finally falling into the wall as he tried to slow down his panting breaths. Once he could breathe normally again, he washed himself clean and stepped out of the shower, quickly drying off and dressing.

He had never considered himself anything but straight, but after that day, he set about trying to work out if the reason he'd always felt a little uncomfortable with intimacy with his previous girlfriends was because they weren't 'boyfriends'. Unbeknownst to his friends, he'd altered his features (his face was too well known) and visited a well known gay bar where he met an old school friend. Oliver Wood hadn't known it was Harry Potter he was chatting up and Harry never told him, but after their desperate and dirty snog and wank in the alley beside the club, Harry had walked away without a doubt in his head that he was gay.

He walked down the stairs to the kitchen and Mrs Weasley was immediately upon him, admonishing him for lingering over his shower and practically throwing him into a chair before placing a plateful of pancakes in front of him.

'Eat, Harry. Honestly, you boys are wasting away. I suppose you're living off takeaway. I'm going to make you some casseroles for your ice box…'

The woman's voice faded as Harry ate somewhat robotically. The woman was like a mother to him and he did appreciate her concern, but he had been on the receiving end of her fussing enough times to be able to tune it out as his mind returned to his most consuming thought right now.

He hadn't been back to the club since his encounter with Oliver. It hadn't taken very long for him to accept the idea that he was gay; he was quite relieved that his previous sexual encounters hadn't been unsuccessful because there was something wrong with him - it was because there had been something, a very important little something, missing from his partner's anatomy.

He was, however, slightly frightened by the reality of what coming out would mean. He knew that, being so high profile these days, he'd be seen as prey by some of the older men at the clubs and he had no intention of making his first foray into the world of homosexuality fodder for the 'Daily Prophet''sgossip pages.

And there was another concern - he had no idea what to do with another man. Oliver had done all the chasing that night at the bar, Harry relieved to have someone to show him what to do, to make the first move. Oliver had initiated their first kiss, had shoved his hand down Harry's pants then undone his own and guided Harry's movements. And while what they'd done together had been fantastic, Harry knew there was more; that eventually he'd want more, and he didn't have a clue how to begin to make love with another man.

But he wanted to learn.

And it seemed his subconscious had already selected his teachers.

Remus and Sirius had featured in his dreams lately in far different ways to how they had a few months earlier. Then he had watched as their bloody and limp bodies were carried off the battlefield that was the grounds of his old school and he had been terrified that he'd lost them both, waking up screaming.

Now, he still saw their bodies, but they were far from broken. Lips kissed his, teeth bit and tugged at his skin. Hands caressed him - some so very gentle and sensual; the others rough and demanding. Strong legs and arms wrapped around him, held him up, pushed him down, cradled him. Firm bodies pressed against him; in front of him, behind him, sandwiching him.

He felt safe.

And he woke up breathless.

Harry had spent a lot of time with Sirius and Remus since that day at Grimmauld Place, and the couple had become comfortable enough with him being around to hold hands, to kiss chastely, to talk about different aspects of their relationship, in front of him and he had watched them together, quite innocently, until the dreams had begun.

For the first few nights after the nocturnal illusions, he tried to just tell himself it would pass, but when the fantasies not only continued but became more detailed and realistic, he wondered if he'd found a solution to his problems. There was no one in the world he trusted more than Sirius and Remus, and they loved him; they would never hurt him. They had been lovers since they were younger than he was now so they were certainly experienced gay men who could…show him the ropes.

And Harry was attracted to them. Both of them.

Sirius being his godfather caused him some disturbance after his first dream about the man, but they weren't blood related in any way - godfather was just a title - and Harry's discomfort had rather quickly faded after a few more night time fantasies.

Yes - the men were exactly what Harry needed.

Now he just had to figure out a way to convince them that they wanted him as well.

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