Heather and KITT traveled a good fifty miles before she finally pulled onto a thin dirt road. Another two miles later, she pulled to a stop parallel to a broken down iron fence and killed the engine. KITT hesitated as he scanned the area. "I do not detect any human settlements here." he said after a moment. "Why are we here?"

He watched as she smiled. "This is a settlement. I found this place about nine years ago. Saw something of an oddity here, but I didn't think anything of it until recently." She got out and motioned for him to follow her. "Use your hologram. It's too crowded for the car."

KITT did as she asked. His hologram activated with a frown as he followed her around the fence and through a dismantled gate. It was obvious no one had been here in quite a long time. The woods had grown in around the place. There was simply no room for a house, or even a run-down shack. "The Trans-Am can make it through these trees." he reminded her.

"But it can't make it around these." Heather pointed, and Kitson finally looked.

It was a cemetery. Tucked away and forgotten by all of humanity. Now he understood. He froze. "Why here?"

"Because of something I found a while back that I didn't understand. Now I do, and I think you should see it." She guided him further into the cemetery. Kitson decided now was a good time to figure out what the heck was going on here.

"How do you know about a cemetery?" he demanded. "I didn't think this was a popular recreation among humans."

Heather laughed. "It's not." she said. "But I've never been what you call normal. I like the old cemeteries. You see some pretty cool stuff out here. Like this." She stopped and pointed at a relatively new headstone. It looked a bit out of place among all the crumbling rock with barely recognizable names, but this place was so far away from anything resembling civilization that no one would ever see the oddity.

But Kitson recognized it.

And KITT recognized the name.


No birth or death date. Nothing at all to indicate the kind of man buried under the stone, or even if there was a body buried there. Kitson knelt down to examine the stone more carefully. His scanners could have given him more information, but for now he was content with what his eyes could provide. He reached out to touch the stone, and to his surprise found his hand trembling.

"I thought it was odd." Heather said quietly. "A new stone, no dates. Everything out here has to be from colonial days, but that's marble. Not something you see in old headstones. So I sort of filed it away until I could find a reason for it. When you told us about Michael, I knew."

It took a moment for Kitson to find his voice. "Is it really him?"

Heather shrugged. "Does it matter? The name is the same. It's not like he's still here, but cemeteries always were more for the living than the dead." She put her hand on his shoulder. "You can say good-bye here. Get some closure. Tell him everything you couldn't while he was still alive." With that she turned and walked away, heading back over to the gate.

Privacy, Kitson assumed.

KITT couldn't say anything. What was there to say? Michael had been KITT's best friend, the only one who was willing to fight for him no matter what the odds were. For a moment, the grief threatened to overwhelm him. He hadn't wanted to outlive his driver. Not like this.

He glanced over his shoulder. Heather was standing patiently by the gate, singing to herself. She had brought him out here, knowing he needed something to hold on to. Raven and Jess where who knows where, probably exacting revenge on poor Moore. KITT didn't want to know what they were doing to the man. He wasn't sure he would disprove. Even KARR, scarily enough, had become like family to him.

There were parts of Michael that were present in the girls. His loyalty, his stubbornness – and, in Jess's case, his blatant disregard for the speed limit. If Bonnie and Michael had ever had children together, he imagined they would have turned out much like the girls. And maybe then it wouldn't have been so hard to let Michael go.

KITT looked back at the stone. "I kept my promise, Michael." he whispered. "I have new drivers now. Even KARR is on our side." A slight smile flickered across his face as he imagined Michael's reaction to that. "You would like the girls a lot. They're so full of life, and not a sane one in the group. I think KARR and I are going to have our hands full with them, so to speak." He touched the stone one final time before standing.

"Good-bye, Michael."


That afternoon found the group reunited in the garage. KITT and Heather pulled in not five seconds after KARR, Jess, and Raven had. Jess and Raven climbed out of the Cuda while Heather rested against the hood of the Trans-Am. "Did you guys get the job done?" she asked.

Jess and Raven exchanged smirks. "Oh, yes, we got it done." Jess said with a great amount of satisfaction. "And before you ask, KITT, he lived."

"Only by luck." Raven said dryly. "The rifle shoots low."

Heather grinned. So instead of taking out the engine she took out the tire. Not what they'd hope for, but it would do. "Any guarantee he'll stay off the streets?" she asked.

"Yes." KARR replied. "He's been extradited to Texas, pending a triple homicide investigation."

The girls exchanged looks. "Holy crap. Moore was a murderer?" Heather demanded.

"Yep." Jess said sourly.

Heather shrugged. "Well, he'll be facing 25 to life." she said. "So that solves that problem."

"Which leaves us with another problem." Banachek walked into the garage, completely ignoring the conversation from before. "FLAG knows who you are. If you want to work on the streets, you'll need to legally change your names. Everyone from Borden and Drake to you three." He motioned towards the desk, where three separate files rested. "I was thinking about following Michael Long's example and giving you the surname of Knight."

Raven looked back at KITT. "Is that all right?" she asked hesitantly.

KITT seemed to smile as he answered. "It is perfectly all right with me." he said.

KARR made a groaning sound. "The sisters Knight. Almost sounds like the Three Musketeers if you ask me."

Raven gave him a look. "How do you know about that?" she demanded.

Heather grinned. "I let him watch the Disney version while the mechanics were working on his car. Thought he could use something to entertain him."

KITT almost laughed. "Sisters Knight, indeed." he teased lightly. "This is going to be fun."

The End

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